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The Call of Zion by Ron Dennis

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Meredith, James Pitt

Clark, William Hyrum

Thomas, Eliza Jane

Daniels, Daniel

Thomas, Benjamin

Davis/Davies, Lettice

Williams, Margaret

Davis/Davies, Daniel

Thomas, Sarah

Eynon, Louisa

Eynon, Martha

Eynon, Charlotte

Mathias, Zillah

Mathias, Jonah

Morgan, Edward

Morgan, Barbara

Ormond Jr, John

Rowland, Job

Rowland, Thomas Edward

Jeremy, John

Jeremy, Esther

Eames, Nathaniel

Eynon, James

Francis, Benjamin

Evans, Margaret

Giles, Thomas Davis

Jones, Dan

Jones, Thomas

Thomas, Hannah Maria

Evans, Catherine Vaughn

Ormond, Elizabeth

Leigh, Samuel

Lewis, William

Mathias, Thomas

Melling, Jane

Morgan, William

Nash, Isaac Bartlett

Ormond, John

Parry, Caleb

Treharne, Sage

Jeremy, Thomas Evans

Leigh, Anna

David, Ann

Thomas, Margaret

Jones, Mary Jane

Vaughan, Katurah

Jones, Claudia

Davis/Davies, Maria

Giles, Sarah

Parry, John

Thomas, Reese Powell

Evans, Mary Ellen

Giles, Thomas

Evans, Charlotte

Peters, David Hughes

Morgan, Morgan

Ormond, Dorothy

Ormond, Letitia

Ormond, Elinor

Davis/Davies, Thomas E.

Nokes, Phoebe Rose

Davis/Davies, Thomas

Mathias, Ephraim Smith

Griffiths, Elizabeth

Jones, Sarah


Daniel Davis, Sarah's husband, died on 9 May 1849 while on the "Highland Mary", the steamboat that was taking them and their family along the Missouri River to Council Bluffs. "Llystyn", the house where they lived with their family in Brechfa, Carmarthenshire, South Wales, is still standing. A picture of their son Daniel (born 18 July 1831) is on this website.