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DEAR BRETHREN,--I am happy to have the opportunity of informing you of the will of God by this means. During the past eight years since the Church was established in this Principality, we have been under many disadvantages; even though we have gotten very many books out which showed the first principles of the gospel and which have been very successful and the Church has enjoyed great happiness, etc., yet there are two specific things which are lacking, that is the Doctrine and Covenants and the Book of Mormon in Welsh. Those are the first books which should have come out. This nation has been greatly wronged, but we are grateful that things are such that the beautiful time has dawned when these good books are to come out shortly; and it will not be much over half a year when they will be in our native tongue. Nevertheless, English is the main language at the present time, through which God has given revelations and is going to give again pertaining to the Church in general; for God has chosen that language to establish his Kingdom on the earth, but he does not disregard the others; and it is the responsibility for all the Saints to learn English. It will be necessary for every nation to come to understand English, but that does not mean that their own languages will be terminated.
And now, brethren, strive to teach to all their responsibilities. Encourage every member to receive the above books; not only should every member receive them, but the parents should receive them for their children as well. Children will rise up against their parents if books are not prepared for them so that they can see the law of the Lord. Oh, fathers and mothers in Israel, remember this, for I think that there will not be time to get a second printing of them; and for that reason, you who have begun to receive the Doctrine and Covenants, try to complete them, and let others send for complete volumes which will be ready shortly. And try to get subscriptions for the Book of Mormon; we intend to get 2500 subscriptions. You know, brethren, that it is very expensive to publish a book like this, in addition to the hard work. And then call on the name of the Lord to favor us, and pray for us; truly we have a great responsibility, and with each day that passes we feel more and more the weight of this task; and may you have the same feelings and wish to see the work of God going forward rapidly in this country. Some of the enemies of the truth said that our religion would come to an end with the appearance of the Book of Mormon in Welsh. Oh, blind men, that is when it will be galloping fast, and the mouths of priests, preachers, together with every Jack will have to close. They have gotten a good harvest while holding this book in their right hand at the pulpits, shouting, Fraud, Fraud!! etc. Here the time is dawning when our dear nation will have this book in the Welsh language; and thousands will know that in it are the principles which show the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and through it the lies of the ministers will come into view; and it will be hell on earth for them when the honest in heart come by the thousands to the Church of Jesus Christ. Woe unto you, preachers and priests, the Lord is coming to the field against you shortly; you have raised your hand against Almighty God. Let the honest in heart come from your midst; we invite you in the name of the Lord, knowing that the dreadful day is at the door. I wish to see the Doctrine and Covenants and the Book of Mormon come out not only in Welsh, but I desire to see them come out in every language, and so they will before too long. And I intend to get around 50 or 100 copies of the Book of Mormon in every language, not only to help to carry the work forward, but I have yet another objective in mind, that is the gathering to Zion where we can dwell and be taught what the rights of man are and be prepared to be ready before the coming of the Lord. And there will be unity, peace and love dwelling in the hearts of all the pure in heart. I believe that when the Saints enjoy this condition that there will be there a lovely society amongst them; from city to city and from house to house they will enjoy comfort; and I expect that there will be many of them visiting the cities and homes of the old nation of the Welsh; and if we do not have copies of the Book of Mormon in the different languages, such as English, French, German, Italian, etc., to set before them after lunch, the association will not be so sweet. And I think that we, according to our deeds, will be invited to visit others, such as Englishmen, Frenchmen and the various other nations; and if they do not have Welsh books, such as the Book of Mormon, etc., it is logical that we shall not feel as happy. For that reason, we counsel the English brethren to receive Welsh books and the Welsh brethren to receive English books, together with every other language as far as circumstances will permit. In closing, may this letter be a blessing to all of you is my sincere wish. Amen.

Your brother and servant in Christ,


14, Castle St., Merthyr Tydfil, August 14, 1851. [Translated from the Welsh original in Udgorn Seion, 1851, p. 264-7, by Ronald D. Dennis, 1529 W. 1170 North, Provo, Utah]


Phillips, William Samuel


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