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1854, Apr 3 - Jones, Dan - Letter to Samuel W. Richards

Letter to Samuel W. Richards, dated April 3, 1854, at Merthyr Tydfil. (Vol 16:269,270)

Merthyr, April 3, 1854.

President S. W. Richards--Dear Brother--On the 25th and 26th ult. we en-enjoyed a good meeting of the East Glamorganshire Conference here. All was peace and goodwill with the Priesthood and the Saints, much of the Spirit of God was enjoyed, all seeing eye to eye in all matters of business done; many responded to the call to go and open new places of preaching, two new Branches were organized, and fifty baptisms reported.
The Priesthood generally are realizing their duty of saving souls; they take hold with zeal in reformation, out-door preaching, tract distributing, and, better than all, they manifest a determination generally to live their religion before the world; the results are, that the Lord rewards their diligence by copious out-pourings of His Holy Spirit, nearly all the Branches in this Conference have received the various gifts of the Spirit, of late; and I am cheered with similar good news from all the Conferences. Present prospects flatter me that, by the aid and blessing of him who owns the work, much good will be done, and there will be a great gathering into His fold.
The Presidents of other Conferences are alive to the importance of faithfully warning men this coming summer, and are preparing for the campaign with energy.
I have just returned from attending a Conference in Brecknockshire, and I am happy to say that truly the Spirit of the Lord is there, and the prospects are cheering; love and union abound generally.
I intend visiting Monmouthshire Conference next Sunday, where they have lately baptized about fifty.
I learn that the circulation of the Star and the Udgorn is increasing gradually, although the agents do not order more from the offices.
A few days ago, we had the pleasure of baptizing a neighbouring Baptist minister, and one of his local preachers. Many of their former members came to witness their confirmation, when I had a good opportunity of laying the truth before them. They listened attentively and respectfully, and I believe that the spirit of truth impressed an unvarnished testimony upon their minds. The two brethren have received testimonies of the truth, and are zealously testifying unto others.
The same day and hour, at another place, a Unitarian minister was baptized, who is a promising young man also. He never ceased praying for forty-nine hours after baptism, until the Lord blessed him with his Spirit in much power and demostration.
The young man straightway went amongst his old associates, and testified of the truth. Instead of converting all before him, as he had anticipated, he was expelled from a college where he had been sometime graduating, his friends scorned and his parents disowned him, but he came here in good cheer, and says that he has found a better Father than the one he lost, and better friends. May the Lord bless the three with perseverance to endure all things, and make them a blessing to many of their old associates, many of whom are not far behind, they say.
Thus, you see, dear brother, that the Lord is crowning our labours with some success, although but preludes to a spontaneous harvest of souls, I trust. A spirit of inquiry is manifest in the world, and the crowds who come to hear preaching, indicate that the Lord has many more children in Wales yet.
I crave an interest in your prayers, to rightly administer the word of life to Saint and sinner, and for the prosperity of the kingdom of God in Wales.
With kind regards to yourself, brother Linforth, and the brethren in the office, and ever praying for your success in all things pertaining to your high and responsible calling, I am truly your brother, &c.,



Jones, Dan


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