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A Letter from the North - 1852


MR. EDITOR,--Be so good as to publish the following letter in the TRUMPET. Perhaps it will be of benefit to many to prompt them toward better behavior.
"St. George, May 20, 1852.

"Dear President W. S. Phillips,--I send this letter to you and let you know that I was in the Flintshire Conference last Sunday. We had a good conference in which two sisters were confirmed, and one priest was ordained. The officers are in better unity than I have ever before seen by far, and are determined to put all measures into action.
"They are succeeding also better than they have for a long time. They were preaching out during the last fortnight near Wrexham; and the Methodists went there to sing to forestall them; and irreligious people went there also with rotten eggs to throw at the Saints. And upon throwing the rotten eggs, one of them struck the forehead of one of the Methodists, who took the others to court because of it. After going to the court, the Methodist was asked by the judge why he was disturbing the Saints. He added that it served him right to be hit by the egg, as the Saints had authority to preach and have peace as well as any other sect.
"They together with other sects were a means of preventing us from getting rooms, even though Bro. William Parry had taken some to hold the Conference by their going to the Stewards; but after all this, we got a large empty house which served our needs very well, and we preached out to a large congregation of people.

"I am your brother in the Gospel,


The Methodists have been showing theire tricks for some years in the North and also in the South, that is through coming to sing at the meetings of the Saints to keep them from having their meetings. To the shame of the Methodists we say this: I hope that this incident will serve as a warning throughout the country, lest irreligious people come at them with rotten eggs; and I think that I shall be in those feelings that I can shout "Amen" when I hear the news.
14, Castle St., Merthyr Tydfil.


[Translated from the Welsh original in Udgorn Seion, 1852, p. 194-5, by Ronald D. Dennis, 1529 W. 1770 North, Provo, Utah].


Parry, John


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