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Jenkins Family Coat of Arms



MOTTO: ?Perge sed caute? (Go on, but cautiously)

ARMS: Per pale azure and sable, three fleur de lis or.

CREST: A battle-axe, handled or, headed proper.


This old family name is frequently found in Wales, as well as in England, and one reference consulted states that the family is of Flemish origin, originally being known as Jonkin, meaning son of John.  It is noted that the name Jonkin is listed on the Assize rolls of Cheshire for the year 1288, but by the early fourteenth century the name appears as Jenkins, for a Richard Jenkins is listed on the Subsidy Rolls of Somerset for the year 1327.


As with all very old families, it is impossible to trace the countless branches that became established over the centuries.  However, these arms are typical of those early designs with which warriors decorated their shields to identify themselves in battle.  The fleur de lis may suggest a French influence and it is probable that the progenitor of the family in Britain came during the Norman Invasion in 1066.


History pays just tribute to many persons bearing this old distinguished family name who attained distinction during the past thousand years, for many descendants of this family have occupied the highest positions in England, as well as Wales.


Perhaps the first person bearing the Jenkins family name to settle in the New World, was John Jenkins, who came to America from Wales in 1642 and settled in Virginia.  He was a colonel in the State Militia and held several public offices.  He later became the Governor of North Carolina.


Today, persons bearing this proud old family name are to be found in almost every section of this country and they are well represented in the arts, sciences and professions, as well as in the world of commerce.

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Source: submitted by Hal Clark from an unknown book.


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