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1848, Mar 30 Jones, Dan - Letter to Orson Spencer

Letter to Orson Spencer, dated Mar. 30, 1848, at Merthyr Tydfil. (Vol 10:122,123)
Merthyr, March 30, 1848.

Dear President Spencer,--This is the first time for me to be able to write this much since my last to you, with the exeption of translating the welcome Epistle for my Welsh Star, which was done by the bedside, and is in the press now. I have been much afflicted with some disease like the pleurisy, but, through the kindness of our Father and the prayers of the Saints, I am now able to walk out a little. Since you were here, I have written and published three pamphlets of 52 pages each, and some smaller ones, besides my publication, to which cause I attribute principally my illness, and which hints to me that I have published about enough for the present.
The gospel never progressed so rapidly here as it has of late: every week in this branch, for some time, averages about 10 baptisms, nearly 100 here alone have been baptized since the time you were here, which makes this mother branch of Britain about 700 members; and over 300 in Wales, to my knowledge, since then have been baptized, with a brighter prospect continuing every where. The harvest is ripe, but the labourers are few indeed. I know that such news will cheer your soul, because I know you love to save souls--so do I.
The Epistle cheered my worn-out spirit, and I long to return to live once more among a happy, a devoted, although persecuted people,--a place wherein dwelleth righteousness and peace. The deplorable state of all trades here darkens the prospects of the Welsh Saints to move Zionward soon; thousands are out of employment in different places here, and have been for months, and many of them Saints. In Dowlais about 30,000 dread a flat stoppage daily, which becomes more apparent with the times. I could tell you much of persecutions withal, such as mobbings, being turned out of their work because of their religion; turned out of not only synagogues, but out of their houses! Yes, scores of Welsh Saints of late. But I forbear; the day of deliverance has dawned upon us, and God speed the "Sun of Righteouness" on the meridian is my unceasing prayer.
Among all our conferences, branches, and even to a family, all is peace and union among the Saints withal; I love to tell you this,--I love to boast of this, and to keep it so.
Your excellent "Letters to Crowell" are nearly all in circulation, and doing an unspeakable good among our nobility, and those who read English. Please to send me, per next parcel of STARS, 12 volumes of "Letters," chapest binding; 12 Doctrine and Covenants, &c.

Your obedient servant and brother,



Jones, Dan


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