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Conference Remarks of William S. Phillips - 1854


Dear Saints, I feel a responsibility to address you and share with you my feelings, for I know not whether I shall ever again have the opportunity to address you. I have been with you for many hard years in the face of much persecution in many tribulations and in some rather tight circumstances at times; and I have had the honor of meeting with you in every Conference of the Saints which has been held in this place; but now the last time has come, and that could be forever in the place and condition in which we find ourselves now; and I wish to have a share in your prayers.
I am reminded of five years before this time when I felt solemnly my lack of wisdom and ability to take upon me the presidency in Wales. That is how I felt at the time; but through the strength which the Lord imparted to me, I have stood until this day. I received strength and power through listening to and obeying the servants of God; and I was able to feel frequently the presence of the Lord fulfilling his promises to those who call upon Him in faith, doubting nothing.
My heart loves you. If I know my heart, I can say, what other feeling could be in another toward me unless there is in me only love for all, with nothing against anyone. Today I am among the people whom I have loved best of all others ever; I am among the dearest which I have in the world; but here I am bidding you farewell. Perhaps this is the last time for me to speak in Merthyr Tydfil ever again; I leave you in the care of the Lord, under the presidency of BROTHER JONES; one who has more wisdom and experience that I in the calling; I also leave you in the care of the good men who are counselors to Bro. Jones; i.e., Brothers Thomas Jeremy and Daniel Daniels. I yearn for your success and leave you to the care of God.
Brethren, my heart is full--full of good wishes--full of blessings--full of love toward you. Conference Presidents, branch presidents; O Elders and others in the Church, remember your responsibilities; do this so that you may respond to the presidency which has been appointed to preside over you. Whoever rises against President Jones and his counselors, who have been placed over you, shall not succeed; I know that whoever battles against him and his counselors will not succeed. Hurry to Zion, and may your thoughts go there. Farewell to all of you brethren--May the Lord God Almighty bless you through Jesus Christ. Amen.

[Comments of Pres. Dan Jones immediately following those of Pres. Phillips:]

I exhort all of you to carry out the wish of Pres. Phillips, by praying for him, and by giving all the assistance you can toward sending him and his dear family comfortably to Zion. Consider this your duty to do so, to one who has sacrificed his whole time for a number of years to serving you in a labor of love in the Lord. We consider this to be a privilege and count it a joy to do this for him. And my wish is for the Lord to bless Bro. Phillips and his family, and Bro. Davis and his family with all that their hearts desire in order to have joy.

[Translated from the Welsh original in Udgorn Seion, 1854, p. 90-1, by Ronald D. Dennis, 1529 W. 1170 North, Provo, Utah]


Phillips, William Samuel


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