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Do Not Listen to Them

[Dan Jones.]

"Peidiwch a'u gwrando."

("Do not listen to them.")

Swansea: Published and printed by D. Jones, [1854].

8 pp. 17.3 cm.

The title of this pamphlet is put in quotes, because it serves as the subject of the first sentence of the text: " 'Do not listen to them,' is the most popular theme of the preachers of our country now, I suppose," Dan Jones states, "which compels us to review their sermons concerning it as follows: I.. Who is ordering; II.. Who is being ordered; III. What is being ordered; IV. Why such an order is being given; V. The results of this order and of obeying it."
After exploring each of the 5 major areas in some detail, the author concludes that it was a form of slavery for ministers to instruct their congregations as to what they could and could not hear. His final sentence is: "Why talk about the black slaves of America while there are so many slaves in our midst, as much more wretched as their skins are whiter!"
The 21 October 1854 Udgorn Seion (p. 547) carries an announcement for "Peidiwch a'u gwrando" with an appeal for Welsh Mormons to present copies of the pamphlet as gifts to members of the clergy. The price to book distributors was three shillings and fourpence per hundred; to assistant distributors, three shillings and tenpence per hundred; and to individuals, a halfpenny per copy.


Flake no. 6224


Jones, Dan


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