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Rowland, Job - letter





Mr. Editor,—I beg your kindness to reason and testify with respect to the truth that I came to know after searching for a long time. I was with the Baptists for thirteen years; and during that time I received the best counsels and teachings they possessed. I was conscientious in that which I was taught; but yet I feared at times that I had too little belief to live and die by; nevertheless, I was determined to adhere to it until death if I could not get anything better. But as soon as the Saints came to these areas our teachers, especially Mr. W. R. Davies, began to persecute them and hate them, saying all manner of evil against them. Mr. Davies said one time in our house that his desire was to do the same with their elders as was done to Joseph Smith, that is to kill them. That, together with many other things prompted me to look into their principles; and after having the honor of associating with the Saints, I saw that they were not the way Mr. Davies and others had described them. I saw also that their doctrine was harmonious with the doctrine in the scriptures; and when I heard their testimony, I decided immediately that it was true. I gave obedience to it and gained a sure knowledge about the truth of their message. I am thankful to God for this great privilege, and for the valuable testimony which my Heavenly Father gave to me through his spirit. And now I testify that the message of the Saints is true, and that God, the knower of hearts, gives witness now as in former times through giving the Spirit to those who receive baptism by the servants of God. I also know that the spiritual gifts are in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as the scriptures mention them; and I know these things through the Spirit of God bearing witness to my spirit. Oh, that I could express the happiness that continues in my heart for the great honor of having part with the children of God; for I know that they are the children of God in spite of what is said against them. I greatly wish to see my old brethren leave their empty shells and turn to inquire for the true belief of Jesus Christ and to get hold of substance instead of feeding on sound the way they have been doing. I would like to see everyone obey the message of the Latter-day Saints; for I know that there is as much difference between it and the belief of the Baptists as there is between light and darkness, or between sound and substance. Now, I close, hoping that thousands will yet be seen obeying the gospel; that is my prayer and my wish for Christ's sake. Amen.




Rowland, Job


This letter was written by Job Rowland to Captain Dan Jones in 1848 and was published in the Welsh Mormon periodical "Prophwyd y Jubili" (Prophet of the Jubilee), the December 1848 issue, p. 187-88.