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Morris, Elias - Journal - Part 1


Son of John and Barbara Morris, Llanfair Talhairn, Denbighshire, North Wales, England

I, Elias Morris, was born on the 30 of June 1825, at Llanfair Talhairn. When a child my parents move from Llanfair to the Neighbourhood of Abergele to a House called Tan y pren one mile from the Town in the Park of Hesketh, Esqr Grwych Castle were my Father worked at Masonary for great many years. After few years my Parents move to live to the Town of Abergele, at which place I commenced to attend school (church school when little over 10 years of age). I was put in Revd Thomas Lloyd school, for 15 months. At the age of 12 I commence to work with my Father. At this time, he had a contract to Build a Bridge and side rule walls in the neighbourhood of Llandulas. My work was to attend mason and keeping time and the books for Father. My Father continued to contract for Bridges and prisons for the county of Denbigh and Montgomrys under the supervision of Thos Penson Esqr of Oswestry. I continued to learn the trade as stone setter as well as cutting stone. [p. 2] When about 15 of age, by the consent of my parents, I went to Mottram in Yorkshire, to keep Books and time for Mr. Wm. Jones tunnel Contractor, at which place I stayed seven or eight months, as Jones was going to France. I return to Liverpool. At this time I was very anxious to go to sea. My Father came to Liverpool to meet me, but could not get a ship to apprentis myself. I returned home with my Father. Continued my labors at Masonary for over 2 years. Being anxious to go to England I left home at 18 years for Liverpool. Got work with Mr. Richardson the Builder. Agreed with him for 9 shilling a week to learn bricklaying. He soon raised my wages to 12 shillings. I stayed several months untill the work got slack. I went over to Birkenhead were I got work and journey man's wages. While I had the Typhus fever. When confined in this sickness my Mother came to see me as I was beginning to recover. She stayed few days with me. When I got strong enough to walk I took a trip home per steamer to Bangor, coach to Penman Mawr calling with my Uncle David Thomas, Dwygyfylchi, stayed there few days. [p, 3] Took coach from Conway home to my Father House. Stayed there two weeks. Then return to Birkenhead. While at work here on the top of 4 story building, the schaffold broke down three times the same day while three others besides me were on. One received a Slight injury save myself by hanging to a partition wall. Left Birkenhead for Liverpool. Stayed a while then left for Manchester. Got work with Mr. Thomas Caraline who was a master Builder. Hear I had a very good shop and good wages. Stayed hear about 18 months. While here I was made a Member of the Bricklayer Society as well as a Member of the Independent order of Oddfellows. From here I took a tramp for the sake of seen the country as well as to see different style of work. Took train to Sheffeild then walked to Leeds, York. Stoped here two days. From here to Hull in a boat, cross the Humber per steamer, then walk to Lincoln to Nottingham, Derby, Burton upon Trent, Lichfeild, Birmingham, Kidiminister, Worcester, then returned to Kidiminister, the same day. Then to Wolverhampton, Potteries, Macclesfeild, then to Manchester, a travel of nearly 600 miles. [p. 4] During my travels the winter had set in very hard, so that I could not work one day in 6 weeks. To travel I had my union Card as well as my Oddfellows certificate, so that I need not suffer but very little. On my return I was welcome home by my old master. Commence to work imediatly. After few months left for Liverpool. God work with Mr. Saml Holme, the Master Builder. Commence on the Mount Pleasant poor house, then at the St. Georges Hall. While here a strick took place, through Lancastershire. Rather then stay on the club I left for Wales. Got work at Pen-rhyn Tunnel. From there I return home to my Father who had a contract of 5 or 6 miles to build bridges and culverts between Mostyn, and Rhyl, on the Chester and Holyhead Railway. This was in the year of 1848. At this time Father took a contract from the County of Montgomry under Thos Penson Esqr at Llanwyddyn. Father went there to commence the Bridge. Left me to finish the contract on the Railway. About August, I went after Father. My cousin Isaac C. Morris accompanied me from [p. 5] from Llanfair. As he was engage with Father to learn the trade as Mason. By Christmas we completed the bridge. (While at Llanwyddyn, I should say that Mr. John Parry Junr and Eliezer Edwards came to the above village to Preach Mormonism. Father went to meet them, made them welcome of supper, Lodging and Breakfast.) Returned to Abergele. Went to work to the Gwrych Castle. In March 1849 Mr. Jo Parry came to preach to Abergele. My Mother invited him to tea. When I heard of it I was angry at my Mother for welcome such a deluders. But on the 15 I went to listen for myself on Mr John Parry Junr. I beleived his testimony and offered myself a candidate for Baptizem on Saterday the 17. I went with Mr Parry to New Market. From there to Point of Air light House. There I was Baptized in the sea. Slept at Brother Samuel Brooks were we rejoiced togather that night. Sunday Morning the 18th returned to New Market were there was a small branch of the Church. In the afternoon Meeting I was confirmed by Elder John Parry. Stayed there for the evening. [p. 6] Monday Morning the 19th returned home rejoicing in the Spirit of the Gospel, beleiiving that all my Relation, friend, and neighbours would join by me telling them what I knew. But to my sorrow, and great disappointment instead of receveing me, they said that I was a food and deluded. I continued in fervant prayer night and day for a strong testimony as I was the only man in the Town of Abergele who had obey the Gospel. (There was one old sister by the name of Jane Roberts, Crown Street). On the night 31st of March about 2 o'clock in the Morning (as I had made it a Matter of prayer that night for a defenite testimony). The Spirit of God fill'd the room untill I was over whelm, fully staisfied by the influence of the Spirit that rested upon me in answer to my prayers that God was no respecter of person in this dispensation, but is willing for all those that will do his will, to come to the knowledge of the truth of the doctrine of Christ. From that moment I never cease testifing fo the Gospel of Christ restored to the earth in these last days. On the second of April I was ordained a preist, under the hands of Prest JoParry Junr. [p. 7] The following Thursday evening I made the first attempt to preach the Gospel at Sister Jane Roberts, Crown St. Form this time I increased in boldness for the testimoy of Jesus. Went out to preach every Sunday two three tim on Sundays and sometimes on week days, evening. The Lord blessed our labors among the people. On the 22nd of June, I had the honor of Baptizing Leah Williams, and Susanah Davies of Abergele. On the 4th of July I baptized my sister Barbara, Debora Davies and Sarah Williams. On the 7 of August I baptized Sarah Williams, wife of David Williams, shoe Maker. On the 8th I bapt my uncle John Thomas, my Mother, oldest Brother. On the 13 I bapt Margret and Peter William, nailer. Sept the 4th I had the pleasure of bapt my Brother Richard V. Morris and David Williams, shoe Maker. The different sect united togather as a mob to disturb our peace. We were mobed and persecuted much, but all for our good to unite us togather as a flock of sheep when a dog or wolfe threaten them. We continued to increase in love towards one and another as well as in Numbers, and the blessings of the Gospel. (Here I should say in honor of Brownley Wynn Esqr, Acting Magestrate of Abergele, as we had to appeal to him for peace [p. 8] he adviced us to summon the agressors before him. So we did. The mob party were fined, besides paying the cost. He as an Honl Gentleman repremanded the Whole assembly for their unchristian like conduct towards us Latter day Saints. From this time the puplic persecution ceased. Beginning of Dec I was ordained an Elder under the hands of Elder Able Evans and John Parry, Evans being the mouth. On the 13 I bapd Ewdard Williams, son of Rice Williams. On the 29 I bapd my next door neighbour Ann Stephens adn her Nephew Griffith Roberts, Tailor, Aged 15 Years & conf[irmed] the latter.


Feby 1st Bapd Edward Needham. In this month I went to help my Father who was engage in building a Prison at Machynlleth. While there I had the honor of bapt a few into the church. In July I returned in company of Elder Eliezer Edwards. On the 3 of August I bapd Jane Hughes. On the 13th of Oct I bapd Catherine Hughes and John Ellis 13 of August.


I was appointed a Second First Councilor to William Parry Prest of Flintshire Confe. Traveled and preached to the best of my ability up to Sept 28 When we had a confe at [p. 9] Holywell. John Taylor the Apostle, Wm. S. Philip, John Parry and Elder William Parry present at this Confe. Elder Taylor engage me to go with him to Zion, so I was released from traveling to go to work to prepare a fit out. So I returned home as father had plenty of work. At this time he was building shops for Mr Jo Edwards, Draper, and one Mr Edw Paprry, Sadler. After the buildings was up [November 20th, 1854] I was on a hanging schaffolding three story heigh. When the schaffold broke down [it] let me to the ground among the rocks. When every body that saw me falling cried out that I was a dead man, but as I fell opposite the shop window I Jumpt inside the room, which save my life from injury, for no sooner then I jumpd the schaffolding plank fell end formost on the spot that I fell. After I got over the fright I found that I was non the worst. My Father who saw me fallen wanted me to go with him home, but as I was non the worst I refused but went up again and made a new schaffold. All that was present acknowledge (although many bitter enemies to the Saints) the hand of God in my safty, which I did myself.
Biginning of Winter I got work at Tremeirchion [p, 10] Catholic Colledge, where I continued to labor at my trade to the time of my departure.
In Feby I left Abergele for Rhyl were I took steamer for Liverpool in Company of Sister Mary Parry Heighgate and Bror Peter Jones, Llysfain, and family.
In Liverpool I met with my intended Wife Mary, and her Father and Mother, John & Elizebeth Parry, of New Market. We intented of getting Married in Liverpool and cross the Ocean in the ship Ellen Maria, in which Elder Taylor intented send the Sugar Machinery. But as the Machinery was not ready to go by the Ellen Maria I had to stay one Month latter. Mary Parry went with the Saints on the Ellen maria. While waiting I paid a farewell visit to my Brother Price and family at Manchester. Return'd to Liverpool in few days.
Set Sail on board the ship Rockaway in latter part of March in Company of 24 Saints, and the sugar Machinery. After 7 week voyage we landed in safty at New Orleans. Elder Taylor had given the charge of the few Saints under my [direction]. [p. 11] Although there were many Gentile emigrant on board, we were partition from all others. We attended to our morning and evening prayer meetings, and puplic preaching. Upon our landing at New Orleans I bapt 2 young men.
Elder Taylor and Vernon was waiting [for] us upon our arrl. They engage a boat to take the Saints and Machinery to St. Louis. Upon arreiving here Sister Mary parry H-gate met me beng left with Thomas Hughes Late of Machynllaeth, for want of means to go any further. I borrow £5 by deposit my watch with Bror Robt Thompson who was going to the valley, so the way was opend for her to go to Salt L. City in the same Company as myself.
Elder Taylor engage another boat at St. Louis to take the sugar Machin and the small company of Saints which was connected with Sugar Company. At Fort Leavenworth landing the Machinery was unload to start from that point for the plains enroute for Salt Lake City.
Elder Taylor called upon me unexpectly to go with him to Kanesville [p. 12] To bring down the waggons which had been made for the sugar Company.
At this place I met my intended wife for the first time, since she set sail from L-pool. She was well and hearty. When Bro. Taylor learnt that she was here, he counsel me to be married to her. So the marriage ceremonies was perform by President Orson Hyde in the presence of Elders Taylor, I. W. Coward, and Joseph Parry & Eliezer Edwards and three Sisters at the Residence of my wife's Uncle Joseph Parry, Kanesville, on the 23 day of May 1852. My wife being the Eldest Daughter of John and Elizebeth Parry, New market. She was born at the Town of New Market, Flintshire, North Wales, England, on the 21st day of December 1834, bing 17 years 5 month of age.
In few days we started down the River Missouri for Fort Leavensworth in charge of the waggons. At this place we had a very long stay, waiting for the Comp's Cattle. On the 4th day of July we started for the west. The first days travel was but four or five miles. In that distance four or five axle tree was broken, the cattle been very mild, we teamsters very green, the waggon very badly made [p. 13] with bad timber and green, and the load very heavy. On Account of long delay before starting we run short of provision before we got three parts of the way. Great many cattle died on the way.
The day we cross'd the last crossy of the Platte River we kild three Buffolo, dreid the meat, which came very exceptabl before we got within reach of Salt Lake City.
The day we crossed the rocky ridge we camp'd on Willow Creek near the last crossy of the sweet water. We came to camp aboutnine o'clock at night, the night beeng very dark and stormy, and but very little provision in Camp. All hands as soon they cattle was unyoked we turn to bed cold tiered and hungery. The morning no better; a deep snow on the ground, and still snowing so that we could not get to kindle fire untill noon. The storm cease'd, turn'd out in search of the cattle. Before we went quarter of a mile from camp, we found about ten of our cattle dead besides about eighty gone asstray. The family waggon started on the next day with what cattle we had, left the heavy waggons and six young men to hunt the stray cattle as well as to hunt their own food, which they did for two days. The found they cattle on [p. 14] the sweet water, and followed after us, but missed the road and went on the Origon road, untill the[y] struck Green river which give a great deal of trouble to get them down to the camp a distance of 40 miles over mountains and crossing the green river few times. The men had lived on meet several days. We arr'd in Salt Lake City beginning of Novr after a very laborous journey of four months. I should of said, that previous to our starting from for Leavensworth that Elder Taylor came from Kanesville to organized the camp by appointing Elder Phillip Delamere Late of Jersey to be the Captain of the Company, myself Captain of the first ten and a chaplain. Thomas Carilile, second, Samuel Judkes, third, Charles Dixon, forth, a french man. We burried the wife of Bror Bolliwinch and a young man of 18 from Hull.
When we arr'd at Salt Lake City, the weather was very winterly. After a few days we assumed our journey to Provo, as that was the place settled upon to set up the sugar works, but as the weather was so unfavorable to travel with heavy loads as we had, it took us three weeks to reach Provo. By the time we got there the company had desolve and turn the property into the church.
Four families that came with the company were permitted to stay in the old work shop which [p. 15] was but little better then out of doors, Bread as well as every other kind of food was very dear and scarse in the country. After about two weeks, wife and me moved to lived to Alexr Ross. We made our bed on the wheat bin between two log cabin which place was cold enough to freeze cats. Our stay in this place was but short, for we could not stand the cold.
Hence we took lodging in Elder Taylor House with his wivies, Sophia and Mary Ann. Boarded with them for six weeks. Then I bought a log cabin on credit from Bror Hall the Mason. I had the use of his cattle and waggon. I moved the cabin on my lot, put it up through the help of Bror Wm Nuttle (the carpenter who was my faithfull companion by land and sea all the way from Liverpool to Provo) and by having loan of Carpenters tools I made a bedstead, table, two stools, adn a bench, which was all the furniture to commence House keeping and nothing but dry bread and water to eat, and felt thankfull for it, but we were as happy as King and Queen [yes indeed we was] beleiving in the words of the poet, when he said [p. 16] There is a good time coming boys but wait a little longer.
In March we invested all the capital we had in alive stock, by buying 5 hens and one cock, which supplied us 2 or 3 fresh eggs every day, which was quite a treat for us, for we had not taste one since we had left England.
Being very anxious to go to Confe in Company of Bro Nuttle, we started on foot for the April Conf 1853. Slept in a dug out on the road side, got in the city early in the Morning of the 6 to Wittness the laying of the foundation stone fo the Temple. A large congregation was assembled. The teachings and councils of the Apostles were good and encouraging to the Saints. I spent a week in the City. While here I was councild to go to Iron County to live and to work at the Iron Works. Bror Job Rowlands being in the City from Iron County. Mary Parry, Heighgate St. George, North Wales, a distant Relation of my wife, was married to Job Rowland. So on my returned home I sold out all I had in Provo. Wife and me went in the Job Rowlands team to Cedar City, so called. At this time it was but a small log Cabin Fort, on the North side of the River [p. 17] We reached the old fort, the last day of April. I commenced to build a house inside the fort. Had the walls up 8 ft heigh.
In this old fort my wife Mary E was confined [several illegible words crossed out] on the 30 of May 1853. She was blessed and named Barbara Elizabeth Morris.
Before I could complete my house an Indian war broke out, and marshel Law declared. By orders of G. A. Smith who was the commander in cheif of the Soouthern district, we torn down the old fort and moved to the southside of the river, where a city was surveyed, half a mile square. In one week all the Inhabitance was transfered from the old fort into tempery shantees and dug outs. The first puplic duty we had to do besides standing gaurd night and day under Military orders, was to build a fort wall of Adobie 1/3 of a mile square and 8 feet heigh, which was done in a very short time. The next duty was to build a Meeting House 60 feet by 30 ft and 13 ft heigh towards which I worked to the value of $80.00 [p. 18] as a donation.
In the winter of 1851-2 a few families mostly from parowan established the settlement now called Cedar City, on Coal Creek, about eight miles from the Iron [or West] Mountain and two miles from the mouth of Coal Creek Kanyon.
In 1852 a few English Machanics united togather as a Company to experiment upon the Iron ore besides building log dwelling and raising grain and other vegetables. In 1853 the Deseret Iron Co. (which had been organized by the excertion of Elders Erastus Snow and Franklin D. Richards while in England, afterwards was approved by the first Presidency) purchase the small blast furnace with the apparatus attached, togather with their right and interest in the coal mines, for the sum of two thousand eight hundred and sixty dollars and sixty four cents.
It was adviseable by the Company to postpone further experiments with the furnace and direct the energies of the Company to the opening of the coal mines, and working a road to them. An extensive and excellent mine of coal [p. 19] was opened in the Mountains.
Active preparations were on foot for putting the blast to the furnace when an Indian war broke out about the last of July. On the 3rd of September, a terrible flood from the Mountains swept down coal Creek, carrying before it all the bridges and dams, completely inundating the site of the wors, and sweeping off much of the Company's property. During this summer John C. S. Smith was the superintend.
On the 26th of Novr at the board of Directors and Members, I. C. Haight was appointed the General Manager of works.
On the 25 of May 1854 the foundation stone of the New Stone furnace was laid. The demensions was twenty one feet square built of red stone, carried up perpendicularly twelve feet then tapered to 18 feet to the Top thirty feet above the Hearth; tunnel head eight feet.
Six feet six inches in the boshes, three feet six at the Tunnel head inside.
The lining is of porus, sand stone dressed in courses. It took some six hundred and fifty tons of rock, and cost $3782.45.
I was appointed to superentended the building. [p. 20] This year I volunteered to take a quarter share in the works, paid it up in my labors, as a mason. In connection with many others of faithfull Brethren we neglected every other interest and in much prevation, and hardship, we labor against many difficulties, with but little success, although considerable iron was made, but of inferior quality. We struggle at it besides battling to raise our own sustainance untill the American mob approach our Territory in 1858.
The winter 1854-5 My Brother John Morris (who was born Feby 14th 1828), Wife Marry L. Walker and one little baby came to Cedar City from Salt L. City. On account of his ill health his voice had fail him for many month so that he could only wisper. While at my father House my Bro's baby died on [several blank pages follow].

6 Took train for Carmarthen called with Brother Isaac Jones attended a prayer Meeting walked during the week 86 miles


7 Train to Llanelly wrote a letter to Bro N. Felt and one to Elder John Parry & Roberts
8 Attended Council at Llanelly preached 3 times during the day
9 Attended a Prayer Meeting at Bro Bynon Baptized a young woman after the meetng
10 Walked to [Waen bagley?] visit the scattered Saints
11 John Evans and myself made a pond in a little creek and Baptized Wm and Mary Lewis Ceidryn Flarm confirmed the same at the saints meeting Wm was confirmed by Prest. Jo Evans and Mary by me
12 returned to Llanelly Preached at Bro Lewis
13 Attended prayer meetng at Llanelly branch
14 Left for [Llanybra?]
15 Attended Saints meetng at Sistor Jane Davis after meetng walked with Bro Edwd Jones to [Cwmaman?] over the black Mountain
16 Walked to Neath over the mountain called at [Bont ardawe?] Administerd to Bro Jo Davies who was very sick went on my Journey took train at Neath for [Aberdau?] attended prayer Meetng
17 Attend prayer Meetig at [Cap coch?] Branch


18 Preached to the Saints at Mountainash
19 walked to Aberdau attended the Saints meeting
20 Train to Merthyr called at the Confe House 45 Union Terrace stayed over night
21 Visited my Cousin Edward had a conversation upon Religion He could not bare to hear my testimony
22 Spent the day been Sunday at Merthyr branch preached twice Prest. W. D. Wm spoke in the evening the House was crowded
23 Took the train for Swansea attended a prayer at Bror [Newbald?]
24 Took the train for Llanelly
Form the 26th I stayed at Bro Jo Thomas the Tailor untill the 4th of November As his daughter was very sick I stayed up 5 night besides attending the meeting of the branch on the 3rd she expired after much suffering she was the only daughter at the age 14th and a very faithful child to her parents as well as a good Saint
Nov 4 Took train to swansea to attend a Confe
5 Confe commenced at 10 oclock Present on the stand Prest of the Welsh District W.D. Wm. Elder Wm. Phillips E.A. Richards Wm. T. Jones


5 R.I. Davies Barry Wride John Evans and myself from the valley with the exceptions of Elder Jo Evans Pres of Carmarthen Conf better known among the saints the [Brenin of shir Aberteipi?] Also Elder Gibbs and Wm. Lewis the Pres of Penbroke and [Moumouth?] was Present
I Stayed at Swansea untill the 11th as I was suffering from sevear cold And been appointed to travel in the Swansea Conf for the time been
11 Walked to Neath attended saint meetig
17 Walked to Swansea still suffering from Cold
18 In bed sick all day
19 Sunday little better in health attended a Branch council in the Morning Saints Meeting in the afternoon preachg in the evening


Train 641 Meetig 81 Walk 376
20 Took train for Llanelly Met Elder A Evan preached in the evenig
21 visiting the Saints at Llanelly
22 among the saints attended Meeting in the evening
23 returned to Swansea
24 25 26 Sunday council at Swansea
27 walked to Birch grove preached at Davis
28 walked to [Allt wen?] Saints Meetng
29 walked to Neath attended Saints Meeting
30 Visited my Uncle and Aunt at [Aberdulas?] stayed over night with them
December 1 walked to Allt wen prayer meetig
2 walked to Morriston saints Meeting
3 Council at Morriston in the morning saint Meetng in the afternoon walked to Swansea for the evening Meeting
4 walked to Birch Grove preached at Bro Lewis Davis
5 walked to Neath preach in the Branch
6 walked to [Tai bach?] attended a Meetng
7 walked to Pyle saints Meetig
8 Walked to [Maesteg?] visited the saints
9 walked to Bridgend
10 Sunday walked to St. Brides attended council


11 Walked to Pyle preached in the branch
12 walked to Tai bach preached at Bro Haynes
13 walked to Britton Ferry to Preach
14 Preached at Neath Branch attended a funeral in Neath
15 Train to Swansea Met Prest. Williams
16 Train to [Allt wen?]
17 Attended Council at Allt wen and Saints meetig in the after noon preaching in the eveg
18 visited the saints and attended prayer meetig
19 walked to [Ystalyfera?] attended saint meetig
20 Attend Saints Meeting at Allt wen branch
21 walked to Neath attended saints meetng
22 walked to Birch grove Preached at Lewis's
23 Took train to for Llanelly
24 Sunday attended meeting through the day Prest. Wms. prest
25 visited the saints attend a concert in the evening
26 Return to Swansea attended a concert
27 Took train with Prest. W. D. Wms. to Aberdau met Elder Wride and Davies
28 Took train to Merthyr
29 Received a letter from home took the train to Trefforest staid over night with Mr. Thos. Davies Elder B. [Nich?] was along with me


31 Attended council at [Pont y pridd?] in the morning saint meeting in the afternoon evening Elder Wride and myself took trane to Mountainash preached in the evening Meeting
January 1. 1866
walked over the Mountain to Merthyr and then to Dowlais attended saints meeting
2 at Dowlais Branch
3 walked to Tredegar staid over Night
4 Elder Wride Davies and myself took train at [Nant y Buch?] for [Bir-han fau8/7?] started at 7 o clock in the morning arrived at 1.30 stoped at a Temperance
5 Attended the Confe at Hockley Chapel Present Prest. B. Y. [Inn.?] O. Pratt of the Quorum of the twelve and 95 Elders all was called to speak during the Confe
7 Sunday met at the Birmingham Dining Hall in Confe
8 After the Council met in the old fellow Hall in a grand Concert which was got up by the Saints of Bergham
9 Met in Council at the saints Hall
10 In Company with several Elders visited Elliotts steel pen Manufactory


11 Stayed in Birmingham for the day
12 Took Train via [Gloslir?] Cardiff to Neath
13 Took train to Swansea
14 Attended saints meeting in the afternoon preaching in the evening Bror. Gibbs of Penbroke stayed over Sunday with us
15 Meeting at Allt wen
16 walked to Ystalyfera attended meetig
17 Meetng at Swansea
18 Neath received a word to go to Merthyr Met Elder Jo. Evans of Carmarthen Conf weighed at the station 164lbs Jo Evans 168
19 Took train to Swansea
20 At Swansea writng letters
21 Sunday at Morriston at Swansea in the eveng
22 Attended prayer Meeting in Swansea Branch
23 Preached at Sand feilds to a crowded House
24 Took Train for Merthyr Recd. my appointments to labor in Monmouth Conf
25 Preached at Merthyr Branch
26 walked to Tredegar met Elder Lewis and Jones
27 stayed at Tredegar
28 Sunday attended Council at Victoria walked back in the evening to Tredegar


29 Attended prayer Meetig at Tredegar Branch
30 Writig letters
31 walked to [pen y cai?] to preach
Feby 1st Attended Saint meeting at Bleana
2 stayed at Sister Parry of Bleana
3 walked to Tredegar to attend a meetng
4 walked to Bleana to saint meetng
5 Train to Crumlin Viaduct to Bro Thomas Bro Palmers Father in law
6 walked to [Aberbig?] preached in a house which was well filled
7 walked to Victoria preached in the branch
8 walked to Tredegar
9 visitng the saints
10 walked to [Pont Cottyn?] to see Edw Parry
11 at Rhymney Met Prest. A Evans & Elder Parry Held 2 meetings
12 Elders Evans Parry and myself walks to Tredegar preached there
13 stayed at Tredegar through the day
14 walked to Victoria attended meetng
15 walked to Bleana to attend meetng
16 walked to pen y cai meetng
17 walked to Merthyr Received appointment to travel in Swansea Confe.


Rail [1027?] Meetng 154 foot 570
18 attended meeting at Dowlais Branch
19 Took train to Swansea attended Prayer meetng
20 Preached at the Sandfields
21 Attended prayer Meeting at Swansea received a letter from home
22 Took train to Neath saints meeting
23 Paid a visit to my Uncle and Aunt at Aberdulas
24 Took train to Swansea
25 writng letters and visitng the saints
26 walked to Allt wen Branch
27 walked to Ystalyfera Meeting
28 returned to Allt wen Meeting
March 1 walked to Neath Meeting
2 Train to Swansea Meeting
3 Stayed at Swansea
4 Took train to Llanelly
5 Llanelly Confe
6 returned to Swansea Meetig at Sandfield
7 At Swansea Saints Meetng
8 Train to Neath attended saint Meetng
9 return to Swansea
10 At Swansea Preparing for Confe
11 Confe at Swansea Prest. A Evan William D. Wms Richd J Davis W. T. Jones Evan A. Richard Phillip Dell and myself Prest


12 at Swansea Council at 6 oclock Preaching at 7.30
13 Elder R. J. Davies and myself took train to Neath preached in the Branch
14 Continued our Journey to Pyle Branch
15 Walked to St. Bride Preached at Bro Wm Wms after meeting Baptized Cisilia Griffiths she was very sick but received a blessing of health through the laying on of Hands in the Name of Lord
16 Preached at the Groes after Meeting Baptized Miss Alice Powel
17 walked to Bridgend took train to Cardiff visited the saints
18 Attended branch council in the morning Saints meetng at 2 preaching at 6 oclock
19 visited the saints preached in the evening
20 walked to Walnut tree junction calling at Coslett took train to Trefforest preached
21 Took train to Mountainash Met Prest A. Evans and Parry we had a good time togather Evans Parry and myself preached
22 walked to Merthyr Parry & myself Preached
23 very wet stayed at the Confe House Bro Griffith Roberts arrived from N. Wales


March 24 Elder Roberts and myself walked over the mountain to Rhymney to see his Brother in law I Baptized Edw Parry wife daughter and son Bro Roberts confirmed the Mother and son and I confirmed Edw and Elizabeth the daughter
25 Returned to Merthyr called at the Conf House Prest. Young Jun and the Apostle O. Pratt and Abraham Hatch Present conferance was held at the Temperance Hall commence at 10 30 2 oclock and 6 in the evening in the morning I was appointed to preside over Swansea Conf instead of Elder Phillip Dell to was released to prepare to go to Zion
26 Prest. Young and Pratt return per train to Liverpool Elder Hatch stayed few days several of us accompany Hatch to visit Dowlais Iron works returned to attend meeting in the evening at the Temperance Hall at the above works they were making 900 rails per day
27 Elder R. J. Davies and myself left per train for Neath both of us preached
28 Train to Swansea attended Saints Meetng
29 walked to [Gyfyns?] Preached in a hous
30 walked to Allt wen after meeting took train to Swansea


31 At Swansea writng letters
April 1 Attended a council at Neath Bro Dell and Richards present Bro Dell asked foriveness for the hardness of his heart against the priesthood Brother Samuel Hornsby was remove from been Branch President on account of his removel to the country to work Elder John Thomas Jun was appointed to preside over the branch after the evening meeting I took the train to Llanelly to fill an apointment which was given by Elder R. J. Davis delivered a Lecture in welsh on the maners an costume of the American Indians aft
2 Tea Party of the Latter day saints and the Lecture came off for the benefit of Elder J. Evans
3 Preached at Llanelly branch in the saint hall Elder Griffith Roberts arrived we had good time
4 Elder Roberts and myself returned to Swansea preached at the Saints Hall
5 Elder Roberts and myself went to Neath branch and preached to the saints
6 Walked to Pyle branch attended meetng
7 To St Brides slept at the Groes Farm
8 Sunday Meetings at St. Brides Branch


8 April the House was crowded in the afternoon and evening after the meetng I Baptized Lewis Griffith and Tho Jones and confirmed them by the river side
9 walked to Bridge End took train to Swansea to attend a tea party and to deliver a lecture on the American Indian took the advantage of the oppertunty of describing the prosperity of the saints in Utah bore a strong Testmony of the truth the Hall was crowded great many stranger during the evening Elder Roberts sung Do they miss me at Home Bring Bees of Deseret and the Kingdom of God or nothing at all
10 visit the saints with Brother Roberts in the evening Bro Roberts left for Merthyr I preached in the eveng at the sand feilds
11 at Swansea writng letters
12 Attended Saint Meetng at Morriston Branch
13 writng meeting at Sand feilds
14 Took train to Allt wen Branch
15 walked to Ystalyfera to attend council Bro Dell and E. A. Richards present taught the saints the nessescity of observing the word of wisdom especialy drunkeness


16 walked to Allt wen attended meetng in the evenig
17 walked to Swansea preached at the Sand feilds the house was full
18 writig letters Home one to Father and one to Uncle Joseph attended Saints meetig in the evening at Swans
19 walked to Neath Branch meetng
20 returned to Swansea Baptized David son of David Lewis and Cathrin daugher of John Davies Tailor
21 writig in the mornig took train in the evening to Ystalyfera delivered a lecture on the American Indians for the benifit of Elder E. A. Richards
22 Return to Swansea stayed over night
23 Took train to Llanelly to assist the sanits that was abought to emigrate
24 return to Swansea to prepare the saints to emigrate
25 Booked 38 saints per steamer soverign for Liverpool at 71 a head which was a saving of 14 to the saints as the Fair would not reduce from the ordinary fair Leut 3.10--to William Jones Ystalyfera [L 2.?] to bay steamer and [30/?] in his pocket


Train 1314 1866 Meeting 203 foot 718
25 Elder R. J. Davies accompanied his saint from Llanelly he stayed over night
26 Took Train part way to Tai bach Attended meeting few saint present
27 walked to [Aberkynfig?] called with Pyle Saints
28 walked St. Bride Branch
29 Attended Meetigs through the day
30 spend the day at the Groes Farm with Bro Powel preached at the [Myngd?]
May 1 walked to Pyle branch attended a branch Meeting
2 walked to Maesteg preached at Brother Lloyd how few words at the close of the Meetng with Wm Evans an old apostate
3 walked to Neath Branch over the Mountain in the eveng Baptized John Llewylyn preached in the evenig
4 walked to Swansea make up the accounts and writig letters
5 writig and visitig some of the saints
6 Sunday attended Swansea Council in the mornig Saints Meetig at 2 oclock preachig out of doors in the eveng Near Landore removed Lodging on the 5th


from Bro Thomas [Aberdy berther?] to Mr [Robbus?] Bathhurst at
7 attended Saints Meetig at Swansea Hall
8 Preached at Morriston branch
9 walked to Allt wen attended meetig
10 walked to Ystalyfera Meetig and back to Allt wen after meetig
11 Train to Swansea writig letters in the eveng took train to Hornsby House walked to Neath branch
12 walked to [Kynfig hill?] calling at Tai bach Baptized a young sister
13 Council at Kynfig Hill preach at [Cefu?] in the morning out of doors Council at 2. o clock took the Presiding of the branch upon myself on account of difficulty between the Elders walked to St. Brides slept at Bro Wms
14 Preached at St Brides in the evenig
15 walked through to [Aberkynfy?] and to Kynfig Hill preach out of doors
16 Took train to Britton Jerry station called Jenkins Wm took dinner walked to Swansea to attend meeting


May 1866
17 walked to Morriston to attend meetig returned to Swansea to sleep
18 writing letters and visitig some of the saints
19 Swansea in the Mornig walked to Allt wen in the evening
20 Neath council preached out at Neath in the morning saints meetig in the afternoon preached out at [Skewan?] at 5 o clock walked to Morriston preached on the street at 7.30 good Congregation the Josephs disturb our meeting slepted at Morriston
21 walked to Swansea stayed at Swansea for the week to attend to the Emigrations
27 Took train at 1/2 6 for Neath preach at Neath Met the saints from St. Bride who was going to emigrate
28 Sisters Eliza Davies and Mary Gibbs of Allt wen came to Neath to start with Bro Williams 11 saints from [Pencader?] was in the same train for Liverpool set sail on the ship Arkweight on 30
29 Walked to Ystrad preached at Ystalyfera
30 Preached at Allt wen


31 walked to Morriston attended saint meetng
June 1 at Swansea visiting the saints
2 writig and visitig Baptized Wm Wms Harriet Bynon and Jane daughter of Bro Morgan Prest. A. Evans arrived at Swansea this afternoon
3 Council at Morriston Preached at Swansea in the evenig Prest. A Evans Preached
4 Visited the sanits attended prayer Meetng
5 Walked to the Glais train to Ystalyfera Prest. Evans accompand me both preached
6 walked to Allt wen both of us preached out of doors
7 Took train to Swansea Baptized John and William Hughes sons of Hughes the Taylor
8 Took train to Neath both of us preached to the Saints
9 Walked to [Aberavon?] train to Pyle slept at D. Harris
10 Attended Council at Aberkynfig Prest Evans was presnt after council we walked over to St. Brides
11 visited Frances Powell who had denied the faith we had a long conversation Bro Evans and me preached at Mr. Mass House
12 Took train to Swansea preach at Wm. Richard


June 12 Took train swansea preached at Mr. Richard 3 or 4 present Bro Evans went to Llanelly
13 Attended Saints meetig at Swansea
14 Attended saint meetig at Morriston
15 Bro Evans took train to Llanelly and I stayed to attend to bussness
16 at Swansea writig and attendig to busness
17 went out to meet Thomas Jenkins the Josephites who had returned from Salt Lake City I listen to his scandels and [ling?] report then I took the chair and spoke for half an hour and proved his ling statement
18 Stayed at Swansea writig letters and attended meetig
19 Walked to Allt wen attended Saints meetig
20 Walked to Ystalyfera had a saint meetig
21 Walked to Neath attended saint meetng
22 Took train to [Landon?] and walked to Swansea
23 Took train to Britton Jerry road walked to Pyle calling at Britton Ferry Aberavon attended saint meetig
24 walked to Aberhynfig to attended meetig 4 Elders accompaned me walked to Bridge end to sleep


25 walked to St. Brides visited the saints called to see Harding folks meetig in the evening
26 walked to Kynfig Hill very hot day attended meetig in the branch
27 walked to Neath very hot day attended meeting with the saints
28 rested at Neath for the day
29 Train to Swansea
30 At Swansea writig and making up the Monthly accounts
July 1 Train to Allt wen Council we had very good time
2 walked to Ystalyfera and back to Allt wen attended prayer meetig
3 walked to Birch grove preached out of doors we had good attendance
4 Walked to Swansea attended saint Meetig
5 Attended saints Meetig at Morriston
6 visitig the Swansea Saints
7 Train to Llanelly to attend Car Conf Met with Prest. A. Evans B. Wride & Davies
8 Confe. commencd at 10 30 we had very good times togather Henry Williams wife was attached with the cholera very severly
9 Sister William Died two more Gentiles died A. Evans and myself took train to Swansea attended meetig


1866 [?] 1439 Meetig 266 foot 1027
June 10 Brother A Evans took train to Merthyr I stayed at Swansea
11 Attended Saints Meetig in the Hall
12 Walked to Neath attended saint Meetig
13 Back to Swansea
14 Met Elder Wride at Swansea on his way to Rhymney in haste
15 walked from Britton ferry road to Britton ferry Ferry took train to Bridgend walked to St. Brides to attend council cut off 4 in council preached out of door at 5. o clock
16 walked to Aberkynfig attended sanits Meetng at Brother Haynes
17 walked to Maesteg Preach at Bro Lloyd
18 walked to Kynfig Hill saints Meetng
19 walked to Neath calling the saints at Aberavon attended saints meeting
20 Walked to Ystalyfera attended meeting
21 Took a ride with Alfred Thomas in the cart to Swansea Met Elders Roberts & Davis
22 Sunday Confe commence at 11. o clock 2 and 6 o clock in the evening in the evening Prest. A. Evans & Parry came in after been walking most part of the day


on account of loosing the train at Merthyr after the meeting was over Elder Wride and J. D. Rees came who also had lost the train at Merthyr
23 Held preachig meetig in the Hall Elder Wride Rees and Evans spoke
24 we 7 valley Elders took train to the [Musnlbes?] we had a good bathing in the sea returned at 5. in the evenig to attend the saints Tea party at the saints Hall after Tea a first rate concert was held after the concert A Evans proposed to have a American Dance so we had 4 sets good feelig prevailed to the close all went home rejoicing
25 Evans Parry Rees and Wride returned to Merthyr while Brother Davies Roberts and myself attended the saints meetig
26 R. J. Davies left for Llanelly Roberts and myself attended meetig at Morriston Slepd at Birch grove
27 Took Train to Llanelly attended saint meetg
28 Returned to Swansea togather per train
29 Roberts and I took train to Ystalyfera to attend council after the afternoon meetig we


29 walked down to Bontardawe preached out of door to a very large congregation splept at Brother Morgan
30 Walked to Swansea calling with the saints on the way attended meetig in the evening at Swansea
31 Took train to Neath Preached in the Branch slepted at Vale of Neath arms
August 1st walked to my Uncle and Aunt at Aberdilas Took dinner and Tea with aunt who was very kind to us visited the tin works Took the train to Aberdau attend saints meetig we had good time togather
2 Took train to Merthyr attended meetig at the White Lion room
3 very wet day took the Buss to Rhymney walked to [Pont Cottyn?] to Edw Parry House in the evening took train to Cardiff took supper with Mr. Peter Wride Wride was along we slept at Canton
4 Called with Miles Williams & Mother walked to the Graig farm to see Bro Wride and folks Met Mr. Thos Davies the surveyor at the Graig Farm


4 Brother Barry Wride and his Sister Jane (who was afflicted with lowness of spirits even to that degree that her Brother John and others was about to take her to the asylem) and myself took the train to Pont Cottyn called at Sister Parrys there walked to Tredega and Baptized Jane and all the valley Elders laid hands upon her and through prayer in the name of the Lord rebuked the evel spirit
5 walked to Victoria to attend Conf present on the stand Abel Evans of Wales Prest. John Parry J. D Rees R. J. D. G. Roberts Barry Wride the president of the Conf and myself of the Welsh district from 6 England James Ure Edwin Frost and Berbeck we had a glorious time returned to Tredegar to sleep
6 Attend a concert got up by the saints
7 walked to Rhymney to attend meetig Brothers Roberts Davies and myself walked back to Tredegar to sleep
8 Attended a meeting at Tredegar Branch
9 Walked over to Victoria in company


9 with Brothers Wride and G. Roberts held a preaching meetig
10 Walked over to Blaina Wride Roberts and myself preached
11 at 7.30 in the morning Brother G. Roberts took train for [FhutN.W?] via crew and chester
12 Attended Council at [Bagillt?] and a Confe. at King head long room most of the North Wales saints were prest
13 Walked to New Market preached at Brother Robert Parry
14 Walked to [Rhyddland?] calling at John Morris [Waenysgor?] a kin of mine and with Thomas Williams late of [Llandudno?] preached at Brother Michael Parry Brother Williams Jones gave me a shilling and sixpence from Bro Parry walked after Meeting to Brother George Evans so of Hugh Evans of [Llanfais Talhaim?] where we was made welcome
15 Walked to Abergele calling with Bro William Conway and Phebe Jones old friends of my parents they were


glad to see me took train at Abergele for Llandudus Junction called to see Bro John Roberts and Susan stayed for about 3 hours walked to Conway to sleep
16 Walked to the Junction took the train for Llandudua called to see Father Edward Parry and his wife staid few hours returned to Conway to continued our Journey to [Durygyfylchi?] as we was going over the mountain we was cot in a heavy storm of hail and rain which came pouring down in torrents we had no umberrela nor a place to shelter every garment we had on was was socking wet called with my Uncle David step daughter who was keeping a puplic took tea for which she charge us the regular price while here we dried our cloths on us before the fire after tea we went to see my cousin John Thomas son of my Uncle Elias Thomas my mother Bro My cousin made us great welcome he was hirig with his wife Mother who was a very respectpall Lady


17 walked to [Penmaen Maur?] took train to Carnarvon visit the few old Saints that was in Town and we called to Robert Evans he did not have much to say for himself for the course which he had taken he had nothing to say against Prest. Brigham Young we also called upon Ann Lloyd who had join the Josiphites we took tea with her she made up her mind never to have anything to do with the Josephites anymore We held a Meeting at Morris Williams the hatter all the old saint came to Meetig after which we took supper with Ann Lloyd slept at the Temperance
18 Walked to [Llanfabo?] called with Brother John Hughes took dinner Potatoes and Milk after few hours rest proceeded on our Journey to [Bethesda?] felt very unwell and allmost unable to walk from the effect of the wetting which I had on the 16th through hard struggle I walked to Aber station took train for St. Asaph the deslant walked to day 17 miles


19 Attended Council of New Market and St. Asaph Branches at George Evans It was as much as I could do was to stand on my feet at 5 oclock preached out of doors at Waen 2 miles from St Asaph returned to St. Asasph to sleep felt my health failig me
20 after takig a good sweat and a good wash I was anointed all over me by Bro G. Roberts kept my bed all day in the evening took train to [Rhyldlan?] as we had an appointment to preach at [Waenysgor?] to fulfill which I made an effort on my part to walk from Rhyldlan to Waenysgor and preached and then walked to the Marian to sleep my health was no better
21 walked to [Mostyn?] my health better took train to Bagellt called at Bro David Jones laid down on the bed to rest me as I felt very weak the Brethren administered to me got up and walked to Flint to preached walked back to David Jones to sleep
22 walked to Mold in great distress


1866 Train 1777 Meeting 309 foot 1211
as soon as she reached Sister Brisco Near Mold I went to bed as I was very sick to sick to attend meetig which was the first time for me to fail since I had left home
23 Fill little better Walked to Buckley wrote two letters to Swansea preach at Bro Jenkinson the mere very kind and attention to me every where I went
24 Walked to [Frivd?] called at Edwin Price in the evening he accompanied us to [Caergurla?] preached out of door return with Brother Price to sleep
25 Walked to Wrexham My health improving called to see my Aunts at Abbot St took tea with them and then we walked to Bro Vaughen Street Isa
26 Attended Council at Rhos we met in a Club room held 3 meetig several strangers attended our Meetings
27 Walked to [Gefer Maur?] and to Llangollen called to see a sister of John Hughes now living in the 15 W. G. S. L. City


But she did not want to see us calling we took supper and breakfast at a Temperance
28 Walked to the fron Near Gefu to see a faithful old sister we administered to her as she was afflicted And she Adminestered to our wants Walked to the Gefu attended meetig at Brother Roberts and slept there
29 Walked to street Isa the weather been verry wet we stayed for the night at Richard Jones Charles father & Mother
30 Walked to Mold preached at Bro Lloyd's shoe Makers house which was crowded with strangers after Meetig walked to Llanarmon with Bro Thomas Hughes a distance of 5 miles very rough road
31 rested all day as Bro G. Roberts and myself felt rather unwell
Sep 1 walked to Bagillt Met Brother R. J. Davies President of Car Conf who had just arrd. per train from S. W.
2 The Confe. commenced at 11. o clock Meetings at 2. and 6. in the evening


1866 September
3 Took the steamer at Mustyn in [Comm?] with Elder Roberts and Davies for Liverpool where we was kindly received by Prest. B. Young Jun.
4th we spent in Liverpool visiting
5 I took the train at Lime St. Station at 10.30. fare 15/9 arrd. in Swansea at 8 in the evening
6 Walked to Neath to attend Meetig
7 Returned to Swansea
8 writng and attending to Confe Bussiness
9 Took train to Brigde End walked to St. Bridges to Attend Council Bro Thomas and George Dyer accompanied me after the afternoon meetng we return per train to Neath
10 walked to Allt wen Met with the saints
11 walked to Ystalyfera attended a Meetig with the saints
12 walked to Neath attended the [Esterfn?] & in the evening attended the saint meetig
13 attended Meetig at Morriston
14 attended to the Confe accounts and Baptized David Hughes Mary Davis and Sarah Thomas in the Cannel


15 16 writig and visitig the Swansea saints
17 after Meetig Baptized John Morgan and rebaptized Dell Hunger and wife and Sister James
18 Walked to Neath attended a Meetig
19 Walked to Kynfig Hill Meetng
20 Walked to Aberkynfig Meetig
21 train to Maesteg met with the priesthood
22 Walked to Neath took train to Swansea
23 attended funeral Meetig of Sister Bradford who had died from the effect of Cholera which had been rebuked but through the neglect of the Nurse in taking care of her she took cold by washig and changig her cloths which resulted in her death after the dead child had been deliverd
25 26 stayed at Swansea visitig and Admisterng to the sick as the cholera was raging in Swansea as well as in the Neighbouring Towns
27 Walked to Morriston attended Meetig
28 walked to Birch grove Meetig
29 Walked to Swansea
30 Prest. A Evans arrived from Merthyr
1 Oct Sister Evans wife of Bro Evans Porter


2 Prest. Abel Evans who was staying with me at Swansea was to sick to go with me through the branches I took the train for Ystalyfera Branch and back to Swansea Baptized 3
3 Attended Sister Evans's funeral (the wife of Bro Wm. Evans the porter)
4 A. Evans and myself walked to Neath Baptized a young man George Dyer and a young woman
5 walked to Morriston callig at Birch grove
6 Swansea visitig the saints
7 Swansea Council reported 23 Bap in the 5 branches during the last month
8 Evans and myself preached Bro Evans left me to go Carmarthen he complaint of been unwell
9 I walked to Neath to attend meetig
10 walked to Kynfig Hill branch preach
11 walked to St. Brides branch preached
12 returned to Aberkynfig visited the saints
13 walked to Kynfig Hill
14 Attended Council at Kynfig branch
15 Walked to Britton Ferry preached at Jenkin William house
16 walked to Allt wen attended meetig


17 walked to Ystalyfera Baptized Alfred Thomas and Benjemin Evans
18 returned to Swansea
19 Train to Neath 20 Neath
21 walked to Maesteg held 3 meetings Saints from Neath and Pyle met
22 walked to St. Bride held a meetig
23 Preached at [Wige?] Baptized Mary Ann Butler and Sarah Watts on the 22nd
24th walked to Kynfig Hill attended Meet
25 To neath calling at Britton Ferry
26 walked to Ystalyfera preached
27 28 at Swansea 29 writig and attendig prayer meetig
30 visitig the saint and preachg over the water
31 in the evenig attended saint meetig
November 1st attended Sister Mary Davis funeral who died of the cholera at Birch Grove after Meetig Baptized Mrs. Swiner of Birch Grove
2 At Swansea Baptized Charlotte Evans the Mother of Wm. Evans Porter
3 At Swansea 4th at Morriston Council Cut off Richard Thomas for apostase
Walking 295 Meeting 57 Train 323


Walking 293 Meeting 57 Train 323
4 others were suspended for a month for neglect of meeting and drunkenness in the evening Baptized Mrs. Jones Gefu Park return to Swansea to sleep
5 Took train to Llanelly met Bro R. J. Davies preached in the branch 6th Preached at the Forge
7 Meetig at [Waen y Baglan?]
8 Meetng at [fangalch?]
9 Meetng at Carmarthen
10 Took train to Llanelly
11 Attended Council at Llanelly
12 Took train to Swansea recd. several letters Answered the same
13 Meetng at Swansea
14 Preached at Birch grove
15 Saints Meetng at Swansea
16 Saints Meetig at Neath
17 received a letter from Brother Parry statig that Prest. A Evans was very sick and desirious for me to go and visited him Took the train in the evenig found Bro Evans very sick and not likely to get through it


18 at Merthyr waiting on Bro Evan
19 Took train to Aberdau to attend council attended 3 meetig and back to Mer[thyr?]
20 Merthyr 21 took train to Swansea on my leaving Bro Evans was no better but gettng weaker every day
22 at Ystalyfera 23 at Allt wen
24 at Swansea 25 attended Council at Swansea branch in the morning took train for neath at 2 o clock attended the after noon and evenig Meetg
26 walked to Pyle attended Meetig
27 walked to St. Brides 28 at Pyle
29 at Neath 30 To Swansea callig at Allt wen branch Bro Wm Morgan traveled with me through the conf on acct. of his ill health which done him much good
Dec 1st Recd. a letter from Bro J. Parry stating that Bro Evans was still worse and anxious for me to go to see him left for Merthyr on my arrival found that Bro Evans had departed this life on Friday the 30th at 10 minites past 7 in the


in the evening at 2. Brecon Road
2 Sunday Attended Meeting at Merthyr Branch 3 Prest. F. D. Richards and John W. Young Arrd. from Lpool to assist in the funeral we dressd the corps in full temple dress Burried at Merthyr New Cemetery at 3 o clock Thusday the 4th A grave stone was purchase for him which cost three pounds with the following inscribtion
[7 lines are left blank]
5 at Merthyr untill evenig when I left for swansea attended the saint Meetig 7 stayd at Swansea
8 at Neath attended saint meetig
9 at Pyle Council Baptized a woman
10 at Aberkynfig preached at Bro. Hayns House


11 walked to Nash calling at Bridgend recd. a letter of an appointment from Lpool office to Preside over Merthyr Confe instead of Bro John Parry who was appointed to preside over the district instead of Prest. A Evans proceeded on my Journey preached at [Wig?] 12. walked to Pyle 13 mile took train for Swansea where I met with Elder Is. D. Rees who was appointed suceed me in the Swansea Confe
13 Bro Rees accompanied me to Mountainash Branch met with the saints slept at Birch groves
14 Took train at glais for Ystalyfera to visit the saints callig at Allt wen in going returned to Swansea in the evening
15 visitig the Swansea Saints
16 Sunday Prest. F. D. R. John Parry and William [Cefu Peunai?] arrived per mornig train attended council in the morning meetig at 2 and 6 o clock at the saints Hall


17 Bro Richards took the 11 o clock train for L.pool Prest. Parry staid at Swansea to attend the prayer Mt
18 Bro Parry and Myself took train for Merthyr Bro Parry paid my train as I had no means to pay my own train
19 at Merthyr writig letters
20 D. evenig attended saints meetg
21 writing 22 the same
23 Attended Council at Aberaman slepted at Aberdau
24 Took train to Cardiff togather to spirit the christmas Holyday
25 partook of Christmas dinner at Bro Chugg slept at Gwyn
26 attended saints meetig Bro Parry Wride Frost and myself
27 attended Meetig at Whitchurch
28 At Cardiff visitng
29 Walked to Coslett met Bro Wride took train to Trefforest slept at Bro Thomas 30 Brother Parry met us at Trefforest to attend council
31 Took train for Merthyr


Walking 1636 Trains 2413 Meeting 400
January 1st Walked to Victoria Ebber Vale to attend a concert with Bro Wride Met Brothers Ure & Frost
2 Took train for Aberdau to attend Saints Meetng
3 Bro Parry met me at [Cwmbach?] attended Meetng and slept there
4 walked to Merthyr writng letters
5 writng
6 Train to [Cwmrhonda?] met in council
7 attended meeting in the evenig after Meeting Baptized Mary Woozby and Hopkin Llewelyn and confirmed them
8 walked to Evan Lewis [Pentyrch?] stayed over night with him
9 saints meeting at Trefforest
10 At Mountanash branch
11 12 and 13 at Merthyr Council Prest. Parry and James Boden present at Dowlais in the afternoon Merthyr at 6 in the evening
14 Merthyr 15 at [Troedyrhew?]
16 Gefu Preachig 17 Merthyr
18 on a visit to my cousin Edw Morris
20 attended council at Mountainash


21 at Llanvabon branch preached
22 Aberaman 23 at Aberdau
24 at Cwmbach 25 at Herwain
26 at Merthyr
27 Sunday Council at Cardiff
28 attended Meetig at Whitchurch walked to the graig to sleep
29 Walked to Sully from Sully to [dinas Bowys?] preach to a house full
30 walked to Cardiff to attend saint Meet
31 took train for Trefforest attended Meetig settle some dispute between Bro Baker and Thomas by takin the priesthood from Baker
Feb 1 Walked to Llanvabon saint meetig
2 took Train for Aberdau walked to Merthyr done some corespondence
3 Took train to Ystrad to attend Council
4 visited the saints preached in the evening
5 Train to Mountainash walked to Aberdau
6 Attended saints Meetig at Aberdau
7 Saints Meetig at Mountainash
8 Attended Bro Wm Williams Cwmbach funeral preached at the Cemetary took train for Merthyr met with Bro Barry Wride


9 at Merthyr writing
10 Attended Merthyr Council Elder Rees Williams was accused of Adultery he denied the charge but confessed of taking liberites which was unbecoming his priesthood was taken from him he ask forgiveness of the council I attended the 2 o clock meetig and Dowlais at 6 in the evening
11 At [Trved y rhew?] branch
12 Preached in a house at Gefu
13 Preached at [Pengarnddu?] the house was crowded many strangers
14 Saints Meetig at Merthyr
15 and 16 at Merthyr writig
17 Train to Aberdau attended Council at Cwmbach we had very good time
18 At Llanvabon preached at Bro Morgan
19 At Mountainash Saint Meetig
20 At Aberdau saints Meetig
21 Cwmbach saint meetig
22 Hirwain Saints Meetig then took train to Merthyr
23 At Merthyr writig letters


24 Sunday took train to Cardiff to attend Council had very good time
25 Preached at Whitchurch branch
26 At Dinas Bowys Preaching
27 Saints Meetig at Cardiff
28 At Trefforest Saints Meetig
March 1 To Merthyr Met Bro Parry Wride and G. Roberts
2 Makig up the Acct. to send to Lpool
3 Took train to Swansea in Company with Parry Wride and Roberts found Bro J. D. Rees all right attended Council spoke a little in each meetig Attended Meetig in the evenig and preach
5 Packing up books for each Confe which books belong to the church the proceeds of which was used to pay the district debt at Lpool
6 Attended saints Meeting in the evenig
7 Bro Roberts and myself took train to Merthyr attended the saints Meetig
8 Recd letters from home answerd letters
9 Writing corespondence
10 Took train to Cwm rhonda valley
11 Elder Roberts came from Merthyr


delivered a lecture on the Customs and manners of the American Indians Bro Roberts spoke after me
12 Took train for Merthyr to attend to some bussness of the Conf
13 very stormy stayed at Merthyr
14 writng letters & meetig in the evening
15 visitig the sick and administer unto them [Pendarn Dowlais?] & Merthyr
16 attendig to the Books acct of the Conf
17 Sunday Merthyr Council Bro James Boden and G. Roberts Present Called and ordain David Morgan of Merthyr Conf to the office of an Elder And John Jones Pendaran a Teacher And two sisters cut off belonging to Dowlais We had excellent spirit in the meetig through the day and many stranger prest
18 At Merthyr in the evenig Bro Roberts and myself preached at Pengarndu
19 writig my Journal the weather very stormy
20 very stormy day in the eveng Bro Robert And myself preached at the Gefu the House was crowded
21 very stormy deep snow--attended saints Meetig at Merthyr in the evening


22 writig and making acct
23 Packig books for the Conf
24 Prest. Parry Roberts and myself took train to Aberdau to Attend Council We had excellent meetings through the day
25 looked over the acct. with Bro Boden walked to Mountainash Preached at Bro Lovedy's house
26 Took train for Llanvabon branch
27 walked to Trefforest saint Meetig
28 To Cwmbach met with the saints
29 walked to Merthyr callig at Aberaman and Aberdau
30 attending to Conf Books
31 Prest Parry Roberts and myself took train to Cardiff to attend council had very good Meetings through the day
April 1 visitig the saints & evenig Metg


Morris, Elias


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