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1910 Census

ID:   1083
immigrant_id:   342
Not Living:    Not Found:   
Image Link:   https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-267-11860-136250-82?cc=1727033

ED Number:   138
Enumeration Date:   4 May 1910

Town:   St. Anthony precinct
County:   Fremont
State:   Idaho
Incorp Place:   St. Anthony City
Ward Of City:   3
Street:   Baker Avenue

Sheet Number:   12 A
Page:   259
Line:   42
House Number:   
Dwelling Number:   245
Family Number:   258
Surname:   Adams
Given Name:   George A.
Name:   George A. Adams
Relationship:   head
Sex:   M
Color:   W
Age:   52
Marr Status:   M1
Years Marr:   29
Number Children:   
Number Living:   
Birth Place:   Wales (Welsh)
Father Birth Place:   Wales (Welsh)
Mother Birth Place:   Wales (Welsh)
Immigration Year:   1861
Naturalized:   Na
Language:   English
Trade:   farmer
Industry:   own farm
Emp Or OA:   OA
Out Of Work:   No
Weeks Out Of Work:   0
Read:   Yes
Write:   Yes
Home Own Rent:   O
Own Mortgaged:   F
Farm House:   H
Number Farm Schedule:   11
Union Confed: