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Poem (October 1852) of Dewi Elfed Jones

Udgorn Seion, 1852:354-55

Udgorn Seion, 1852:354-55




The blessed time is drawing nigh,

Jesus will soon reign

From sea to sea, in everlasting peace,

From the rising to the setting of the sun.


[p. 355]


The stone cut without hands,

In the mighty kingdom will soon come;

The idol and its great glory,

Will be ground like dust to the ground.


All the traditions of the world now,

And the refuge of the great deceit of the enemy,

The day of persecution has come for them,

They dare not hide anywhere.


The distant isles will come before long

To possess and embrace the truth;

And the deceit of places across the earth,

Has expanded the day of the heavenly dawn.


Like the light of day from yonder east,

Becomes stronger and stronger in its radiance;

May the coming of the Son of Man—amen, says my dear soul,

Be in the same way.

O come, blessed day,

To set free the beloved of God;

The brilliance of thy swift coming

Will cause my heart to rejoice.


Down, down Babylon will come,

The thrones of the world falling before them;

Violence and oppression will be no more,

And the children of captivity will be set free.


All the kingdoms of this earth,

The proud crowns of the whole world,

The empires, despite their size,

Will all come into the possession of the saints.


The saints will be free from the great affliction,

Not one will be seen weeping now;

Their sighs are now songs,

And their profound sorrow will turn to rejoicing.


The groans of the saints, and all their grief,

Will be heard no more—all will be gone forever;

Heaven and earth will be glad,

And the worlds will rejoice.





Jones, David Bevan


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