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Davis, Timothy Bowen - Biography

Timothy Bowen Davis – Biography

By Elease King


Timothy Bowen Davis was the son of Titus Davis and Mary Gwenllian Bowen Davies. Shortly after arriving in Utah, Timothy obtained property in the Promontory Utah area near that of his sister Gwennie and John Edwards, Jr. He worked as a farmer until sometime after 1880 at which time he settled in Logan, Utah. In 1881, the railroad was buying property in the Promontory area. This may be when Timothy sold his homestead. In Logan, Timothy owned a mercantile business. The History of the Logan Second Ward tells us that the railroad depot area was experiencing an economic boom of sorts, due to the railroad activity with patrons, engineers and laborers needing boarding and food. Some people opened up their homes to boarders and others turned portions of their homes into small businesses, with at least one tavern and an “eating house” established. From that history, we learn that “Timothy Bowen Davis opened a small, successful mercantile business called ‘The Depot,’ in the front part of his home.” Later, he built additions to the store and the home. It was located across the road from the railroad station at 22 South 6th West. He had a large barn, outbuildings and enough property for farm animals. At some point, Timothy’s brother, John, came into partnership with him for a time. On a letter from John to their father, Titus, dated July 1896, the stationery letterhead reads: “The Davis Brothers, General Merchandise – Wholesale and Retail, at U&N Depot.” Another successful mercantile business on the corner of Center and Depot Street became John’s. June 22, 1887, Timothy, age 44, married Charlotte Hayball, age 19. Lottie, as she was known, was born 8 November 1867. Her parents were Jacob Hayball and Elizabeth Evans; they lived in Logan. In February 1888, eight months after their wedding, Timothy left to serve a mission in Wales. Five months after his departure, Charlotte delivered twins. They had ten children, seven living to adulthood: Enos Hayball Davis, born 14 July 1888; Eber Hayball Davis, born 14 July 1888; Timothy Bowen Davis Jr., born 14 Feb 1891; Orson Jacob (Jake), born 18 Sep 1892; Myrthen Davis, born 28 Oct 1895; Cecil Hayball Davis, born 21 Sept 1898; Hazel Hayball Davis, born 6 Oct 1908. Timothy died 21 April 1916, of heart disease, at the age of seventy-three.


Davis/Davies, Titus Lazarus

Davis/Davies, Timothy Bowen


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