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Atheism of Sectarianism!

[Dan Jones.]

Anffyddiaeth sectyddiaeth!

(Atheism of sectarianism!)

Merthyr Tydfil: Printed and published by D. Jones, 14 Castle Street, Merthyr, [1854].

8 pp. 19 cm.

Anffyddiaeth sectyddiaeth! is advertised in the 8 April 1854 Udgorn Seion (p. 211) as a treatise in which "the barrier of the supposed difference between the two [atheism and sectarianism] is eliminated, and they are found shaking hands as two sisters of the same father, for only a penny!!"
Dan Jones's initial statement in the pamphlet is that it is illogical for more than one religion to be true. He then takes the reader through a line of logic and scripture to determine the characteristics of the one true religion. It was to be as Jesus Christ himself organized it, having apostles and prophets. The spiritual gifts of old, writes Jones, are still an essential ingredient of Christ's church. He concludes that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the one true religion and that all are welcome to prove that for themselves.


Flake no. 4460


Jones, Dan


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