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We have given counsels on the above subject before, and many of the Saints changed greatly because of them. But we fear that many have forgotten by now and there is need to stir them up again. We believe that God likes cleanliness; and we know that he commands us to make everything pure before him. We do not believe that the Holy Ghost likes to dwell in dirty houses. We consider it a special responsibility of all the officers as they visit the Saints to teach cleanliness to them, for that is as necessary as teaching them how to pray. Not only teach them how to keep their homes clean, but their bodies and their clothes as well. Let the Elders and the Priests also take counsel to keep themselves clean to come to the meetings in case they are called forth to break bread with their hands dirty. It is no wonder that the sisters grumble upon seeing officers with dirty hands breaking bread on the Sabbath.



Phillips, William Samuel


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