Obray, Samuel William - Biography

Obituary of Samuel William Obray as it appeared in the Journal on June11th. , 1910.


 Paradise June 8 - It becomes our duty once more to record
the demise of one of our esteemed citizens, Samuel W.
Obray, who passed peacefully June 5, 1910.  Old age and heart trouble
were the cause that brought on death.

Samuel W. Obray was in his 82nd year.  He was born at South Wales 18 June 1828.  He came to this country in 1848 and worked on a steamboat as a ships carpenter.  His work took him from St. Louis to New Orleans and back on the Mississippi River.  He came to Utah in 1854 and was a resident of Tooele
County.  He was an early settler of Wellsville and has been a resident of Paradise about forty-six years.  While in his native country in his early manhood he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints.  He has kept the faith and died in full fellowship, holding the office of High Priest at the time of
his death. 
 During the early settlement of Cache Valley Mr. Obray took an active part in defending the inhabitants from the depredations of Indians and other enemies.  He was fearless and had a

great influence with the red men.  At one time before Old Paradise was settled and while the Indians were quite hostile, he went up to the south of where Paradise is now and got in to their camp and induced the Indians to come to Wellsville and have a feast and make peace, which they did.  He passed through the trials and difficulties incident to pioneer life patiently and unflinchingly.  He was impulsive, but kind hearted and generous to a fault.  Such men as he were needed at that time.  He was
married three times and his last wife survives him.  His descendant's number about 176 was follows:  10 children, 87grandchildren, 75 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great grandchildren.

   Funeral services over the remains were held in the Paradise meetinghouse June 7, 1910.  A large congregation was present to show respects to the departed.  The beautiful white casket containing the remains was covered with a profusion of flowers placed there by loving hands.

  Bp. Peter O. Hansen presided and services commenced by the choir singing "When First the Glorious Light".  Invocation was offered by Elder Gideon E. Olsen, Jr.

  Consoling, instructive and eulogistic remarks were made by the following Elders:  William Bishop, William Humphrey's, John P, James, Samuel Oldham, Orson Smith and Bishop Peter O. Hansen.
Benediction was pronounced by Elder Edward D. Miles.
 A large cortège went with the remains to the cemetery where the dedicatory prayer was offered by George S. Obray.

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Compiled by Diane Norman Parker a great grand daughter in 1982, and updated in 1994.

Samuel William Obray

 The following was compiled by:  Mildred Danielson Obray, and      John F. Kendrick.

 Samuel William Obray was born 18 June 1828 at Landreth, Pembroke shire, Wales, his father was John Barnett Obray or Aubrey, his mother was Ellinor or Eleanor Allen.  Samuel William was christened 12 July 1833 at the Parish of St Mary, Pembroke in the county of Pembroke shire, Wales.  The families were known early as Awbrey then later as Obray.

The brothers and sisters of Samuel William Obray were:

      (1) William Awbrey - born in 1813 and died at age 4

      (2) Maria Awbrey - born 8 September 1814

      (3) George Aubrey - born 1 September 1815


    (4) John Obray - born 8 January 1818

    (5) Elizabeth Obray - born 12 August 1820

    (6) Thomas Obray - born 23 July 1821

    (7) Robert Obray - Christened 6 October 1824

    (8) Samuel William Obray - born 18 June 1828

   (9) Elinor Jane Obray - Christened 15 June 1834

The last 7 children were christened at St Mary's Parish, Pembroke, Wales.  All 9 children were born in Pembroke, Pembroke shire, Wales.


The 1841 Census of St Mary's Parish, Pembroke, Wales lists:

 NAME                AGE       OCCUPATION

 John Obray          54        Shipwright

                                                          Ellinor Obray       54
                                                          John Obray          22        Shipwright
                                                          Betsy Obray         20        Shoe binder
                                                         Robert Obray        17        Joiner Apprentice
                                                        Samuel Obray        15
                                                          Eleanor Obray      13

 Thomas Obray (also known as Thomas Lorenzo Obray) being on a LDS Mission in Malta at this time; Maria Obray and George Obray not listed in the census.


      Samuel William's mother Ellinor Allen Obray was baptized on 10th.June 1844, also his brother Thomas was baptized 25 September 1844.  His sister Maria was baptized 22 May 1845.

 Samuel William was baptized 6th. February 1846 and brother George was baptized 8th. June 1850, making 5 members of the family, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, up to the year 1850.

 The 23rd of November 1846, Samuel William Obray, of full age, a bachelor and with the profession as a Shipwright, and his residence being Pembroke Dock, Pembroke shire, Wales.  His father being John Obray, and his profession a Shipwright, Samuel William married Margaret Harris, of full age, a Spinster, her residence being in Pembroke Dock, Pembroke shire, Wales, her father being Joshua Harris, and his profession being a Shipwright.  Their marriage being solemnized at the Parish Church, in the St Mary's
Parish, Pembroke Dock, Pembroke shire, Wales. (This information taken from a certified copy of an entry of marriage,  in the possession of Mildred Obray).

  On 11 April 1848, a baby boy, Thomas William, was born to Samuel William Obray and Margaret Obray, formerly Harris, at Queen Street, Pembroke Dock, Paris of St Mary.  (This information taken from a certified true copy of an entry of birth,, in the possession of Mildred Obray). It is said another boy named John was born to Samuel and Margaret Obray.

  On 29 January 1851, Samuel William Obray, age 23, and his son Thomas William, age 3, sailed on the ship "Ellen Maria" for the United States. It is said that his wife Margaret would not come with him so he left her and a baby son behind.
Sometime between 1851 and 1853, Samuel William Obray married Eleanor Bainbridge.
 On 15 June 1853 a daughter, Ellen Jane was born to Samuel William and Eleanor Obray at St Louis, Missouri.
  In 1854 Samuel William and Eleanor Obray, with Thomas William and baby daughter, Ellen Jane, along with Samuel Williams brother Thomas Obray, who was returning from a LDS Mission in Malta, set out from Fort Leavenworth in that they could gather with the Saints in Utah.

  On 24 June 1854, Samuel William's brother Thomas Obray married Louisa Shelton at Fort Leavenworth.  Louisa died three weeks later.  She got the measles, and was commencing to get better when she took a back set and died.  Thomas took this pretty hard.  (This was taken from the "Biography of Eliza Shelton Keeler", as written by herself, who was a sister to Louisa Shelton.)  (NOTE: This was also written about in John Bagley and Margaret Mary Jane Allen Bagley's History in the book "History of Bear Lake Pioneers" the following is quoted from this book:  "One morning our captain, Thomas O'Hara, a young Welshman, lost his wife, Louisa Shelton, a bride of three weeks.  We had to bury her beside the road without a coffin.  That was the first I ever saw buried this way.  Less than six miles farther on we had to stop and bury her niece, a girl twelve years old.  By that time every man in camp was ill, so the Aunt and I rolled her in a blanket and buried her." Unquote.  John Bagley remembered Thomas
to be O'Hara instead of Obray.  (The book "History of Bear Lake Pioneers" is in the possession of John and Lydia Mae Obray Kendrick).

  On 29 September 1854, they arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Thomas Obray then married his first wife's (Louisa) sister Martha Shelton, while in the Endowment House, Thomas Obray had     Louisa sealed to him and then had Martha also sealed to him on 17 October 1855.

Thomas and Martha Obray, and Martha's little brother, Albert Shelton, traveled to Tooele, Utah to find a home.  Probably Samuel William and Eleanor Obray, and his son Thomas William and their baby daughter Ellen Jane, must have gone to Tooele, Utah, when Thomas and Martha Obray did. For on 16 August 1855 another daughter Louisa was born to Samuel William and Eleanor Obray at Tooele, Utah.

 On 17 October 1855, Samuel William and Eleanor Bainbridge Obray were sealed in the Endowment House, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
 On 5 December 1857, another daughter, Emma was born to Samuel William and Eleanor Obray, at Ogden, Utah.
 On 21 November 1859, another daughter, Hanna Maria was born to Samuel William and Eleanor Obray, at Wellsville, Utah.

  In the 1860 census for Cache County Utah listed the following:


                                                        Samuel W. Obray      Laborer      age 28

                                                         Ellen Obray                               age 26

                                                    M - Thomas W.                                    12
                                                     F - Ellen                                                 7
                                                    F - Louisa                                                5
                                                    F - Emma                                                2
                                                    F - Mariah                                           8/12 months

 On 13 February 1862, another daughter, Elizabeth was born to Samuel William and Eleanor Obray, at Paradise, Utah.

  On 17 March 1864, another daughter, Adalaide was born to Samuel William and Eleanor Obray, at Paradise, Utah.

  On 24 September 1867 a son, Samuel Napolen was born to Samuel William and Eleanor Obray, at Paradise, Utah.

 On 27 April 1869, another daughter, May was born to Samuel William and Eleanor Obray, at Paradise, Utah.

  Samuel William and Eleanor Obray's daughters Ellen Jane and Louisa
were sealed to them on 22 April 1898 in the Logan Temple, in Logan, Utah.

  Samuel William and Eleanor Obray homesteaded a farm north of Paradise, Utah.  The log cabin they built to live in was located where the double garage is presently located, where William "Bill" and Mildred Obray    are presently living (1995).  The address is 415 West 8700 South, Paradise,

 Eleanor Bainbridge Obray died 2 April 1902 at Paradise, Utah.
 Samuel William Obray died 5 June 1910 at Paradise, Utah.
They are buried in the Paradise Cemetery, Paradise, Utah.
Samuel William Obray was a High Priest in the LDS Church.

   Samuel William Obray had a plural wife, Deborah Preator; they were married and sealed on 25 April 1870, in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City, Utah.  There were no children from this marriage.



Samuel William Obray served time in prison for polygamy







Obray, Samuel William

Obray, Thomas William

Bainbridge, Eleanor


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