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During the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, converts from the British Isles played a crucial role in providing much-needed strength and leadership to the fledgling church. Among these, the Welsh were prominent, with influential figures such as Dan Jones and others making significant contributions to the growth of the work.

The LDS church had great missionary success in Wales during the 1840s and 1850s, and many thousands of Welsh converts immigrated to America. They headed west with Brigham Young as part of the great Mormon Migration, which began in 1847. Today it is estimated that approximately twenty percent of the population of Utah is of Welsh descent.

As the message of the LDS missionaries spread throughout Wales, many converts eagerly asked, "Pa bryd y cawn fyned i Seion," which means, "When may we go to Zion?" They strove to follow the counsel of their leaders to leave "Babylon" (Wales) and go to "Zion" (Utah).

This site seeks to preserve and share information about the early converts to Mormonism in Wales. Its focus is on those individuals who were involved in the Mormon movement in 19th-century Wales and chose to immigrate to America.

The information contained on this site is being compiled from a variety of sources. Original data was obtained from Ancestral File, located at Familysearch.org, and original research is moving forward to document each person in the records of the time.

Each individual has a unique page, which can be found by clicking “Immigrants” and inputting their name. These pages display vital information in addition to listing original documents, journals, biographies, and photographs. Additional resources are located under “Resources.”

This site began with Dr. Ronald Dennis's research into his Welsh Mormon ancestry and his subsequent translation of many early Mormon publications from Welsh into English. An in-depth article about his work was published in the Fall 2002 edition of BYU Magazine.

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