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Baptism of Dewi Elfed Jones

Udgorn Seion, 1851:141-43

Udgorn Seion, 1851:141-43






MR. ED.,—Doubtless the Saints and others will be very happy, to see the following account appearing by means of your melodious TRUMPET:—


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On Sunday, the 27th of April, it is said that about 2000 inhabitants gathered at the river’s edge to see the ordinance of baptism performed. The meeting was begun with singing and prayer; then President Wm. Phillips called on David Rees (who was until lately a preacher with the Baptists) to address the congregation, which he did as follows:—“Dear listeners, a numerous crowd of you has gathered, but I do not know your purpose; but my purpose is to obey Jesus Christ today. I have been religious for years with the respected denomination of Baptists, and a preacher. I have honestly strived, and prayed to God to obtain the promises seen in the holy scriptures; until now I have failed to receive any of them, and I testify in the presence of Heaven that no one of the religionists of this age has received them, for they all deny them; but, as I have said many times before, I have received pleasures with religion, but I have not received a fulfillment of the promises. I am now determined to join with the Saints (for they promise them), with full belief that I will receive them. I will close now, by receiving my baptism for the remission of my sins, and that Almighty God may bless you all, so that you will come after me, is my prayer. Amen.” This is the content of his words. Then D. L. Jones (who was for years a respected minister with the Baptists) was called on to address the crowd, who said the following:—“I love you all from my heart. It is day after date for anyone to discourage me by mocking me; I have been a respected minister with the Baptists for many years. And I professed to have authority, but now I see my error; for after searching through history back to the ninth generation, I found that the link was broken; then I perceived that it was impossible for the authority to come from the earth, and that it had to come from heaven again; and who was more qualified than an angel to restore it? I am determined to become a little child again by joining with the Saints. And I testify in the presence of Heaven that I believe that authority is in the possession of the Latter-day Saints. I now give myself completely to God, and come with me; do not worry that you are wearing your best clothes, come, and put Christ on you, by receiving your baptism


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with me, so that we can say Abba, Father, for I wish to know God so that I can say “my Father” to him; and may hundreds who are seeking true religion come after me soon. May God bless you all.” This is the content of his words.

Then, President Phillips addressed the crowd as follows:—“All that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” This people has, for years, wished to live godly, by embracing the principles seen in the scriptures; and for that they were cut off from the association of the Baptists, without receiving so much as permission to defend themselves. I do not blame all the Baptists, for there are hundreds of good men with them, as with every other sect; I accuse the bad ones. All that will live godly must come out from among the bad ones into the kingdom of God, to enjoy the gift of the Holy Ghost. We have gathered here today to administer the ordinances of the house of God; and whoever scorns these things, let him remember that it is not man who will scorn him, but God, who is in heaven.” He spoke with authority, and ended by testifying that every man everywhere, must repent of his sins, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, for forgiveness, by one of the Saints.

Then D. L. Jones (Dewi Elfed), David Rees, and three of their parishioners, were baptized by President Phillips, and all behaved in a gentlemanly manner. There were about twenty who promised to obey, but some circumstance kept them from it; but they will yet come, and many with them.

At two, by permission of Mr. D. L. Jones, according to the right he possessed, a meeting was held in the Chapel where he had been a minister. The large chapel was overflowing, and brother Phillips sat in the minister’s chair. After opening the meeting, and laying hands on the one who were baptized, D. L. Jones and D. Rees were ordained priests, under the hands of W. Phillips and J. Davis; and after that Phillips addressed the meeting in Welsh, and Davis in English. Once again at six, brother Phillips preached very effectively, which ended the work of the day. May the blessing of God be on all that took place, and may hosts in the above place obey the truth with haste.

Yours in the gospel,

R. M.



Jones, David Bevan


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