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Unpopularity of Mormonism

Dan Jones.

Anmhoblogrwydd "Mormoniaeth?"

(Unpopularity of "Mormonism"?)

Swansea: Printed and published by D. Jones, [1855?].

12 pp. 17.3 cm.

Dan Jones attempts to answer the question posed by the title of this pamphlet by proceeding with an inquiry of sorts. By the end of the fourth page he has reached the conclusion that the so-called unpopularity of Mormonism is not intrinsic, nor have the Mormons themselves brought it about; rather, the many accusers of Mormonism are the cause.
He devotes the remaining 8 pages to analyzing Mormonism's opponents and their motives, but without mentioning anyone by name. Jones chastises them for uniting their forces against Mormonism and for instructing their parishioners not to listen to the Mormons. Do not the scriptures encourage all to "prove all things and hold fast that which is good"? (1 Thessalonians 5:21).
One can easily detect Jones's frustration, having suffered years of verbal abuse for his religious beliefs, as he writes:

Would not the Baptist congregations be ashamed if they were to hear one of their preachers maligning the Independents or the Wesleyans in the same horrible way as they torture Mormonism? Yet, with regard to the latter, there is nothing which is too wicked to say or believe about it! (P. 8)
Jones ends the pamphlet with a stern warning to all of Mormonism's persecutors, a warning similar in nature to the kind he had been giving to his compatriots (and especially to the clergy and the men of the press) since his first pamphlet in 1845:
But yet, we say to the Reverends and the Editors who are so desirous of having a popular religion--Gentlemen!--Do not blame us and our religion, for it was not we or our religion that caused the unpopularity, rather it was you yourselves; and thus if there is fault for that, it is at your door that it lies, for you yourselves alone can change it. If it is wealth and a good name that you consider popularity, that you have; we all lost that upon joining with Mormonism, and thus we cannot make her popular; but you are respected and have "a good word from everyone"--bring your popular and respected congregations to Mormonism and make her popular; she deserves that, for she is the true gospel of Christ, and we are WITNESSES of that. Just as surely as you are ashamed to embrace Mormonism now, its godly author will be ashamed to embrace you when He comes on the clouds of heaven to bid His obedient subjects to join with the truly popular hosts on His right hand--this the testimony of your friend, D. JONES.
Anmhoblogrwydd "Aformoniaeth?" is not mentioned in Udgorn Seion until the price list dated 12 May 1855 (pp. 159-60). The price for the pamphlet was one penny.


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Jones, Dan


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