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John, David - Journal 1882-85

Sunday Jan. 1, 1882 Attended the usual services at Provo. Elders A. O. Smoot and K. G. Maeser preached on the importance of reviewing our diligence in serving the Lord at the beginning of a New Year. I spent the afternoon in company with Bro. A. O. Smoot and the evening with my family.

Monday Jan. 2, 1882 At home all day, my daughter Martha Ann and myself wrote twenty one pages in my journal.

Tuesday Jan. 3,1882 At 6:30 P.M. attended a meeting of the High Council at the Court House in Provo which was a continuance of the one held Dec. 30, 1881. The session lasted until 11 P.M. The decision seem to satisfy both parties.

Saturday Jan. 7, 1882 Attended a monthly meeting of the Stake at 10 A.M. Members of the High Council assisted me in setting apart about twenty home missionaries. The following I copy from the "Territorial Enquirer". Jan. 14, 1882. "Meeting of the Priesthood of Utah Stake held in the meeting house Provo City, Jan. 7, 1882. After prayer was offered by Bishop John Brown, etc. etc. Elder D. John anounced [sic] announced the departure of Pres. A. O. Smoot to the Legislature and instructed that all church business pertaining to the Stake be forwarded to his (D. John's) address. He reviewed the successful and prosperous year just elapsed and thought the time was very opportune for collecting subscriptions by the several bishops from the people for the purpose of ascertaining how much can be accomplished in the various wards in view of the erection of the Stake Tabernacle. He suggested that the bishops call meetings in their wards to consider the subject. Elder John continued at length upon other subjects, particularly in relation to the law of tithing. The dementions [sic] purposed for the house were 126 by 66 and the aproximate [sic] estimate of the cost about $30,000. He expressed a wish that the bishops would call meetings to advise on the subject. He gave instructions to the Home missionaries urging them to seek the Lord in humility, that they might minister with profit to the people and not seek to delve into the so-called mysteries of the Kingdom, but learn and teach the practical things of the kingdom of God. He announced the appointment of Elder Howard Coray as a Home Missionary for Utah Stake, which appointment was sustained by the unanimous vote of the meeting". On motion meeting was adjourned for one month. Benediction by Bishop Jos. S. Tanner.

At 7 P.M. attended a prayer circle. According to the desires of Elder K. T. Thomas was relieved from the presidency thereof, and Elder Edward Peay appointed to succeed him. I addressed the brethren for about one hour more especially on the subject of prayer.

Sunday Jan. 8, 1882 Attended the usual services at Provo. At 10:30 A.M. S. S. Jones addressed the assembly. At 2 P.M. visited the Sunday School in the Third Ward, addressed the school, spent the evening at home posting my journal, my daughters Mary Jane and Martha Ann acting as my scribe.

Jan. 9 & 10, 1882 Signed several recommends on the evening of the tenth, attended a bishops meeting at Provo and had an interesting meeting.

Saturday January 14, 1882 I gave bonds and was sworn as a director in the Utah County Stock Association. Merr's. J. R. Tweloes and C. W. Smith were my bondsmen.

January 15, 1882 Sunday At Provo, attended the usual meetings. Elder S. S. Jones preached in the morning. I attended the 3rd Ward Sunday School at 2 P.M.

January 22, 1882 (Sunday) At Provo, Bishop Myron Tanner and J. P. R. Johnson preached. Spent the evening at home.

Jan. 27, 1882 Friday In a night dream, I saw the heavens on the North and the South , full of beings (men) saw no women, they could not be numbered, they gathered together to the East and stationed themselves in the air in the attitude of protecting the Saints from any motion from the Eastern lands.

Sunday January 29, 1882

At Provo, Pres. A. O. Smoot, Elders Milton Hardy and Albert Jones preached to the assembly. I was 49 years of age, this date.

Saturday Feb. 4, 1882 Attended a Stake Priesthood meeting at Prov at 10 A.M.

Sunday Feb. 5, 1882 Attended the usual meetings at Provo.

Sunday Feb. 12, 1882 Attended the usual meetings at Provo.

Sunday Feb. 19, 1882 Attended the usual meetings at Provo.

Sunday Feb. 26, 1882 Went to Spanish Fork and attend meetings in company of Pres. A. O. Smoot, returned in the evening.

March 4 Attended a Stake monthly meeting at Provo.

March 5th, 12th, & 19th (Sundays) Attended meetings at Provo.

March 25th Saturday Attended a Stake Quarterly Conference at Provo. Elders E. Snow & F. M. Lyman addressed the congregation. (3 meetings were held during the day).

March 26 Sunday Attended Conference at Provo, Pres. J. F. Smith & Elders E. Snow and F. M. Lyman spoke.

April 1 Saturday A Stake monthly meeting was held at Provo, the chief business was the building of a new Stake Tabernacle. There was a unanimous feeling in its favor.

April 2nd Sunday Elder A. F. Mcdonald preached at Provo, giving an interesting account of his mission in Arizona & Mexico.

April 8th Went to Salt Lake and attended the Annual Conference.

April 9th Attended 2 meetings at Salt Lake Conference, returned to Provo.

April 16th Sunday Attended the usual meetings at Provo.

April 18th Tuesday Attended a meeting of the lesser Priesthood at Provo at 7 P.M.

April 23rd Sunday Attended the usual meetings at Provo, visited the 2nd Ward Sunday School. At 2 P.M.

April 30th Sunday. I preached at 10:30 A.M.

May 2nd Attended Bishops meeting at Provo at 7 P.M.

May 6th Attended a monthly meeting of the Stake at Provo at 10 A.M. The Presidency of the Stake having petioned [sic] the first Presidency of the Church for help from the Tithing of the Stake towards assisting in the erection of the Stake Tabernacle; the answer from them was read to the effect, that we could use no property tithing, but that we could use "Labor Tithing".

May 7th Sunday At Provo, Elder A. F. Mcdonald preached at 10:30 A.M. I spent the afternoon in company of Pres. A. O. Smoot and Bro. Mcdonald.

May 14th Sunday At Prov. Home missionaries preached at 10 A.M. Elder S. S. Jones and myself visited the S. School in the 2nd Ward at 2 P.M. and addressed the pupils.

May 16th Attended meeting of the Priesthood at Provo at 7 P.M.

May 18th I preached in the funeral of Robt. Tile Jr. at the 4th Ward ,Provo at 2 P.M. (He was 23 years of age).

May 21st Sunday Went to Lehi in company with Pres. Smoot and also my wife. Held meeting there at 10 A.M. and at 2 P.M. Returned to Provo by train at 4:00 P.M.

I dreamed this night that I saw the Sun sitting in the West with a large reddish lion standing in its center facing the north in a fighting attitude, and another yellow lion laying on his left side, under the Sun, but close to it facing the east. The lower one facing the east appeared calm, friendly, and peaceful, the other signified trouble to the Saints, as far as I could judge.

May 27th Saturday Pres. Smoot and myself went to Lehi by train and from there by Team to Cedar Fort accompanied by Bp. Thos. R. Cutler, stayed over night in the house of Bro. Eli Bennett. My daughter Mary Jane accompanied us.

May 28th Sunday Attended meetings at Cedar Fort at 10 A.M. and at 2 P.M. The members of the Ward voted to sustain Elder Eli Bennett as a Bishop in the place of Bishop Henry Cook deceased. Patriarch Zebedee Coltrin was there and quite sick, we administered to him. Returned to Lehi in the evening.

May 29th Returned from Lehi to Provo.

June 3rd Attended a Quarterly Conference at Provo, held 3 meetings, Pres. W. Woodruff spoke the most part of the day.

June 4th Sunday Elder Jos. F. Smith spoke in the morning and Elder W. Woodruff in the afternoon.

June 11th Sunday Pres. Smoot and myself left Provo at 9 A.M. by rail and arrived at Spanish Fork in time for the morning services. I preached at 10 A.M. Addressed the Sunday School at 2 P.M. and the High Priests Quorum at 4 P.M. Pres. Smoot preached at 2 P.M. Stayed over night in the house of Bishop Snell (G. D.)

June 18th Sunday Pres. Smoot and myself went to Lehi, attended 3 meetings, had a good time. Lodged at Bishop Thos. R. Cutler.

19th Went from Lehi to Provo by railroad.

25th Sunday. Bro. A. O. Smoot and myself went from Provo to Alpine, held 3 meetings there, enjoyed a good time and returned to Provo next morning.

July 1st Saturday. Attended a monthly meeting of the Utah Stake at Provo.

2nd Sunday. Elder S. S. Jones and myself went by rail to American Fork. There we met G. Goddard assistants of the Deseret Sunday School Union, met twice with the Sunday School, all of us spoke, and we had a profitable visit. Bro. S. S. Jones and myself returned to Provo at 8 P.M.

9th Sunday. Bro. S. S. Jones and myself went to Pleasant Grove, met there with Geo. Goddard and assistants, addressed the Sunday School, we returned to Provo in the evening.

16th Sunday. Spent the day at Provo, in the Sunday School interest, Bro. Geo. Goddard and myself and others addressed the pupils and we had a profitable time.

23rd Sunday. Attended meetings at Provo at 9 A.M. and at 10:30 A.M. in company of Elder S. S. Jones, went to Springville and attended meeting there at 2 P.M. Brother Geo. Goddard and assistants present.

27th Thursday. Attended a High Council meeting of the Utah Stake at 7:30 P.M.

29th Went in company of Pres. Smoot to Pleasant Valley by rail, 60 miles from Provo, and enjoyed delightful sceneries.

July 30th Attended 3 meetings at Pleasant Valley. Had excellent good instructions and Spirit. The Saints enjoyed our visit and we appreciated their society.

31st Monday. Pres. Smoot and myself went in to the Coal Beds at 5 A.M., it being the first time I was in a Coal Bed. We left at 7 A.M. and arrived at Provo at 1:30 P.M. Attended a High Council at Provo at 7:30 P.M. Apostle F. M. Lyman was present, our meeting continued 'till 10 P.M.

Aug. 6th Sunday Pres. Smoot and myself left Provo at 9:30 A.M. and went to "Santaquin", addressed the Sunday School at 11 A.M. and preached to the Saints at 2 P.M. Lodged in the house of Bishop George Halliday.

12th Saturday Visited the Provo Asylum and Springville in company with James Dunn and Mr. Street and wife from Chicago.

13th Sunday At Provo, Elders Elijah Davies and John Evans of Lehi, spoke at 10:30 A.M. Took dinner with Pres. Smoot. Spent the afternoon with my family in the 3rd Ward, Provo. In the evening went to the Lake Bottom in Provo and administered to Brother A. Clinger, he said that the illness left him at that time.

20th Sunday At home at Provo.

27th Sunday At home at Provo.

On Friday Sept. 1, 1882 I went to the Provo Manufacturing Co. where I had been engaged as Salesman for 4 years and 4 months; in consequence of being called by Pres. Wilford Woodruff on a mission to labor in giving endowments and learning how to give them in St. George Temple, Washington Co. Utah. My labors had been of a satisfactory character in the Provo Mills. I left in good feelings, with all the employees, as well James Dunn, Supt., and all interested in the business.

2nd Saturday A Quarterly Conference of the Stake was held at Provo. I preached in the morning at 10:30, Pres. Smoot and several Bishops occupied the afternoon. A meeting of the High Priest Quorum was held at 7 P.M..

3rd Sunday At Provo, Pres. Jos. A. Smith and Geo. Q. Cannon preached interestingly to the congregation. At 12:30 P.M. I was set apart for my mission in the Temple, under the hands of Pres. Geo. Q. Cannon, Jos. F. Smith, and A. O. Smoot, Pres. Jos. F. Smith being mouth. He gave me a very solemn and responsible charge, and in his prayer he used the following words, "I set you apart to work in the Temple in giving endowments and to learn how to give them in the Temple of God, to which calling you will be called to labor in time to come". Bros. Geo. Q. Cannon and Jos. F. Smith preached at 2 P.M. and returned to Salt Lake at 4 P.M. I spent the evening with my family.

Sept. 4th Spent the day in Provo, my son David spent the more part of the day with me in visiting the fields, etc.

Sept 5th My family all came together about noon, we spent a few hours together and at 4:30 P.M. I left by train for St. George in company

of Elders Edwin Standling and wife of Lehi, and Lewis Halcey and wife from Pleasant Grove who were also called to labor in the temple. My daughter Mary Jane, Elizabeth, and Ada, and my sons Thomas and David, accompanied me to the Depot, they cried and felt bad in parting, so did all the family. We travelled [sic] all night in the cars and arrived at 7 A.M. at Milford on the morning of the 6th, we were necessitated to stay over 26 hours at Milford on account of the Stage being full. Spent the day at Milford visiting the surroundings and put up at Williams Hotel.

7th Left by stage at 7 A.M. and arrived at Cedar City an hour after dark, distance from Milford, 55 miles, and thence to Silver Reef, distance from Cedar 44 miles, we travelled [sic] all night and arrived at the Reef at 5:30, laid over 7 hours waiting for the Stage. We visited the Silver works and spent the 7 hours to a good advantage. Left at 2 P.M. for St. George, a distance of 22 miles, making 121 miles from Milford to St. George and 190 miles from Provo to Milford, in all from Provo to St. George by short route, 311 miles. We arrived at St. George at 7 P.M., met Elder F. M. Farnsworth, went with him and put up at his house.

9th Saturday I spent the day in writing and visiting St. George, visited Brother Erastus Snow, he introduced me to his families, Court House, Coop Store, etc. I saw many old friends.

10th Sunday I visited the Sunday School of 1st Ward, St. George at 10 A.M., addressed the pupils and attended meeting at 2 P.M. in the tabernacle. Elder E. Snow preached, I preached a short discourse; also Bro. Stranding and Levi Haley.

11th Monday Spent the day in writing and visiting the Temple. Pres. J. D. McAllister and F. M. Farnsworth introduced me and took me in and partly through.

12th Tuesday I got baptized for 101 dead persons in the Temple, relations and friends, many of whom I never saw. Elder A. P. Winsor administered baptism and Elders J. G. Black and William Fawcett attended the confirmation, the full account , the names of the persons are written in my family records.

13th Wednesday I got endowed for and in behalf of my father, Daniel John, who was born in Wales, April 1st 1793 and died there March 31st 1856.

14th Thursday I got endowed for and in behalf of my brother, Thomas John, born Nov 25th 1835 and died June 29 1859.

15th Friday I got endowed for and in behalf of my Grand Father Thomas John, who was born about 1769 and died Dec. 11th 1834. At 4 P.M. I attended a Quarterly Conference of the High Priest Quorum of the St. George Stake. Elder Erastus Snow gave us an interesting discourse on Politics and our situation as a people, and said that all the Latter-day saints who had made sacred obligations with the Lord in Holy places who should not apostatize and deny the faith, but continue faithful to their covenants, the Devil and wicked men would take away their lives, if they could. Nothing short of shedding innocent blood would satisfy this junction.

16th Saturday The Quarterly Conference of the St. George Stake was held at St. George. The morning meeting was occupied by the Bishops of the Stake in representing their Wards, which were represented as being in a healthy condition, as a general rule. At 2 P.M. Elder John A. Thompson (a young man) from "Pinto", having returned 2 weeks previous from the Sandwitch [sic] Islands, having been there a missionary for about 3 years, (spoke) quite interestingly of his labors on the Islands. Also Bishop Wm. H. Bromch of "Mesquite" Ward, he also having returned from a mission to the Sandwich Islands 3 years previous. The proper spirit seemed to actuate the conference. Pres. Erastus Snow spoke encouragingly to the Saints in relation to making improvements and making homes in Southern Utah. At 6 P.M. a Priesthood meeting was held where all the quorums were reported, several spoke, among them Bro. E. Snow, the chief subject was to bring more water from the river and other points for irrigation purposes. It appeared that many city lots in St. George, that a few years ago, raised heavy crops of grapes and returned wild and full of native weeds for the lack of water. The majority of the people who settled that settled this country 20 and 21 years ago (who were energetic) are becoming aged and infirm and unable to manage hard labor as they once did, while their sons have left for other settlements in search of more extended farms, hence the reason of labor being insufficient to meet the demand in St. George and vicinity. The Brethren urged upon the rising youth of remaining at home and help to develop and sustain the country. I took supper with Bishop Chas. A. Terry.

17th Sunday 2 meetings were held and several of the brethren spoke during the day. The main subjects were as the day previous. I took supper with Jacob Gates Junior.

18th Monday I was at the Temple from 7 A.M. 'till 3 P.M.

19th Tuesday 500 were baptized for and 450 on the 12th. I assisted in the confirmations.

20th Wednesday I assisted washing and annointings and got endowed for David John, my great grandfather. I got baptized for him at Salt Lake City May 2, 1871. I was ordained for and in his behalf under the hands of Elder William. Fawcett. At 3 P.M. I attended a funeral of a little girl 18 months old, the daughter of Bishop Thomas Judd of the 1st Ward, St. George, Elder Erastus Snow was the chief speaker. He said "I do not know that the Lord has ordained that children should die, but we do know that he permits it. They will come up as they were laid down, this is for the purpose of recognition (with the exception that they lay down in weakness, they will rise in strength) The Lord is having a rich harvest of the Spirits of infants from the world at large, he can make more or save more, whom we can by preaching the Gospel. All children are free from sin, they have committed none, they have broken no covenant. They can pass through the veil, without any tokens, or key words, they need none, they will return pure as they came, and they will be received by the Father without our help. They are not ours, their Father and Mother are in Heaven, we prepared a body for them. Still I believe that each faithful mother will receive her own in the resurrection and have the pleasure of their reunion. The wicked (says Isaiah) prosper like the "green bag tree", but he further said that after a time he looked and he was gone, post and branch and could not be found. Thus the wicked will perish, their names and their posterity, while the righteous will live and increase forever. Our children born to us form a knot, a cord, a binding chord, and when the cold, chilly blast of death severs it, unties it, it bleeds, it bleeds to the quick and no one can hinder it. It seems hard for mothers, when this knot is formed when the child is born, and care and anxiety, taken pain endured to bring it to the world, soon it grows "it is the fat of the house, it has more privileges than any in the house and now comes death to summon it home, it seems hard, it may appear cruel, but there our Heavenly Father has a right to it. He gave it and he has a perfect right to call it home. We should acknowledge his hand in all things". I spent the evening in writing. Received a letter from my wife informing me that all were well at home.

21st Thursday Spent the day in the Temple from 7:30 A.M. 'till 3 P.M. and got endowed for and in behalf of David Williams my grandfather, the father of my mother, he was born as near as I can guess about the year 1752 in the village of Puncheston or nearby in the neighborhood, in the county of Pembroke, South Wales, and died about the year 1800. He was buried (I think) in the grave yard of the Church of England in that village (Puncheston). He died when his children small and his widow, Mary Harries Williams, remained a widow during her life and raised her children respectable in "Llysgdrew" Farm, she died about the year 1845. I remember her and remember to be at her funeral. She died at the ripe age of 90 years, when I was about 12 years old. She was of a strong will and kept the controlling power over the family during her life. My mother (her daughter) Mary Williams John, had also a powerful strong self will when she believed she was right, it was hard to convince her in the first part of this journal. I described her influence against me on account of my religious beliefs in 1856. She remained a widow for 22 years and 3 months and went to her rest on the 1st July 1878, aged 77 years. She left all her earthly possessions to me, and thus proving herself a true and kind mother, notwithstanding our extreme difference in religious belief. In a few weeks I expect my daughter Mary Jane John who is now 20 years of age, to St. George Temple where she will officiate for her and others of my departed grandmothers and then leave them in the hands of our kind Father in Heaven, trusting that they will with thankful hearts, accept the work at our hands, and that the Lord may accept of it, that through the redeeming blood of the Lamb of God, whose efficacy and administration reaches all, excepting the Sons of perdition in the spirit world; that they will come forth and inherit eternal lives, and an eternal increase through out all eternity; which may God grant through the merits of his only begotten Son. This feature alone in the Gospel, is worth more than all the proffered religion of the world, and if this is not true, the very foundation of our faith and hope are in vain. Our preaching, travelling [sic], missions, poverty, hunger, and persecutions are in vain. The mission of the Apostles in Palestine and on the American Continent have been in vain, nay more the mission of Christ will not accomplish its object; but we have received our instruction from the Holy One, the Holy spirit of promise and it bears witness that we have not labored in vain, we shall gain eternal lives if we continue faithful in our labors and ministry. The time is not far distant when our enemies will respect us more than they do now hate us, but it will be within the veil, with the majority of them. The American Nation is about ready to fall as a Government, their fall is nearer than many imagine. The elements of their destruction is within themselves in every department thereof, Judges, Senators, Representatives, and legislators generally will be deprived of their offices, they have polluted themselves as benefactors to the people, and instead of sustaining the people in their rights in accordance with their sworn duties, they have become their deadly enemies and the only excuse they offer for their conduct towards the Elders in Israel is that they believe in the revelations of the Almighty. Now I will prophecy that the American nation has seen her highest and happiest day that it will ever see. It has reached its highest standard, now the wheel of her fortune has turned, the fullness of the Gentiles has come in and she will steadily decline for next 7 years and after that (1891) it will decline faster and in proportion to her decline, the Kingdom of God will ascend in the West, fro they are the two extreme balances, one is bound to affect the other, and the lowering of one is the raising of the other. Before her final fall there will be wars and contentions and they will drink the cup of bitterness which they mixed and prepared for the Saints; they have sought for blood, but the blood of their nearest kin and party will be given them and they will have to drink it. Their posterity will be cut off, their property will be taken from them and the remnants will seek shelter under the banners of the Kingdom of God. This will not take place in a day, in a year, it will take them about the same time to finally come to an end as a government as it took them to come to its perfection and the pinnacle and the height of its glory and in one hundred years from the 1st Centennial their power and majesty will have departed and the flag of the Union will be in the hands of the Saints of the Most High.

Dated at St. George, Washington County

Sunday September 24, 1882

22nd Friday I was in the Temple from 8 A.M. till 1:30 P.M. I got endowed for and in behalf of David Williams, my Great Grandfather and father to David Williams whom I got endowed for on the 21st inst. He was born according to my best judgement about 1700 and died about 1750 but the dates are not accurate, but they are so near correct as I know how to make them. I am unable to give to the history of this man, and the name I received from my mother in the year 1871 and 1872, the last time I saw her in the flesh (with many other names of relations).

23rd Saturday I felt unwell this day and the day previous. The morning I spent in writing my genealogy at my boarding house, kept by Elder Franklin M. Farnsworth. I was at the Temple from 1:30 P.M. till 5 P.M. Received news from my family informing me that all was well.

24th Sunday Spent the whole day in writing, I did not feel well in body, but my mind was active and I wrote on this journal and wrote to my family.

25th Monday I studied the Endowment in the Temple from 7:30 A.M. 'till 11:20 A.M. and from 1 P.M. 'till 3:30 P.M. I received the following letter from John Henry Smith, one of the Twelve Apostles, in answer to a letter of mine in which I expressed a desire to be adopted to Elder Geo. A. Smith and family.

Salt Lake City, Sep. 21, 1882

David John, St. George, Dear Brother, your favor of the 17th instant came to him this morning. I am pleased to hear that you are well and enjoying your labors. I am perfectly willing for you to be adopted into Father's family, if you desire to do so, and other persons also, if you have friends you wish to take with you. My uncle John L. Smith will attend to the ordinances if you will show him this letter. I leave here tonight for Cassia Co. Idaho, to be gone from home ten days. All the Presidency and the Twelve are in usual health, my family is all well. Nine Cars loaded with Soldiers came last night. Give my best regards to my uncle and the brethren. John Henry Smith

26th Tuesday I got baptized this day for 52 relations and friends, the names and dates are recorded in my family journal. Spent the afternoon in writing.

27th Wednesday I went to the Temple at 7 A.M. and left it at 2 P.M. I assisted in ordaining and in the washing room, among others I washed Bishop Abraham A. Kimball of "Kanosh" Utah for and in behalf of his grandfather _________________, the father of the late Pres. Heber C. Kimball, he said that there was no record of the Church that showed that he had been administered for. This shows how the dead can be neglected. His son Heber C. having administered to thousands, still according to the Church Records, his father was overlooked. I got endowments this day for and in behalf of Ablom Harries, my great-grandfather, the father of my grandmother, Mary Williams and the same is recorded on my family journal. I spent the afternoon in writing. Since writing the above in relation to Brother Heber C. Kimball, I have learned that there were given no Endowments for the dead in Kirtland or Nauvoo, they only baptized for the dead and gave endowments to the living. Brother Kimball died in the year 1868 in January, and the Temple in St. George was not opened till 1877 in which Temple they gave the first endowments for and in behalf of the dead, and thus he died 9 years before any endowments for the dead were given.

28th I went to the Temple at 7 A.M. and remained there 'till 2:30 P.M. I assisted in the washing room. I went through and got endowments for and in behalf of Daniel Owen, my great-grandfather, the father of Hannah Owens, the mother of my father Daniel John, my father was named after him. He was born as near as I can judge about the year 1730 and died probably about 1800. He lived in a farm house named "Celyg", a few miles from Newport, Pembrokeshire, Wales. I know but little about him or his kindred, he had a Son, I think named Daniel Owen, who was the father of the Reverend William Owen of Cardiff, Wales. I was acquainted with William, but when I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he became my enemy and received no knowledge from him in relation to his forefathers. A brother to William Owen (Daniel) emigrated to America when I was a boy. I have learned none of him since. My grandmother Hannah Owen married one William Thomas and raised a family by him, but I have no knowledge of them.

29th Friday I went to the Temple at 7 A.M. and left it at 3 P.M. I labored in the washing room and got endowed for and in behalf of Thomas Harries, my great-grandfather. He was the father of Alban Harries, and Alban was the father of Mary Harries ( by marriage Mary Williams) and she was the mother of Mary John, my mother. Thomas Harries was born about the year 1670 and died about the year 1730, he was a wealthy man and lived in Whiletroses in Welsh (Tygayne) some 10 or 12 miles from Newport, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. His wife's name was Elizabeth, I have not learned her maiden's surname. I have no knowledge of his children, only Alban, my great-grandfather. Alban had born to him, Elizabeth, Thomas, Catherine, John, Ann, Benjamin, and Mary. Elizabeth died unmarried, when my mother was about 12 years old, Thomas Harries married Ann Rowe of Puncheston, Wales. They had born to them Thomas, John, and Mary. The last named Thomas, first cousin of my mother, married one Sarah Mosleak and they had born to them, Thomas, Elizabeth, George, and Ann, the two last died when they were infants. Elizabeth married David Davies, they lost one infant named Elizabeth. John Harries, the grandson of Ablom Harries, married to Rachael Thomas, he is dead, they had born to them many children, one daughter is dead, Ann, she married to one Mr. Phillips, they had born to them 2 daughters, Mary and Ann Phillips, they both died when youths. Mary Harries granddaughter of Alban Harries married Dr. Richards, "Tregamian", Pembrokeshire. They had born to them, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Thomas, John, and David. Mary the mother is dead and her children Ann and Thomas died when infants. I have no knowledge of the history of the other children. Catherine Harries, the daughter of Alban Harries married to Llewellyn (Lewis) of "Lluydalt", Pembroke, South Wales, both are dead. They had born to them Mary, John, Thomas, William, and David. The last mentioned Mary Llewellyn, married to on Benjamin Lewis. There were born to them John, David, and Devon. The last John lived at Fishguard, South Wales in 1871, David lived at Merthyr at the same time. I have no knowledge of their families, Their brother Owen Lewis was married and had a daughter named Mary, her first husband died and she married the second time to one Daniel Francis from "Fagwrlas" and raised a family by him.

Thomas Llewellyn, son of the above Lewis Llewellyn is dead, but left a family in the parish of "Llangwm", Pembroke, Wales. I have no further knowledge of this family.

William Llewellyn, a brother to the last named Thomas Llewellyn, is dead and left a family; strangers to me.

David Llewellyn, a brother to the last named William is dead and left a family in the parish of "Llangwm", Pembroke, Wales. I have no further knowledge of this family.

John Harries, the son of Ablom Harries had a family, he married a Miss Gregory, they had the following children,

Thomas, William, James, Henry, and Elizabeth. Elizabeth died when an infant. The Miss Gregory, the mother of the above persons, I know nothing of and wether Gregory was her Christian name or surname I know not.

Thomas Harries her son, first cousin to my mother, married one Martha Morgan, they both were living at Puncheston when I was about 12 years of age.

William Harries, the brother of Thomas Harries, was married and had a family. He had a son John, Loder Farm, he had sons named Stephen and David. Stephen married one Elizabeth George of Tryenan Farm, Pembrokeshire, and David his brother had a family living in Pasnechfach, South Wales, when I was about 20 years of age. I have no further knowledge of their history.

James Harries, first cousin to my mother is dead, whether he had a family or not I have not learned.

Henry Harries, brother to the last named James Harries, lived at Loder Farm when I was about 10 years old. I have no knowledge of his family, only one daughter, when I saw in my mother's house in 1872 and I do not know her name.

Ann Harries, daughter of Alban Harries, my great grandfather, married to the Rev. David Reese, Fishguard, South Wales. They had born to them John, Thomas, Benjamin, and Mary, the 3 sons died unmarried. Mary, first cousin to my mother, married to the Rev. Henry Davis Jr. Llomglaffam, Pembroke, Wales, she died on the birth of her first child (a son), he died also on the same day. All the names on the last 3 pages are recorded in my family record and baptism for and in their behalf have been performed and will be attended too before I leave this St. George Temple in the fall of 1882, but the endowments for many of them must be attended too at some future time, on account of time to be too limited. The foregoing knowledge of those families I received from my mother while on a mission in 1871. There must be of necessity many deaths having occurred in the families of Harries' during the last 30 years, of which I no knowledge. I wish I had a fuller history of my father's ancestors, but my father died in 3 weeks after I joined the Church, and I failed to obtain the names I much desired. My great grandfather David John to the least of my knowledge went to Little Newcastle from Cardiganshire, Wales, about 160 years ago, he married Ann John, maiden name not known. They had born to them John, William, Henry, Thomas (my grandfather), Hannah, and some other daughters whose names I have not obtained. (One married to Wm. Thomas and died Nov. 25, 1834. I do not know her name). John, his son, married one Elanor John, maiden name not known by me. They had born to them Charles, David, John, Ann, Mary, and Hannah. John died unmarried, Mary is dead, her husband also. The others are alive at this date so far as I know and have families.

Charles, his son, married one Mary Morris, Glynmone Farm, and died about 1845, also 2 sons (Twins) died when infants. He married again one Ann Rowe and raised a family by her.

David John, his son (son of John John) married one Ann Reed, he is alive so far as known, Ann died about 1876. They had born to them John, William, David, Charles, Mary, Ann, and another daughter, name not known. William, David, and Mary are dead. Mary married one Thomas Jenkins. The others are alive as far as known.

Ann John, married one John James, a son to the Rev. John James, Fishguard, and are all alive as far as known. They raised a large family and if any of them are dead, I have not been informed.

Hannah John, daughter of John John, married one William James and raised a family and are alive as far as known.

William John, the son of Great grandfather, David John, raised a family, some of whom I have no knowledge of. I was acquainted with 2 of her daughters, Martha John and Ann John, they both raised families, half way from Fishguard to Newport in Pembrokeshire. I am a stranger to them. Ann had a son who got drowned when he was about 18 years of age, his name was William, he was about my age.

Henry John, the son of my grandfather Daniel John, married Ann Jenkins, they raised a family of sons, I do not remember any daughters. The sons names were John, David, Thomas, William, and Henry, the two last are dead. David and Thomas lived in Bristol, England in 1856, they raised families who are strangers to me. John John, their elder brother, was unmarried, when I last saw him about the year 1854, he was then about 50 years old and living near Puncheston, South Wales.

Thomas John, my grandfather and son to Daniel John, raised the following children, Daniel John (my father), John John (who died unmarried about 1860), Thomas John who has raised a family in Haverford West, where I last saw him in 1871. His daughters were Ann John, she raised a family, all strangers to me. Mary John raised one daughter named Ann, who married my second cousin David Lewis, they all live so far as I know in Newfarm, near Little Newcastle, Pembroke, South Wales. I saw them in the year 1871.

Hannah John, Sister of my father, married the Rev. David James, they both are dead and left no issue. All the above names are recorded in my family journal.

30th Saturday I was in the Temple 6 ½ hours during the day. The remaining part I used in writing.

Oct 1st Sunday I attended meeting at St. George at 2 P.M. where several of the Elders spoke.

Oct 2nd Monday I was in the Temple 6 1/4 hours studying the endowments, wrote some during the day. At 7 P.M. attended a monthly re-union of the Sunday School of St. George. We enjoyed good entertainment. We had singing, reciting, readings, and several of us addressed the Assembly. I received the following from Pres. Joseph F. Smith in answer to one I wrote him, expressing my thanks to him for purchasing for me a special rate return ticket from Provo to St. George.

Salt Lake City, Sep. 29, 1882

Dear Brother, your favor of the 17 inst. came to hand on the 21st. Pleased to hear from you, and only more pleased for having done a simple duty in the matter referred too. You have my best wishes for your success in your present mission. We are all well. Excuse brevity. Yours truly, Joseph F. Smith.

Elder Edom Standing and myself slept in the Temple this night. I dreamed that I saw my son, Willie Alban John, who appeared quite thin, pale, and sickly. I felt a Heavenly spirit in the Temple every time I awake.

3rd Oct. Tuesday Baptism for the dead was administered in the Temple for 434 persons. I assisted in the confirmation. There were 444 baptized for on the 26th inst.

4th Wednesday I went to the Temple at 7:15 A.M. and remained there 'till 2 P.M. I assisted in ordaining several Elders and assisted also in the washing room. I was appointed to take the second part in the ceremonies ( for the first time). I wrote letters in the afternoon to my wife, to my daughters, Mary John and Elizabeth, and to my son David. I had two dead sisters sealed to me, their names were Elizabeth Lucretia and Priscilla Artemesia Mayberry, they were baptized for Oct. 3, 1882 and endowed for Oct. 4, 1882 at St. George. Sister Eliza J. Plume got endowed for Elizabeth and Sister Ann A. Poppleton for Priscilla. They were born in Franklin Co. Kentucky between the years of 1824 and 1840. Their mother died in 1876 and was sealed to Bro. M. F. Farnsworth.

5th I was officiating in the Temple from 7:30 A.M. 'till 2:30 P.M. Attended a prayer circle at 2 P.M.

6th Friday Spent the same length of time in the Temple as the previous day assisting in giving endowments.

7th Saturday Spent 6 hours in the Temple, the remaining part of the day I devoted to writing. (Received letters from my son David and daughter Elizabeth, the first I ever received from them. I wrote an answer to David.

8th Sunday I went in company with Elders M. F. Farnsworth and Lewis Harvey to Price's settlement, 5 miles South West of St. George, beyond the Rio Virgin river, which was a small place, we attended Sunday School at 10:30 A.M. and meeting at 2 P.M., we spoke to the people and the pupils. We dined with Bishop Nephi Fawcett and returned to St. George in the evening. This settlement named Price was situated in the most forbidding land and general surrounding that I had ever witnessed and still the people appeared happy. The people who lived there had to haul the water for drinking and cooking purposes from St. George, 5 miles distance.

9th Monday I devoted 6 hours in the Temple to hard study. The afternoon I spent in writing, received a letter from my wife in the evening, and one from James F. Dunn. All was well at home.

10th Tuesday There were 6_ baptized in the Temple for the dead. I got baptized for 38 of my friends and relatives and I got 31 of my lady friends baptized for, which made in all 69. Sister Levina J. Farnsworth became proxy in my behalf for the 31 Ladies. The 69 names are recorded in my family journal.

11th Wednesday I got 3 lady friends endowed for and the Rev. Henry Davies Jr. from Llomgloffam, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. He was married to Mary Reese, Tregare, first cousin of my mother. I was in the Temple from 7:45 A.M. 'till 2:30 P.M. I took the same part in the house as last week.

12th Thursday I spent the morning in the Temple, laboring in the House as usual. My wife Mary arrived at 1 P.M. from Provo, well in health and spirits, and I was much gratified to meet her and welcome her.

13th Friday I labored in the Temple from 7:45 A.M. 'till 2 P.M.

14th Saturday I studied in the Temple from 8 A.M. 'till 12 noon and spent the afternoon in company with my wife.

15th Sunday Spent the morning in writing, attended meeting at 2 P.M. in company with my wife. Elders James Black and others spoke to the people. Walked around the city with my wife after services, my wife was pleased with the good buildings in St. George.

16th Monday I studied in the Temple 6 hours.

17th Tuesday There were 749 baptisms for the dead. My wife got baptized for 26 of her relatives and mine.

18th Wednesday I was in the Temple from 7:45 A.M. to 2 P.M. I had the leading character this day for the first time.

19th Thursday I was in the Temple from 7:30 A.M. 'till 4 P.M.

20th Friday I was in the Temple from 7:45 A.M. 'till 2 P.M., the last 3 days I performed the same labor. I got 11 persons endowed for during the last 3 days, and my wife got endowed for her mother, grandmother, and a sister to her father, Ann Wride Stevenson.

21st Saturday I was in the Temple 5 ½ hours, my wife studied in the Temple in the afternoon. Received a letter from my daughter Martha Ann informing us that all was well at home. The following is a copy of a Patriarchal Blessing I received under the hands of John Smith, Presiding Patriarch of the Church.

Provo City February 1, 1868

A Patriarchal blessing given by John Smith, Patriarch, upon the head of David John, son of Daniel John and Mary John, born at Little Newcastle, Pembroke County, South Wales Jan. 29, 1833.

"Brother David, in the name of Jesus Christ, I place my hands upon thy head, to pronounce and Seal upon thee a blessing which is Patriarchal, and I ask God the eternal Father for His Spirit to indite the same, therefore prepare thy heart and mind to receive these blessings, which the Lord shall see fit to bestow upon thee, for thou art of Ephraim and through thy lineage thou art entitled to all the blessings of the New and Everlasting Covenant, with all the gifts and privileges thereof. Therefore be humble and prayerful and hold sacred thy covenants, for in due season, thou shalt be called to be a Messenger of truth to thy native land, and thou shalt have joy therein, the Lord knoweth the integrity of thy heart and will hear and answer thy petitions, and will send the Comforter to whisper peace and consolation in thine ear and warn thee of the events of the future. Thou shalt also be blessed in thy labors both spiritual and temporal, inasmuch as thy faith fail not, for thy blessings spiritually shall be according to thy walks temporally, thou shalt gather out from Babylon, many of thy kindred and be a Savior unto the father's house, and accomplish a work upon the earth, for which thy name shall be handed down in honorable remembrance with thy prosperity from generation to generation, and registered in the Chronicles of the Fathers with thy brethren. This blessing I seal upon thy head and seal thee up to Eternal life, to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection, even so Amen. (Recorded in book A).

I will also copy the following:

Provo City April 20, 1869

A Patriarchal Blessing given by Charles W. Hyde, Patriarch, upon the head of David John, son of Daniel and Mary John, born at Little Newcastle, January 29, 1833.

"David, I place my hands upon your head, and I seal upon you a father's blessing, and for the integrity of your heart, the Lord is well pleased with thee, and thou shalt do great and mighty miracles yet upon the earth, even to open prisons, and thine enemies shall flee before thee, and thou shalt hear the voice of angels calling thee by name, they will say unto thee, fear not for I am with thee, for there is prepared for thee a crown in the mansions of my Father, and thou shalt baptize many into the Church, and lead them to Zion, for the Lord has sent His Angels to you to comfort you from time to time through many dangerous scenes upon the earth. Thou art a descendant of Joseph and hast a right to the fulness of the Priesthood, and with wives, and with a great kingdom upon the earth, thine inheritance shall be beautiful. Thou shalt proclaim the Gospel before kings, and rulers, and shalt have power to rise the dead, and be a Savior upon Mount Zion, to preach the Gospel unto many people and you shall be the means of saving your father's house, and shall become a King and Priest unto the most high God, inasmuch as you desire it with all your heart, and your life shall be renewed 20 years. These blessings I seal upon you, with the blessing of eternal life, with all the blessings heretofore sealed upon thee, I re-confirm upon you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, even so Amen".

The above is recorded in his record book F page 13.

I also record the following, when I was set apart for a foreign mission to Europe in 1871.

"A blessing on the head of David John, given under the hands of Elders Orson Hyde, Orson Pratt, and John Taylor (Bro. Taylor being mouth) a the Historian Office, Salt Lake City, April 10th, 1871, previous to his departure on a mission to Europe.

Brother David John, in the name of the Lord Jesus and by authority of the holy Priesthood and Apostleship, we lay our hands upon thee, to set thee apart to the holy mission whereunto thou hast been appointed, by the Conference which has been gathered together in Salt Lake City. Thou hast been appointed to go to that land and we set thee apart and say unto thee, go in peace; seek for the spirit and power of God, for the light, the intelligence, and the revelation that flows from Heaven; for wisdom to dictate thee in all thy proceedings, that when thou goest to that land, that thou mayest be full of the Holy Ghost, full of light, full of truth, full of understanding and full of revelation, and full of teaching; that thou mayest be enabled to lead the people in the paths of righteousness and guard them against error, and preserve them from the power of the temper; that thou mayest open thy mouth and that the Lord God my fill it, that thou mayest speak forth the words of life that shall be like a well of living water springing up to everlasting life. Watch over thy temper and disposition, thy habits and feelings, and do not suffer thyself to be lead astray. Cleave unto the Lord thy God and he will bless thee: thou shalt marvel at the words that shall flow from thy mouth. He will give thee power over thy adversaries, the enemies of truth shall not be able to gainsay thee. The angels of God shall accompany thee, the spirit of revelation shall rest down upon thee, and the God of Heaven shall guide and direct thee, inasmuch as thou will cleave unto Him , God will be with thee and no man shall deprive the of thy blessing. Cultivate fellowship with the Holy Priesthood, seek to magnify thy calling and God will bless thee in so doing. We confirm and seal upon thy head, they sealings, washings, and annointings, thy endowments and promises that have heretofore been sealed and pronounced upon thee. We say go in peace and God will bless thee. Thou shalt be blessed in thy journeyings, thou shalt accomplish a good work and return to this land, bringing the many sheaves with thee, and we ask our Heavenly Father to seal these blessings upon thee by authority of the Holy Priesthood, in the name of Jesus. Amen. (Reported by George Gibbs.)

22nd Sunday. I spent the morning in writing. Went to the St. George Tabernacle at 2 P.M. Elders Jacob Gates and Erastus Snow spoke and gave interesting account of the General Conference, held in Salt Lake on the 6th inst. Bishop Joseph Rogers of Smithfield, Arizona also spoke, having just arrived to visit the Temple, after having travelled [sic] 800 miles with a team to St. George. I laid hands in the evening on Sister Pace, the mother of William. B. Pace of Provo, she was 77 years of age. I slept in the Temple in company with Elder Edwin Stranding of "Lehi", Utah Co.

23rd I spent 5 hours in the Temple studying and wrote the remaining part of the day. I wrote several letters.

24th Tuesday There were 1183 baptisms for the dead done in the Temple. I was there from 8 A.M. 'till 3 P.M.

25th Wednesday I got ordained for Henry John, a brother to my great grandfather Daniel John. There were some 25 baptisms for the dead.

26th Thursday I got endowed for John John, a brother to my father.

27th Friday I got endowed for the Rev. Benjamin Davies, a husband to Hannah John, who was a sister to my great grandfather Daniel John. My wife and myself attended a social party in the Court House in the evening, gotten up by the High Council of the St. George Stake, in honor of Elder Erastus Snow. We had dancing, singing, and recitations, and a speech from Brother Snow. The following is a synopsis of his remarks, "I was raised by a kind religious mother who was a devout Methodist and was much opposed to dancing and I was taught that none but the wicked would dance. The prophet Joseph Smith introduced dancing to the Latter-day saints, he desired to break off the traditions of the Sectarian world, and to show the world that Saints had as much right to dance, as the wicked. The first I ever attended was at his house and he invited me to it. He once got up a dance in the Nauvoo Temple and I attended that. He also was the first who taught me the doctrine of plural marriage, he felt delicate in introducing it and in putting it in practice, so much so that he told me that an Angel appeared to him, with a drawn sword and told him if he would not teach it and practice it , that he would slay him. The Angel visited him and educated him from time to time, from the time that he was 14 years old, until he was 39, and by their direction he laid the foundation of the kingdom of God, he laid underneath the foundation an arch, and plural marriage is the key of that arch. It is a duty on every Elder in Israel to take to himself wives and raise up a righteous family and shame on the man that does not do it. If I have a son that will go back on my testimony in relation to plural marriage, I will cast him off from my family and disown him. I advise the Elders of Israel to take wives, I mean plural wives, and Edmunds and all men who fight it will sink. The officials in the American Government, the majority of them have joined issue with the Sectarian Priests to oppress us, disenfranchise us, and they wish to crush us to the wall. What is their object? It is to rob us of our property, as they have done, but chiefly to pollute our wives and daughters, but by the help of the Lord, they shall not do it". (Unanimous Amen)

Brother Snow spoke with great power and at times shouted under the force of the Holy Spirit. We spent a most pleasant and interesting evening. I think I never enjoyed a dance and a Social equal to it. The spirit of God pervaded all feelings and we parted to our various homes at 12 mid-night.

28th Oct Saturday I spent a part of the day in the Temple, and a part in writing at home, and wrote several letters.

29th Oct Sunday I spent the morning in writing, attended meeting at 2 P.M. Brother Erastus Snow spoke to the assembly. My wife and myself took supper with Brother Jacob Gates Jr. and stayed with them 'till 9 P.M. Jacob Gates Sr. and wife, and Mevloni Snow was present, we enjoyed a pleasant evening together.

30th Oct Monday At 8 A.M. Elder David H. Cannon handed me the following letter.

St. George 30th Oct 1882

Brother David John, you are requested to accompany Brother David H. Cannon to Pine Valley, Pinto, Harmony, and Silver Reef, to be at Silver Reef on Thursday Nov. 2nd on political matters. We will excuse you and Brother Cannon from the Temple Labors until you return. Your Brother, John D. McAllister

I left St. George at 11 A.M. in company of Bishop David H. Cannon and Elder Joseph Judd and traveled 22 miles and lodged in a house in a cannion [sic] with Joseph Foster and family, who kindly entertained us over night, we slept on the floor and enjoyed a good rest.

31st Oct Tuesday We travelled [sic] 12 miles to Pine Valley, reached there at 11:30 A.M., held meeting there at 1 P.M. and had an attentive audience. There were about 200 souls in the ward, with Frederick W. Jones jr. Bishop. We travelled [sic] 12 miles to "Pinto" in Iron Co., held a meeting there at 6 P.M. We lodged in the house of Bishop Robert Fenell, there were 30 families in the ward, numbering 180 souls and were much scattered. I here met Elder James Fenell who had lately returned from a mission to the Sandwich Islands.

1st We left "Pinto" at 1 P.M. and travelled [sic] 15 miles to Harmony, we passed over the roughest roads I ever saw through Pinto and Harmony Canions [sic], arrived there at 6 P.M., held a meeting at 7 P.M., we had a lively and entertaining meeting which lasted 2 ½ hours. We put up at the house of Bishop Wilson D. Pace, who with his family kindly treated us. This place is comprised of 130 souls and seemed a good people.

2nd We left Harmony at 8:30 A.M. and arrived at Leeds, 25 miles from Harmony at 5 P.M. We took dinner at Bell Vue and supper at Leeds in the house of Joseph Judd, we went 2 miles to Silver Reef and held a meeting at 7 P.M. to a houseful of miners, who paid good attention and behaved themselves properly. We had fire works, a torch parade through the streets, accompanied with a good brass band. We returned to Leeds at 10 P.M. and lodged in the house of brother Joseph T. Wilkinson and retired at 12 midnight.

3rd We left Leeds at 4 A.M. and arrived at St. George at 8:20 A.M. being about 18 miles from Leeds. I found my wife well and reported to the Temple and remained there 'till 2 P.M. Spent the afternoon and evening in our boarding house.

4th Saturday I attended a monthly Priesthood meeting of the St. George Stake at 10 A.M., which lasted 4 ½ hours, Elder E. Snow was present and gave much valuable instruction in relation to dances and engaging men not of our faith to teach our schools and said that men are liable to go to extremes at times. "We should follow the spirit of the law and then the letter of the law. Some follow the letter so closely 'till they lose sight of the Spirit, they are so straight 'till they lean backwards, among those are James G. Black, he is a stickler and a sycophant, he is so exact and straight, 'till he loses sight of the spirit and intent of the law, as for myself I prefer to follow the spirit and if I err it is in loosing [sic] sight of the latter at times, we should not lose sight of either, but the spirit should predominate. There may be times when a non-member of the Church may attend our dances, he may be studying our principles, he may be watching our movements and morals minutely for a good purpose to find out the truth in relation to us and our doctrines, when such is the case invite him to good society and give him a chance to become better acquainted with our people, but if you cut off his ears he cannot hear anymore. Some of our Bishops are so straight that they will not allow any non-members to mix with us, because a circular from the Twelve states that the Gentiles should not be invited to our dances. That means the wicked and the unholy, it does not mean a man who is honestly searching after the truth, and the Bishops should be governed by the Spirit of the law in these matters and not by the letter. Again the Circular states that the list of names who should engage in a dance should be handed to the Bishop for his approval, which means that the Bishops are required to assist in keeping good order and keep the wicked from associating in our dances; but if the Presidency of the Stake, the High Council, or any High Priest, or Seventy get up a dance, there should be no reason for them to submit the list to the Bishop, for they should know as well as the Bishop who to invite and who to exclude. Some Bishops think that every person should submit the list to them, it was not intended in the Circular, they are called to assist the High Council, and if any good man got up a dance in his own house, he has no need to consult his Bishop, it is his own business and is responsible for his own acts. I spent the evening in company with my wife.

5th Sunday I spent the morning in writing and reading. Attended meeting at 2 P.M. Elders Bigler, Jacob Gates, and Jacob F. Gates addressed the people. I took supper with Jacob Gates in company of my wife and Erastus Snow and his wife, his son Moroni and daughter. We spent 3 ½ hours together. I administered to brother Moses F. Farnsworth, who was sick at 8:30 P.M. assisted by Elder Lewis Harvey, from Utah Co.

6th Monday Brother Dominicus Carter from Provo visited me and conversed with him 2 hours. I administered to Bro. Farnsworth again assisted by Elders David H. Cannon and Lewis Harvey.

7th Tuesday There were 600 baptized for and 1250 one week ago. At 7 P.M. we (my wife and myself) attended a dance in the Court House, in honor of Polygamists who could not vote for Representation to Congress (this date). There were about 200 present, men and women, and 235 voters.

8th, 9th, & 10th I was in the Temple taking a part in giving endowments.

11th Saturday I spent 4 ½ hours in the Temple and the rest of the day in writing and reading.

12th Sunday I spent the morning in writing. Attended meeting at 2 P.M. Brother Nibley from Cache Co. preached a good discourse on the development of man from infancy, showing the natural growth of the body, senses, and mind. Showed that the development of the work of God in nature, and in the Gospel, is a gradual work and that the Reformers in past time were the means of introducing some light and denounces the folly Popery, thus they gave birth to an extended freedom of thought and prepared the nation to receive the fulness of the light of the Gospel, revealed in the latter days.

13th Monday I spent a part of the day in the Temple and a part in writing and reading in company of my wife.

14th Tuesday About 800 were baptized for in the Temple. I got baptized for 18 relatives and friends. I read in the Temple a revelation given to Pres. W. Woodruff in the wilderness on the 26th January 1882, which was full of information of future events and the designs of God in relation to the U.S. Government, with instructions to His Servants what course to pursue.

15th, 16th, & 17th I labored in the Temple and took a part in giving endowments and spent the evenings in writing.

18th Saturday I spent 2 hours in the Temple, in the morning and the afternoon at my boarding house in writing and reading.

19th Sunday I was unwell and stayed at my boarding house all day.

20th Monday at 9 A.M. Elders John Crane and L. O. Glazier arrived from Provo and Bro. Crane's wife laying dead in the wagon, she having died at 5 A.M., this date at "Middleton" 2 ½ miles East of St. George. I helped to procure a house to place her body and then ordered her coffin and gave the sad circumstance cast a gloom over the minds of many in St. George. At 6:30 A.M. my daughter Mary Jane and Sister Thomas Allman, arrived from Provo, and her mother and myself were very much pleased to meet her, we spent the evening in a happy conversation 'till a late hour.

21st Tuesday About 800 baptisms were administered in the Temple, my daughter Mary Jane was baptized for 50 relations and friends and among them were 6 or 7 of her grandmothers and Great and Great Grandmothers. I attended the funeral of Sister Elizabeth Crane at 2:30 P.M. in the first Ward School house in St. George. Bishop Thomas Judd, Elders Thomas Allman, Lewis Harvey and myself spoke, after which she was buried in the St. George Cemetry [sic]. I offered prayer at the grave. In the evening I wrote an account of her death. to the Territorial Enquirer, published at Provo City.

22nd Wednesday I spent the day in the Temple assisting in giving Endowments. Spent the evening at my boarding house.

23rd Thursday I spent this day in the Temple. Between 2 and 3 P.M. I confirmed Bro. Nelson Spaford (formerly of Springville, Utah) and Sister Merille Miller Daniels of Provo for about 50 dead persons. I used the remainder of the day in writing.

24th Friday I spent the day in the Temple.

25th Saturday I spent the morning in the Temple and the remainder of the day in writing. In the evening I took a walk to the West portion of St. George in company with Elders John Cannon and Lewis Harvey. I read the Doctrine and Covenants 'till a late hour.

26th Sunday I spent the morning in writing and reading, attended a meeting at 2 P.M. and again at 6:30 P.M. Elder Nibley from Logan and myself spoke in the evening in the Tabernacle basement.

27th Monday Spent the day in writing. Bro. Barry Wride and wife arrived from Payson, Utah Co.

28th Tuesday I spent the day in the Temple, 1160 were baptized for. Bro. L. O. Glazier of Provo was taken quite sick while at St. George.

29th and 30th I spent time in the Temple.

December 1st Friday I had many sealings for the dead done, also had myself, my wife, and my dead relatives back for one generation, adopted to Pres. George Albert Smith, and my brother-in-law Elder Barry Wride and his relatives back one generation, we also adopted to him in all 25 persons. Many friends visited us in the evening in consequence of my wife's intention to return home.

Dec 2nd Saturday My wife left St. George by the Stage at 7:30 A.M. in company with three brothers, who were brethren in the Church by the name of "Turnbow" from Salt Lake City and the "Weber". I spent most of the day with Brother Glazier who was very sick and sat up with him 'till 10 P.M.

3rd Sunday I spent the day with Bro. L. O. Glazier.

4th Monday and Tuesday the 5th I spent with him, with the exception of a part of the 5th I spent in the Temple. 1275 were baptized for this day.

6th Wednesday At 7:45 A.M. brother Glazier died and at 3:30 P.M. his funeral services were attended. Elders John D. McAllister, Thomas Judd, Thomas Allman, Lewis Harvey, and myself offered remarks on the occasion. I followed the remains to the St. George Cemetry [sic] and I offered prayer at the grave. I was in the Temple from 9 A.M. 'till 2 P.M. This night Pres. George A. Smith appeared to me in a dream and appeared well pleased that I and my family were adopted to his family, and told me to send a copy of all the names adopted with all the accompanying dates to his Office, and tell his family to have them recorded in his family record. He also spoke to me some things concerning his brother, John H. Smith.

7th Thursday I received second annointings for and in behalf of Elders Lewis O. Glazier and his father Sheppard Glazier, and Sister L. O. Glazier received her second annointings and was proxy for her mother-in-law, the wife of Sheppard Glazier.

8th Friday I spent most of the day in the Temple and received a letter from my wife, Mary, informing me that all had arrived in Provo safely and found all well, but Martha Ann looked pale.

9th Saturday I spent a part of the morning in the Temple and the most of the day in writing at my boarding house.

10th Sunday Left St. George at 10 A.M. in company with Elders J. D. McAllister, D. H. Cannon, and James G. Black and went 5 miles to Santa Clara and held meeting there at 1 P.M., all of the 4 names spoke to the Saints. We administered to the Bishop of the place who had been sick for about one year, his name was Brother Ensign. We laid hands also on Sister Miller (a Swiss lady) who had been deprived of the use of her limbs for 9 months. We returned to St. George at 4 P.M. I attended meeting in the 3rd Ward, St. George, at 6:30 P.M. Elders Charles Nibley and Samuel Roskelly of Cache Co. addressed the assembly.

11th I spent the day in writing.

12th Tuesday I was in the Temple from 8:30 A.M. 'till 4 P.M. 1101 were baptized for, I confirmed about 100, the most part of them (that I confirmed) were relatives to the late Bishop William Miller of Provo.

13th, 14th, and 15th I spent in the Temple and worked for the dead. On the evening of the 15th I attended the High Priest Quorum of the Stake.

16th Saturday I attended 3 meetings of the quarterly Conference.

17th Sunday I attended 2 meetings, I preached in the afternoon. I dined with Bishop Thomas Judd.

18th Monday I spent the day in writing.

19th Tuesday I spent the most of the day in the Temple, 1144 were baptized for this day.

20th, 21st, and 22nd I was in the Temple and got endowed for the dead. My daughter Mary Jane and myself got 20 sealed this day.

23rd Saturday I spent the morning at my boarding house and helped to fix up the Court House for a dance which I attended which commenced at 3 P.M. and ended at 11 P.M.

24th Sunday I spent the morning in writing and reading and attended meeting at 2 P.M. in the St. George Tabernacle. Elder Henry Miller and others addressed the Assembly.

25th Monday (being Christmas) I spent a part of the morning in returning furniture from the Court House and the afternoon and evening I stayed at my boarding house, at Elder Moses F. Farnsworth.

6th The most of the day I was in the Temple, about 600 were baptized for.

27th, 28th, and 29th I was in the Temple and was endowed for the dead. The evening of the 27th I spent in a Social in the house of Bishop Thomas Judd. I took supper there in company with my daughter Mary Jane. On the evening of the 28th I attended a dance in the Court House, gotten up by J. C. Bentley, Levi Snow, E. V. Hardy, Josephine Snow, Mary Lund, and Georgia Snow, out of respects to some of us, as we intended to leave St. George on the 30th inst. Attended the dance and left the Court House at 12 midnight. (on the 28th I received a letter fro Pres. A. O. Smoot from the Presidency of the Temple, the following is a copy).

St. George Temple 30 Dec. 1882

President A. O. Smoot, Utah Stake of Zion

Dear Brother, as Elder David John, who has faithfully performed his labors in this Temple, is about to return home, we cheerfully give to him this Letter of commendation. He and his wife Mary W., having been earnest in application, will be efficient helps in any of the Temples to which they may be called to labor; praying our Father's choice blessings to attend them, with kind regards. We are your Brethren in the Gospel

Wilford Woodruff John D. T. McAllister

P.S. Brother John has taken five parts outside of the wash rooms. He has labored in the Temple 61 days and his wife Mary W. John 24 days.

J. D. T. McAllister

I was baptized for 222 men and had baptized for dead women relations and friends 139, Total 361.

Endowed men 86
Endowed women 139 Total Endowed 225
Sealings for the dead 91 including both sexes 182
Sealed 2 children, Mary Jane John, living, and Annie Jane John dead.

Adoption 25 to George A. Smith (myself and family and the family of my wife, Mary Wride John, and had 9 adopted to my family). I received Second Annointings for 2 dead, Sheppard Glazier and Lewis O. Glazier (formerly of Provo).

30th I left St. George in company of my daughter Mary Jane, Brother Lewis Harvey and wife, and Levi Snow (by stage at 7 A.M. and travelled [sic] all day and night and reached "Johnson's Fort" at 4 A.M. of the 31st. It was fine and pleasant 'till 2 midnight.

31st Sunday We travelled [sic] through a severe Snow Storm and reached Milford at 4 P.M. (It being one of the coldest day I ever experienced). We started for Provo by Rail and travelled all night and reached Provo at 7 A.M. January 1st 1883.


January 1st 1883

1st I arrived at Provo at 7 A.M., nearly all of my children met me at the Depot. I spent the day with my family and enjoyed a good time, after being absent 4 months. Many friends called and the Brass Band visited us. I spent the week in Provo.

7th Sunday I preached in Provo at 10:30 A.M.

8th Monday I returned to the Salesroom in the Provo Woolen Mills and labored there 'till March 5th 1883, when I resigned in consequence of being appointed Bishop Hunter's Agent in the Utah Stake.

14th Sunday I preached in the Provo Tabernacle at 10:30 A.M. and in the 1st Ward Provo at 6:30 P.M.

21st & 28th Sundays I was at Provo and attended the regular meetings and visited the ward meetings in the evenings.

29th January I had a large party of friends at my house, who spent the evening 'till midnight, being my birthday. I was 50 years old this date, we enjoyed a happy evening.

February 4th and 11th being Sundays, was in Provo and attended 3 meetings during each day. On the 3rd Feb. attended a monthly Priesthood meeting of the Stake at Provo.

17th Saturday In company with Pres. A. O. Smoot and H. H. Cluff, went to Payson and spent the evening at night with Brother Barry Wride.

18th Sunday, I attended 2 prayer circles in the early morning. At 10 A.M. we spoke to the Saints, rode in a team to Spanish Fork, attended a Dedication meeting at the new Co-operative Store at 3 P.M. Pres. Smoot offerred [sic] the prayer, and all the Presidency of the Stake, addressed the assembly, on the subject of home industry and become self-independent. I attended meeting in the Meeting house at 7 P.M. Pres. Smoot and myself preached to an attentive and large congregation. Remained over night in the house of Bishop George D. Snell.

19th February Arrived at Provo from Spanish Fork at 7 A.M. On the 5th inst. of this month a Sunday School Convention was held in the Provo Tabernacle (in a stake capacity) when a profitable time was spent in 2 sessions.

25th Sunday I attended the ward meetings at Provo.

March 3rd Saturday Our Quarterly Conference for the Stake was held at Provo, 3 meetings were held. Pres. W. Woodruff occupied the most part of the time and imparted good instruction.

4th March Conference convened, large attendance. Pres. Joseph F. Smith was present, he and Bro. Woodruff occupied the most part of the time. In the morning meeting, I was appointed Bishop Edward Hunter's Agent in the Utah Stake and Elder Nephi Packard was appointed Bishop of Springville. Pres. Joseph F. Smith was mouth in ordaining N. Packard a Bishop and Pres. Woodruff was mouth in seting [sic] me a part.

5th March Monday At Provo at 1 P.M. I preached at the funeral of Brother William Barrett in the 3rd Ward Assembly Hall. The following appeared in the "Territorial Enquirer" of March 20th 1883. "Died in Provo City, Utah, March 4th 1883, William Barrett, aged 82 years 9 months and 4 days. Deceased emigrated from Pontypool, Monmouthshire, England, in the year 1875, was ordained a High Priest in the spring of 1880, lived a faithful Latter-day Saint and died in hope of a glorious resurrection. He leaves a wife and 13 children, 60 grand children, and several great grand children".

6th Tuesday I resigned my appointment in the Provo Manufacturing Company after being in their employ 4 years and 10 months to the day. I spent 4 months during this time at St. George, Utah which would bring the time engaged at the Factory 4 years and 6 months.

11th March Sunday Presidents Smoot, Cluff, and myself went to Springville and held 2 meetings there, and inaugurated the newly appointed Bishop (Nephi Packard), the people voted to sustain him unanimously. Returned to Provo in the evening.

12th Monday Left Provo for Salt Lake in company of Pres. Smoot, at 7 A.M. Visited the First Presidency of the Church, Elders John Taylor, and Joseph F. Smith, also Bishop E. Hunter and his counsellor [sic]. Pres. Taylor raised the question, as to the way I was set apart on the 4th inst., favoring the idea, that I should be ordained a Bishop. Bro. Joseph F. Smith entertained the idea that it was not necessary because I was already in the Presidency of the Stake and that included the Bishopric. Bro. Taylor argued that it was a particular branch of the Priesthood, holding the Presidency of the temporal affairs of the Church and that I should be ordained to that Office, it resulted in union of sentiment that I should ordained to the Bishopric. About 12 o'clock noon, Presidents John Taylor, Joseph F. Smith, Bishop E. Hunter, and his counsellor [sic] ________ Hardy, and Pres. A. O. Smoot laid their hands upon my head, and ordained me a Bishop, and set me a part, an Agent for Bishop E. Hunter (Presiding Bishop E. Hunter being mouth). He ordained me a Presiding Bishop of the Utah Stake. I should be pleased said I to receive some instructions as to the nature of my duties, when Pres. John Taylor at length defined the ministry. He said "You are not Bishop Hunter's clerk, but his Agent, that is where ever you may be in your Stake, he is present in your person and ministry and your transactions in business matters pertaining to Tithing and Church Property will be valid. Ask for his council when you deem it necessary and when you can not get at him, handle the property as if it was your own, that is make the most of it, and dispose of property when you think it would be to the interest of the Church, etc. We returned to Provo in the evening.

13th I spent the day at Provo.

14th & 15th I was at Springville assisting Bishop Nephi Packard in receiving Tithing property from the late Bishopric of William Bringhurst (deceased).

15th & 16th I was in Provo.

17th I spent the day in Provo.

18th Sunday Attended the usual meetings at Provo.

19th to 23rd I spent in Provo City.

24th Saturday I went to Salt Lake in company of Bishop N. Packard and spent a few hours in the Tithing Office with Bishop E. Hunter and counsellors [sic] and a few hours in the President's Office on business pertaining to Tithing. I returned to Provo in the evening.

25th Sunday I attended the usual meetings at Provo.

26th & 27th I was in Provo.

28th Went to Springville in company with Albert Jones and Brother Brockbank who were appointed an Auditing Committee, to audit the Tithing Office Books of that place, returned in the evening.

29th & 30th I spent in Provo.

31st Saturday Went to Payson and spent the evening and night with Brother Barry Wride.

1st April Sunday I attended prayer circle at Payson at 9 A.M. and preached at 10 A.M. Attended Sunday School at 2 P.M., addressed the School, and returned to Provo in the evening.

2nd I visited Lehi and American Fork on Tithing business.

3rd Tuesday In Provo, attended a Priesthood Meeting at 7 P.M.

4th and 5th I was in Provo.

6th April Went to Salt Lake and attended Conference and also the 7th and returned home in the evening.

8th Sunday Went to Salt Lake in company with Pres. A. O. Smoot and remained there 'till the 10th. The morning of the 9th I was at the President's Office with the Clerk's attending business pertaining to the tithing of the Stake. I returned to Provo on the 10th. We enjoyed a good conference, the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles occupied the time.

11th I spent the day at Provo. Also the 12th & 13th; on the 13th my son David was ordained a Deacon in the 1st Ward, under the hands of myself David John, and my son Thomas John was ordained a Deacon 2 years previous in the 3rd Ward, Provo.

13th Went to Pleasant Grove on business connected with Tithing and returned to Provo in the evening.

14th Went to Payson and stayed with B. Wride over night.

15th Sunday Attended prayer circle in Payson at 9 A.M. Pres. Smoot and myself preached at 10 A.M. Bro. H. H. Cluff preached at 2 P.M., we went to Spanish Fork and held a meeting there at 7 P.M. Bro. A. O. Smoot and myself preached. Lodged in the house of Bishop G. D. Snell.

16th Went by rail to Provo.

17th Tuesday Spent the day in Provo and attended a meeting of the Bishopric at 7 P.M. I remained at home during the week.

22nd Sunday I attended meetings at Springville and returned to Provo in the evening. Remained at Provo 'till the 27th.

27th Friday Visited Pleasant Grove and Lehi on the 28th on Tithing business, returned to Provo in the evening.

29th Sunday Attended services at Provo.

I worked on my farm this week, planting corn and potatoes.

3rd May Thursday I visited Payson and on the 5th Spanish Fork, and on the 7th American Fork, 9th Payson, 12th Lehi, 14th Payson, 17th American Fork, 18th Spanish Fork, 22nd Santaquin, and the 24th American Fork on tithing business, shipping hay to Salt Lake and Potatoes to Colorado.

Sunday 6th, 13th, 20th, and 27th attended meetings in the Utah Stake.

Saturday 2nd June and Sunday June 3rd a Quarterly Conference of the Utah Stake was held, which was visited by the Presidency of the Church and some of the Twelve Apostles, where much valuable instructions were given.

June 10th Sunday I attended meetings at Provo City and visited Alpine on the 17th being Sunday in company of Pres. A. O. Smoot.

24th Sunday I went to Lehi in company of many more from Provo and attended the funeral of Bishop David Evans who died on June 23rd at 12:30 P.M. Funeral services were held at 5 P.M. at Lehi. The services were conducted by Pres. Smoot and addresses were made by Bishop E. Hunter, Pres. Woodruff, Bishops Hardy, Burton, and others. After the services, the remains were conveyed to the Cemetry [sic] followed by a host of relatives and friends, the cortege numbering 115 vehicles. Bishop Evans has 5 wives and is the father of 41 children, 30 of whom are living; the grandfather of 102 children, 65 of whom are living, and the great grandfather of 22, all living.

28th Saturday June Went to American Fork and attended the funeral of Bishop L. E. Harrington. The speakers were Apostle W. Woodruff, Bishop Lewis N. Hardy, Robert Burton, A. O. Smoot, and others. David Evans, the son of Israel and Abigail Evans, was born in Cecil Co. Maryland, Oct. 27th 1804, he was baptized April 6th 1833 and has followed the Church faithfully since. He was ordained a Bishop under the hands of Joseph Smith Jr. August 21st 1842 in Nauvoo, Illinois.

June 29th and 30th At Provo.

July 1st Sunday I attended services at Provo (4 meetings). I worked on my farm nearly all of this month weeding and hoeing grain, corn, and potatoes.

July 8th , 15th, 22nd, and 29th being Sundays, I visited the wards in the Utah Stake in company of Pres. A. O. Smoot and H. H. Cluff.

August 5th Sunday I attended 4 meetings at Provo City.

12th Sunday I visited American Fork and preached there twice and returned to Provo in the evening.

16th August My daughter Mary Jane married to Elder Benjamin Cluff Jr., being 21 years and 24 days old. The following appeared in the Territorial Enquirer, published at Provo City.


On Thursday, Aug. 16th, at the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, by D.H. Wells, Mr. Benjamin Cluff, son of Benjamin Cluff of Provo Valley, and Miss Mary John, the accomplished daughter Counselor[?] David John of this city. On Friday, many of the relatives and friends of the newly married couple assembled at the residence of the Bride's father in the First Ward, and partook of a sumptuous dinner. Many were the good wishes and expressions. Numerous and valuable presents were presented by the guests. It was not long before daybreak that the company dispersed, after enjoying a most and agreeable time.

The Enquirer desires to extend its congratulations to the worthy young couple, and wish them all the joy they can possibly desire in this to___________reer. Territorial Enquirer, August 20th 1883.

[Two cards appear, one with the name "Miss Mary J. John", the other with the names "Mr. And Mrs. Benj. Cluff, Jr."

19th Sunday I spent the day at Provo, attended the usual meetings and also Sunday the 26th I was at Provo.

30th Aug. Thursday My daughter Martha Ann got married in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City by Elder D. H. Wells to Elder David J. Williams of Pleasant Valley, being 21 years of age, and she being 19 years, lacking one month, having been born 1st October 1864 in Provo City. The following notices appeared in the Daily Newspapers.


Our young friends, Mr. David J. Williams and Miss Mattie John, have now become one, having undergone the formalities of the matrimonial tying process and assumed functions of husband and wife. The happy event occurred yesterday, in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, and this morning the youthful couple returned to Provo, accompanied by a number of their personal friends.

The bride is a daughter of President David John, and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. David L. Williams, of Pleasant Valley. Both are admired, appreciated and valued for their personal merits by a large circle of friends in this city.

This evening a large number of invited guests -- relatives and friends of both families -- will meet at the residence of Elder and Sister John to tender the newly wedded couple their congratulations and good wishes.

The Enquirer takes this opportunity of extending to Mr. And Mrs. D. J. Williams its sincere wishes for their unalloyed happiness. Territorial Enquirer, August 31, 1883.


Yesterday, in this city, the marriage of Mr. David Williams and Miss Mattie John was solemnized. Of the respective merits of the contracting parties little need be said; both are favorably known in their respective spheres in life, and hold the good will and best wishes of all friends and acquaintances. The groom is the son of Mr. Williams of the Pleasant Valley coal mines, and is a young man of good promise and character. The bride is the daughter of David John, Esq., a highly respected resident of Provo, where the young lady is endeared to a large circle of admirers, both for the many good qualities of mind and beauty. Mr. and Mrs. Williams have a goodly number of friends in Salt Lake city, all of whom will be pleased to know that hereafter their path will be the same, and who will also hope that their present happiness may be but a foreshadowing of that to come. They leave for the bride's late residence in Provo, this morning, where a reception will be held this evening. The Herald's good wishes go with them. The Salt Lake Daily Herald, August 31, 1883.

Married -- In our last issue we copied from the Salt Lake Herald a notice of the marriage of David J. Williams, the corporate[?] book-keeper of the Pleasant Valley Coal Mines, Emery County, who is the son of David Williams, Esq., manager of the mines, and Miss Mattie A. John, daughter of President David John of Provo, which occurred on Aug. 30th 1883. The same evening an informal reception and supper were given at the residence of A. I. Williams, brother of the groom, and on the following evening, at the residence of President John at Provo were given a reception and supper for which elaborate preparations had been made, and which formed a very brilliant affair. A large number of guests were present, among whom were A.O. Smoot, of Utah Stake, Judge Warren Dusenbury of Provo, Mrs. E. B. Wells, of the Women's Exponent, Salt Lake, Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Cummings, Jr. of Logan besides many other relatives and friends of the newly married couple. The wedding presents included many articles that were beautiful and costly, and rarely does a young couple begin life under more favorable auspices than do Mr. and Mrs. Williams. The Utah Journal, September 5, 1883.

[One article unreadable]

31st Friday In the evening we had a wedding reception when many relatives and friends convened, and the evening was pleasantly spent.

1st September Saturday A Quarterly Conference was held in Provo, of the Utah Stake, which was visited by the Presidency of the Church and some of the Quorum of the Twelve.

2nd Sunday Conference continued this day 'till 4 P.M., much good instruction was given, a full account of which is in my scrap book. In this conference a Ward was organized in Pleasant Valley and Elder David Williams was appointed Bishop, he was ordained a Bishop this day. Pres. A. O. Smoot being mouth. Elder William B. Bromley was appointed a Bishop for American Fork and was ordained Bishop, Pres. G. Q. Cannon being mouth. Elder Benjamin Cluff Jr. was appointed President of the Young Men's Improvement Association of the Stake, to succeed Elder Milton H. Hardy having gone East, these brethren were all sustained by the unanimous vote of the Conference. 3rd Monday I spent the day at home in company with Bishop David Williams and family.

4th Tuesday My daughter Martha Ann accompanied her husband to Pleasant Valley, also her mother, her mother returned at 4 P.M. on Monday 10th August.

5th At Provo hauling barley from my farm and also the 6th August.

7th I went to American Fork in company of Bishop William M. Bromley, spent the day in the Tithing Office in company of Bishop Bromley and Elder William Greenwood transferring the Tithing books to Bishop Bromley. Returned to Provo by Rail in the evening.

8th Saturday I spent the day in Provo.

September 1883

9th I went to American Fork by train at 7 A.M. accompanied by Bishop Bromley, attended divine service at 10 A.M., presented the name of Bishop William Bromley to the congregation as their newly appointed Bishop, the people sustained him unanimously; attended Sunday School at 2 P.M. and nominated Elder Warren B. Smith as Superintendent of the Sabbath School, he was unanimously elected. Returned to Provo at 5 P.M. and preached in the 1st Ward, Provo at 7 P.M.

16th and 23rd Sundays I attended the usual meetings at Provo, the 2 last weeks, I worked on my farm hauling corn. On Thursday 20th August Sister Margaret A. Cluff died, the wife of Elder Harvey H. Cluff, who had been sickly for years, she was buried on Saturday 22nd September in the Provo Cemetry [sic]. Pres. A. O. Smoot, Bishop John E. Booth, and myself preached in the funeral at the Provo Tabernacle. On Friday August 10th 1883 Sister Cluff accompanied the Presidency of the Stake to Pleasant Valley and we remained there 'till Monday 13th when her health seemed to be gaining. On Saturday the 11th she accompanied us for a drive in a wagon for 5 or 6 miles, we were caught in a heavy storm of rain, but it did not seem to affect her. We held 3 meetings on Sunday and she attended 2 of them, but after returning to Provo on the 13th she was worse and fell away gradually 'till she passed away in peace.

29th Saturday I attended a monthly Priesthood in Provo at 10 A.M. and left by Rail to Pleasant Valley at 12:30 P.M., arrived there at 6 P.M. in company of Sister Zina Young Williams. I found my daughter and husband and relatives enjoying good health.

30th Sunday A con-joint meeting of the Sunday School and the Primary Society were held at 10 A.M. Sister Williams and myself addressed the meeting. 2 P.M. at Pleasant Valley I preached and occupied all of the afternoon and good attention was given. I presented the names of Elders Morgan Evans and Robert Gillespie as counselors to Bishop David Williams, the vote was unanimous in their favor. I ordained them High Priests and then set them apart as counselors to the Bishop (the Bishop being absent in Salt Lake City). I set apart Sister Elizabeth Gillespie as Presidentess of the Primary Association of the Ward and Martha Ann John Williams and Margaret Pratt for counselors. At 7 P.M. the meeting house was crowded and I occupied the time in speaking.

1st October Monday Left Pleasant Valley at 5:45 A.M. accompanied with my daughter and Sister Zina Y. Williams and arrived at Provo at 4 P.M.

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th I was in Provo hauling corn.

6th Left Provo at 7 A.M. accompanied with my sons David and Thomas to attend conference, my daughter Martha Ann also went. I attended all the meetings on the 6th and 7th and attended 3 meetings on the 8th and 9th of the Presidency of the Church, Twelve, and the Presidency of Stakes and received much good instructions. Returned to Provo at 5 P.M. on Oct. 9th and remained in Provo during the week and digged and hauled 300 bushels potatoes, assisted by my boys and Brother Evan Wride (Martha Ann and her husband returned from Logan on the 13th).

14th Sunday I was at Provo and attended 3 meetings, being a conference of the Young Men's Improvement Association. Pres. Joseph F. Smith and Apostle M. Lyman were present, also Elder Julius Wells and Jacob Gates, all of them spoke during the day. Brother Benjamin Cluff Jr. was ordained a High Priest and was set apart as President of the Association in Utah Stake,

Pres. Joseph F. Smith, being mouth in ordaining Bro. B. Cluff Jr., Brother Joseph M. Tanner was set apart for his first counselor, Brother Lyman being mouth, and Bro. Joseph B. Keeler was set apart for second counselor and I was mouth. Pres. Smith dined with me, also my two daughters and their husbands.

15th, 16th, 17th it being rainy weather and I not feeling well, I was at home writing, posting up my journal and wrote some letters. I received the following on the 17th.

Salt Lake City 15 Oct. 1883

Supt. David John, Dear Brother, we notice that the brethren connected with the Y.M.M.I.A. have arranged for quarterly Conferences to meet at 10 A.M. on the Sabbath Day in the various stakes of Zion. We write to know what effect this will have on your Sabbath Schools.

Very Truly your brethren in the Gospel

George Goddard
John Morgan

I replied as follows.

Provo City October 17th 1883

Superintendents G. Goddard & J. Morgan

Dear brethren,

Yours of the 15th inst. is received and in reply have to say that our Sabbath Schools in this Stake are held at 2 P.M. with the exception of 5 and those five can be held at 2 P.M., and if the Young Men desire to hold 2 meetings in a Ward they must do so at 10 A.M. and 7 P.M., as our Sunday Schools should not be disturbed, as it is demoralizing to postpone them and has always been accompanied with a weakening effect.

Yours in the Gospel
David John

P.S. I'm sorry to hear of Bishop E. Hunter's departure, truly a great man has gone to swell the ranks of the redeemed. D. J.

17th Wednesday I received the following telegram.

Salt Lake City October 17th 1883
To Bishop David John, Provo 11:30 A.M.

Our esteemed Bishop Edward Hunter died at 8 o'clock last night, Funeral on Friday at 2 P.M.

L. W. Hardy
R. J. Burton

19th Friday Went to Salt Lake and attended the funeral of Bishop Edward Hunter, an account of which is in my scrapbook. I returned to Provo at 6:30 P.M.

21st Sunday I attended the usual meetings at Provo, Elder Erastus Snow preached, his sermon is in my scrap book. I spent a week in hauling brick for a store in a boarding house I was building.

28th Sunday I attended the usual meetings at Provo.

29th Monday I was in Provo, attended a High Council meeting at 7 P.M. (Being our regular monthly meeting).

30th Tuesday I spent in Provo, attended a Priesthood meeting at the meeting house at 7 P.M.

Nov. 3rd Saturday I attended a monthly Priesthood meeting at Provo meeting house at 10 A.M.

Nov 4th Sunday I attended the usual meetings at Provo. William C. A. Smoot and Dolph Bushard preached in the evening just before their departure to Germany on a mission. I spent this week in Provo, attended the usual meetings.

Nov.10th Saturday My son David and myself left Provo at 10 A.M. and visited the Tithing Office at Springville and Spanish Fork and reached Payson at 6 P.M. My daughter Mary Jane and her husband Benjamin Cluff Jr. arrived at Payson at 7 P.M. We spent 1 ½ hours with Elder I. M. Coombs; stayed over night in the house of Elder Barry Wride, conversed 'till midnight.

11th Sunday At Payson, met Bishop Joseph S. Tanner and Elder I. M. Coombs at the Tithing Office at 8:30 A.M. and attended some Church business 'till 10 A.M. and attended meeting at that time, being a conference of the Young Men's Improvement Society for the Southern District of the Stake. There were present Benjamin Cluff Jr., Joseph Miriam Tanner, and Joseph B. Keeler, the Presidency of the Society in the Stake. Brothers Cluff, Tanner, and myself addressed the meeting. There were 8 missionaries called and sustained by the assembly, to labor and preach in the interest of the Young Men's Improvement Society, I assisted in setting them apart and left at 2 P.M. and rode a Carriage to Provo and arrived home at 5 P.M.

12th, 13th, and 14th I was loading 4 car loads of Tithing Produce for the Coal Mines in Pleasant Valley. 15th, 16th, and 17th I was in Provo.

18th Sunday at 7 A.M. I left Provo for Lehi, attended meetings there at 10 A.M. and at 2 P.M. Bishop William M. Bromley of American Fork joined me there and both of us addressed the Saints. I returned to Provo by Railroad at 5 P.M. I remained at Provo during the week 'till Nov. 24th.

25th Sunday Left Provo at 7 A.M. in company of Albert Jones and went to Pleasant Grove, preached to the Saints at 10 A.M. and attended Sunday School at 2 P.M. and returned to Provo at 5 P.M. by train.

26th Monday I spent the day in Provo and attended the Monthly meeting of the High Council at 7 P.M.

27th I spent the most part of the day in the Tithing Office attending to Tithing business.

28th Wednesday I was home and in the Tithing Office.

29th Thursday I spent the day in writing and reading.

30th Friday I was in Provo, at 2 P.M. I attended a Quarterly Conference of the Female Relief Society of Utah Stake, held in Provo meeting house (my wife Mary presiding). Several of the Sisters spoke and Bishop John P. R. Johnson and myself. Sister Tiffany spoke in tongues and Sister Zina Young gave the interpretation. I administered to Elder Jacob Gates in the evening, who was sick with the Typhoid Fever.

1st December Saturday A Quarterly Conference convened in Provo, an account of which is in my scrap book in full. Pres. Joseph F. Smith was present, also Apostles W. Woodruff and George Teasdale. 3 meetings were held and good and sound doctrine was preached.

2nd Dec. Sunday Two meetings were held, the Apostles occupied the time. At 4 P.M. the Apostles returned to Salt Lake. Elder Wilson Dusenbury was sustained this day as first counselor to Bro. Isaac Bullock, Pres. of the High Priest Quorum in the Stake, in the place of Elder Samuel S. Jones. 3rd Monday I spent the day in Provo, Elder Maeser and myself administered to Elder Jacob Gates. Bro. Maeser administered the oil and I was mouth in the confirmation. I administered to a sick boy in the afternoon(rather James Coltrin) who was sick with the Typhoid Fever, he is a grandson to Patriarch Zebedee Coltrin.

4th Tuesday Administered to the same boy (aged 12 years) in company with his grandfather and father, John Coltrin.

5th Wednesday I spent the morning in the Tithing Office, Provo. Patriarch Zebedee Coltrin gave me a Patriarchal Blessing as follows.

Patriarchal blessing given by Patriarch Zebedee Coltrin on the head of David John, December 5th 1883, son of Daniel and Mary Williams John, born January 29th 1833 at Little Newcastle, Pembrokeshire, South Wales. Brother David, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I lay my hands upon your head and seal upon you a Patriarchal blessing for thou art of the seed of Abraham of the house of Joseph and lineage of Ephraim and I seal upon thy head a Father's blessing, for thou art entitled to all the blessings of the High Melchizedek Priesthood, and inasmuch as thou will keep the commandments of the Lord, thou shalt attain to all the powers of eternal salvation and the choice blessings of heaven shall rest down upon you and the light of the Lord shall dwell within you and thou shalt be filled with the spirit of prophecy and revelation, and every organ of your mind shall be filled with the inspiration of the Lord, for thou was called and chosen of the Lord before the foundations of the earth were laid to come forth in this dispensation to assist in building up the Zion of the Lord upon the earth and to proclaim salvation unto the nations of the earth and the might power of the Lord shall rest down upon you and thou shalt be able to bring many to a knowledge of the truth, and shalt yet go forth amidst the nations of the earth and proclaim the Gospel in the courts of Kings and in the midst of the nobles of the earth and thou shalt have power to do a great work in their midst. For many shall bow down before thee; for thy voice shall be as a voice of a trumpet proclaiming salvation to the Israel of God, and then shalt be able to do many mighty miracles in the midst of the Saints of God, and the power of the Holy One, shall rest down upon you in all your proclamations to the nations of the earth, and thou shalt have power over the elements and the winds and the waves shall obey thy voice and no miracle shall be too great for you to do, when it shall be necessary for the Salvation of Zion, and thou shalt become a mighty Counsellor in the midst of Zion of the Lord, for thou art called and chosen to do a mighty work in the midst of this dispensation and thou shalt have a numerous posterity and a Holy Priesthood shall rest down upon them, throughout all their generations and thy sons shall become mighty men before the Lord, filled with the wisdom of the Heavens and many shall become Apostles and Prophets before the Lord and shall become Priests and Kings unto the Most High, and their possessions shall be great in the midst of the Zion of the Lord, and thy daughters shall become women of great renown, filled with the intelligence of the heavens, and shall become the mothers of holy men and women in the Kingdom of God, and their sons and daughters shall become mighty and dwell with the Sanctified in the Zion of God; for thy posterity shall be very numerous in the midst of the Zion of the Lord and many of them shall become mighty men of faith like unto the brother of Jared and shall behold the Lord face to face, and unto thy generations there shall be no end and thou shalt attain unto all the blessings and sealing powers that shall be given in the Temple of the Lord and shall behold the Lord, when he shall come to his Temple and shall do a great work upon the earth, both for the living and the dead, and shall assist in the redemption of thy Father's House, and thus shall become a mighty prophet in the midst of the Zion of the Lord, and the Angels of the Lord shall administer unto you and thou shalt converse with them face to face, as one man converses with another, and thou shalt be wrapt [sic] in the visions of the Heavens, and clothed with Salvation as with a garment, and the desires of thy heart shall be granted unto thee, for thou shalt become a man of mighty faith pertaining unto the blessings of the High Melchizedek Priesthood and shall remain upon the earth and behold the 3rd and 4th generations of thy posterity, and thou shalt be enabled to understand and comprehend the mind and the will of the Lord concerning thee; the great powers of the Heavens shall circle thee about, for thou shalt have power with the Lord to have the Heavens opened and gaze upon those eternal principles of the Celestial world, and thou shalt be numbered with the Lord's annointed and become a King and a Priest unto the Most High, and shall be enabled to receive all the ordinances and ordeals pertaining unto the Celestial Kingdom of our Father and thou shalt have all the wives that thy heart shall desire, and thy posterity shall be as numerous as the sand on the sea shore, for the Lord thy God has raised thee up for a wise and a great purpose, and no hand that is lifted against thee shall prosper, and thy soul shall rejoice day by day in the principles of eternal life, and thou shalt be enabled to heal the sick and do many mighty miracles in the midst of the Zion of the Lord, and thine eyes shall behold Jesus when he shall come in the clouds of heaven, and thou shalt live upon the earth until thy head is as white as wool, and the blessings of eternal lives shall rest and abide with you, and if thou shalt desire it with all thy heart, thou shalt remain upon the earth and be changed in the Twinkling of an eye, and be changed from mortality to immortality and thou shalt receive an everlasting inheritance when the Ancient of Days shall come and the choice blessings of the Heavens shall continue with you, and thou shalt eventually become on of the 144 thousand that shall dwell with the Lord, throughout a thousand years, and thou shalt dwell with the sanctified before the Lord either in the Tabernacle or out of it.

Now brother I seal all these blessings upon thy head and thou shalt attain unto all these blessings, for thou shalt become a mighty man before the Lord.

I seal thee up unto all the power of exaltation and thrones and dominions and power of eternal lives in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, even so Amen.

Albert Jones, Clerk.

I recorded the above blessing in the exact language of the Patriarch. Signed David John, Provo City December 8th 1883.

6th Thursday I again administered to Elder Jacob Gates, who appeared to better than on the previous day. He related to me that he had an open vision on the previous day (Dec. 5 1883). I will relate it as he informed me, in the presence of his wife, his son Jacob F. Gates, and Bishop John P. R. Johnson of Provo. "Yesterday morning between 11 A.M. and 12 noon, I laid on the bed in this room (4th Ward Provo) with my eyes closed, but I was awake. There stood a spirit by my bed, I did not see it, but I was conscious he was there, at last he spoke to me, and said, follow me through the west door, which I did, and he conducted me to a large and fine hall, and in the center stood a large square table, and around the table sat Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, David W. Patten, Parley P. Pratt, Orson Pratt, and many there whom I did not recognize (in a grand council). The Prophet Joseph sat at the head of the table, he looked at me and said, "Jacob, you have not always done right, but you have always been faithful to God and his Kingdom, and you shall live yet many years, go on and build the house that you have commenced, don't trouble and worry over the means to build with, the means will come. You must not work so hard as you have done".

Bro. Gates said his spirit returned to his body, he became conscious and sent for his son Jacob F. Gates to write down the vision. He further said it was no dream or phantom, it was a real vision and I know that they appeared unto me. They were not dressed in the robes of the Priesthood, but appeared to be dressed as men usually are dressed. They appeared calm and heavenly, they appeared to be in council and I know not what business they had before them, apart from what Joseph spoke to me. I feel thankful for this vision, it is worth more to me than all the world, I know now that I shall live for several years and I will go on with my house. Joseph told me that I had not always done right, while this is true, I can accept that he also said that I had always been faithful to God and his Kingdom, that is true and it is worth a good deal to me that they think so".

7th Friday I spent the morning in reading, in the afternoon in company of Bishop Nephi Packard on Tithing business and also with Wm. B. Dongal of Salt Lake, Supt of the Telegraph Co. wishing him to move his office, from Provo Tithing Office, as I had need of the room for my own affairs.

My wife and myself took supper with my daughter, Mary Jane Cluff, her husband and myself, attended a meeting of the High Priest Quorum at 6 PM. in the Provo meeting house. I spoke to the High Priesthood about 45 minutes.

In the summer of 1883, I dreamed that an aged grey headed lady appeared to me who had a Heavenly appearance, and spoke to me as follows,

"Cultivate friendship, and kindness towards humanity, they are graces worthy of Divine Jealously, it requires no means to cultivate them, but a loving heart. The popularity of the Gods, and the applause given them, by the mighty host, is not a forced obedience, they have worthily merited all their praise, by their long and continued and unchanging love towards their subjects. You emulate them." She took a bunch of my hair, from the left side of my head, and examined it; and said you will not live to a very great age on the earth, you are drawing fast to the end". She took the hair with her and disappeared.

Dec 8th, 1883. Among my papers I found the following which had bee misplaced for 4 years.

Extracts from a Discourse by Prest B. Young, June 17th, 1877 at Farmington (Utah.)

"Oliver Cowdery went with Joseph Smith, when he deposited these plates. Joseph did not translate all of the plate: There was a portion of them sealed. When Joseph got the plates the angel instructed him to carry them back to the hill Cumorah, which he did. Oliver says, when Joseph and Oliver went there the hill opened, and they walked into a cave, in which there was a large and spacious room. He says he did not think at the time whether they had the light of the sun, or artificial light, but that it was just as light as day. They laid the plates on a table; it was a large table that stood in the room. Under this table was a pile of plates as much as two feet high, and there were altogether in this room more plates than probably many wagon loads: they were filled up in the corners and along the walls. The first time they went there the sword of Laban hung upon the wall: but when they went again it had been taken down and laid upon the table across the gold plates: it was unsheathed and on it was written these words, "This sword will never be sheathed again, until the kingdoms of the world, become the kingdom of our God and his Christ." I tell you this as coming not only from Oliver Cowdery but others, who were familiar with it, and who understood it just as well, as we understand coming to this meeting.

I relate this to you and I want you to understand it, and that they may not be forgotten and lost. Carlos Smith was a young man of as much verasity [sic] as any young man we had, and he was a witness to these things. Samuel Smith saw some things; Hyrum saw a good many things but Joseph, was the leader. I tell you these things and I have a motive for doing so. I want you to carry them to the ears of my brothers and sisters and to the children also that they may grow to an understanding of some things that seem to be entirely hidden from the human family."

Payson Oct 27/79
Prest D. John

Dear brother, I have copied the above since you left per your request. President Young in the discourse relates several other very marvelous incidents and seems very conscious to have them on record and to be remembered by the people.

Please excuse the hurried writing.
Yours in the gospel
I. M. Coombs"

I spent the whole of this day in writing in my journal.

9th, Sunday. Left Provo at 9 AM. In company of Elders H.H. Cluff, and J P H. Johnson. Held meetings at Spanish Fork at 10.30 AM. At Salem at 2 PM. and at Payson at 6.30 PM. Our mission was to raise funds for Utah Stake tabernacle. The people responded to the call and donated liberaly [sic]. I lodged with Bro B. Wride.

10th, Monday. I visited some persons in Payson, in behalf of the Tabernacle, and returned to Provo by train at 4 PM. The remaining of the week I spent at Provo. I administered to Elder Jacob Gates twice during the week.

15th, Saturday. I was at Provo till 4 PM. when I left for Lehi in company of Elders H. H. Cluff and JPR. Johnson where he held services at 6.30 PM in the interest of building the Stake Tabernacle we were promised $600.00 within 2 weeks. (Lodged with Bp Thos R Cutler.

16th, Sunday. We held meetings at Alpine at 10 AM. American Fork 2 PM. and at Pleasant Grove at 10 PM. we endured a cold trip on the way

December 1883

I spent the week at Provo, attending the usual meetings and duties.

2nd Sunday. Elder AO. Smoot and myself left Provo at 9 AM. And attended meeting at Payson at 10 AM. And Sunday Scool at 2 PM. and returned to Provo with the evening train. We had large assemblies at Payson, and enjoyed a good and free flow of the good spirit. I spent the following week at Provo.

9th Sunday. I preached in the Provo meething house at 10 AM. And at 6 PM. the choir gave a sacred concert at 6.30 PM. and several elders spoke besides me, the house was crowded.

31st Monday, being the last day of the year, I spent at home. Another year has passed, being my 51st year, and still I feel as well as ever, enjoying good health and spirit (if I am to judge) like other years it has brought many changes. I was ordained to the Bishopric within the year (being in March, my two oldest daughters got married. I lost none of my family by death, but got 2 sons in-law, who are good and moral in their habits, and faithful Elders in the church, for which I feel grateful to my Heavenly Father. The pressure against the church of Christ has been great during the year in the American Congress, and more especially among the professed Christians of the various sects; it seems that all the fury of the wicked and corrupt have been marshaled against the true church, and especially against plural marriage, and all who have thus practiced the religious tenet have been dis-franchised and cannot vote at the polls, or hold office of trust, as for me I [omitted: one word illegible] knowing that plural marriage is ordained of God, and is in obedience to His commandments revealed in days of old, and restored in the latter-days. Upon this platform I stand at all cost; consciously before my maker and all the world, and then write my testimony for the benefit of my posterity who may come hereafter, that my creed [?] and practice may be classed with Abraham.

January 1st, 1884

Jan 1st, Tuesday. I had my family together at my house, and spent the day with them, my daughters Mary Jane and Martha Ann were present.

I spent the week in Provo, preparing for our yearly tithing reports for the Utah Stake of Zion.

Jan 5h, Saturday. The monthly meeting of the Priesthood of the Utah Stake was held at the Provo Meeting House at 10 A.M. on account of which is recorded in my scrap book.

Jan 6th, Sunday. Attended 3 meetings at Provo.

" 7th, Spent the day at Provo, also the week.

" 13th, Sunday. I was at Provo attended the usual and

" 20th, Sunday. 3 meetings, and spent the 2 weeks in the Provo Tithing Office, making Tithing Reports for 1883.

" 22nd, Monday. I was in the tithing office, and Elders James Hardy, and James W. Bean assisting me, during this week, and also 2 weeks besides.

" 27th, Sunday. Attended meetings at Provo.

I was in the Tithing Office during the week.

Feb 2nd, Saturday. Elder Dominicus Carter died this date, after a long and useful life, I visited him about once a day for 2 weeks, he had no desire to live during his illness, but manifested a desire to depart this life.

The monthly meeting of the Stake was held this day.

Feb 3rd, Sunday. I spent the day at Provo.

I spent a few hours with the family of D. Carter in the evening, accompanied with Elders Isaac Bullock and Bishop Myron tanner, and imparted much instruction to them.

4th Monday. The remains of Bro. Carter were conveyed to the Provo Meeting House. elder A.O. Smoot, M. Tanner, Isaac Bullock, James W. Loveless and myself, preached. A large procession followed to the cemetery, and I was mouth in dedicating the grave.

A synopsis of his life is my scrap book.

5th I spent the day in Provo, attended the Bishop's meeting at 7 PM. I spent the following week in writing tithing reports.

10th Sunday. Attended the usual meetings at Provo, and continued on the Stake Reports of Tithing, and got them completed on the evening of the 16th.

17th Sunday. Attended meetings at Provo.

18th Monday. Left Provo at 7AM. And arrived at Salt Lkae at 9.30 AM. Spent the most part of the day, at Prest John Taylor's Office, and gave on the Yearly Reports of the Tithing of the Stake, returned to Provo at 5 PM.

19th At Provo, attended the Bishop meeting at 7 PM. The week I devoted in recording tithes and temple donations. During the last 4 years of tithing Receipts of the Stake have gradually increased. The receipts of 1878 being $59090.44, that of 1879 $59263.91, and that of 1883 being $88883.34, thus showing an increase within the last 4 years of $29619.43. I recorded tithes and temple funds during the weeks.

24th Sunday. I preached at Provo, at 10.30 AM. And devoted the day in attending 4 meetings.

25th, 26, 27, and 28th. I was at Provo.

29th, Friday. At 2 P.M. I attended a quarterly conference of the Female Relief of the Stake.

1st, March. Saturday. The quarterly Conference of the Stake was held, 3 meetings were held, and a good attendance.

2nd, Sunday. Prests John Taylor, and Jos. F. Smith, Erastus Snow and M. Lyman were at conference each spoke, and good instructions imparted. A full account of this conference in my scrap book.

March 3rd, Monday. At Provo.

4th, Tuesday. Attedned sessions of the High Councel [sic] at 10 A.M. and at 2 P.M. (spent the evening at home)

5th, Wednesday. Spent the day at the tithing office.

6th, Thursday. Spent in writing at the tithing office, at 7 PM. Attended a meeting of the High Councel [sic] at the Provo Court House, on an appeal case of Homer Bromell from Bishop Madison's Court, the meeting lasted 'till 10 P.M. and adjourned to the next evening. It rained all night.

Dream. On the night of Feb 15th, 1884, I dreamed that I was traveling on a level road, in a strange land, I was walking towards the west, 'till I became to a high table land, toward the West from where I stood, I gazed and viewed the country, which seemed to be a rich land and which I much admired, towards the West the land was sloping gradualy [sic] for many miles distance, and beyond the plains, in the far distant West, I beheld a range of mountains.

When I was viewing and admiring the landscape, to my left about 10 Rods from me, I discovered a Mound, which attracted my attention, I walked to it to examine it, in the centre of the mound, I discovered a deep pit; I laid down and looked towards the bottom, and there I saw a lad standing, about 14 years of age, and a voice whispered this is Joseph the son of Jacob. I gazed upon him, and much admired his good appearance. Soon I discovered a man, not far from Joseph, laying on his back, and deep asleep, he appeared to be about 6 feet tall, and had white stockings on, reaching his knees.

A voice whispered to me saying, "that man is Jacob the father of Joseph, and he is now dreaming that Joseph is with him, and he greatly rejoices that Joseph is not dead as reported by his sons"

Joseph discovered his father, and walked up to his head within about 6 feet, and gazed upon him tenderly while Jacob was still dreaming.

I said to myself when Jacob awakes, and finds that all this, is a dream, and that Joseph is not found, how great will be his disappointment, and my heart was filled with sympathy and sorrow in his behalf 'till my tears felt like dew on the earth. I endeavored to abstain but could not, the fountain of my heart was opened, and my tears became as rain upon the earth until the earth on which I stood all around me, became soaking wet with my tears, when a voice came to me saying, "Do not weep, for the Lord of Hosts, has given Jacob the dream to comfort him, and that he may have reason to doubt the testimony of his sons in relation to the death of Joseph.

After the voice ceased; I again looked upon Joseph who was still gazing upon his father, (and for the first time, I noticed his Coat of many colors, the preponderance of the color, being light blue.

He was tall of his age, was slim and tender in appearance, was beautiful to behold; there was more of the Divine than the Human, in his appearance.

I awoke, and left Jacob sleeping in deep sleep, while Joseph was still tenderly gazing at him.

The dream was given me by the inspiration of the Lord, and contained many important truths.

7th, march, Friday. At Provo, attended the High Councel [sic] the meeting lasted 4 hours from 7 P.M. 'till 11 P.M. The decision rendered was Homer Bromell had to ask Bp P. Madson' forgiveness for slander, and in doing so, he should be restored to fellowship, otherwise the decision of the Bp's court should be valid, (this is) that he should stand as being cut off from the church. Bromell there and then asked forgiveness for his past course, promised to do better, and cease from slander, and was restored to fellowship in the church.

8th, Saturday. I devoted in writing, reading and corresponding in the Provo Tithing Office.

9th, Sunday. Prest A.O. Smoot and myself left Provo at 7 A.M. and preached at Pleasant Grove at 10.30 A.M. and at 2 P.M. The congregations were small, owing to the weather being rainy and boisterous. We dined with Elder Hyrum winters, aged 79 years, he was in Zion's Camp in 1884, and recited many incidents during the traveling of the camp. Said that Lyman Wight one of the twelve was with the camp, alluded to his high temper, and irrepressible passion, he would at times give way to anger, 'till he would use blasphemous language, the Prophet one day caught him in one of his injustified [sic] fury of passion, abusing and cursing innocent men without mercy, and Joseph Smith the Prophet turned loose upon him, and spoke by the power of God in rebuking Lyman, until he trembled, and all others who heard him. All around wondered what would be the result, knowing the temper of Lyman on the hand and the equity and justice on the other, here two great extremes came in contact. While Joseph was rebuking, Lyman sat on the grass, and looking at no person, had cast his eyes on the earth, and was for sometime motionless, when Joseph ceased speaking, Lyman spoke and said, Joseph my I ask a question, he answered yes, then he asked are you through with whipping me, Joseph replied "yes" when Lyman jumped to his feet as by magic, when all around thought he was going to strike the Prophet, but to the astonishment of all, he spoke in a loud voice, There are only 2 men in Creation that can whip me, they are Joseph Smith and God Almighty, and I feel thankful that I am considered worthy to be whiped [sic] by a prophet of the Lord for I know that when one of my wheels have fallen away from my axle, he is the only man, living then can re-place [sic] the linch [sic] pin.

We returned to provo at 5.15 P.M. Spent the evening at home. Bro. Winters related a great and marvelous circumstance of the Healing of the sick, while in the camp on 1834. He said, "I and Burr Riggs ( a brother to Dr. John Riggs) of Provo, were on duty as guards together on night while the cholera was in camp, about mid-night I suddenly lost Bro. Riggs, and I commenced hunting for him, after looking for him for a while, another tall and stout man joined me, and finally we found him, lying down, unconscious by a log having being [sic] seized with cholera his body was stiff, he was stiff as a plank, we could not bend on joint on his body, in whatever position we placed him, he would remain, 'till moved again, the stout man raised him up on his shoulder, he did not give way an inch either way, and remained stiff as a blank 'till we reached the tent of the Prophet, the moment Joseph saw him, he reached forth his hand and touched him, and spoke in a clear strong voice, Brother Burr Riggs, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command thee to be made whole, and he was made whole from that hour.

10th, I spent the day in writing at Provo Tithing Office, and up to the 16th, I was engaged in the same place.

16th, Sunday. I spent the day in Provo. At 10 AM, I attended funeral services at the 2nd Ward Meeting House, of Samuel Prethro, and John Richardson, they both were killed by a snow slide on Marth 7th, 1884, at Alta Cottonwood, Salt Lake County.

Elders J. W. Loveless, S.S. Jones, Thos. Allman, and myself addressed a crowded house. (Mr. Prethro did not belong to any denomination but reported as being a moral and an industrious man. He was born in the stake [sic] of Pensylvania [sic], and had been a resident of Utah Territory for 8 years. I made some remarks on the universality of God's blessings to the human family, showing that he was no respecter of persons, but dispensed his mercies of nature to all the race of man. His rains were poured on the just, and the un-just the sun shines on all nations of all creed and color. He has clothed the "lilies of the field, with more glory than Solomon". He does not neglect the "sparrow" and all the fowls, fishes and animals he has created. But is care and love is made manifest towards man, the most of all his creatures. Man is eternal, and is created in the image of his maker. Many believe the Darwinian doctrine of evolution, and argue that man has progressed physically as well as mentaly [sic], and that by degrees he has been developed, gradualy [sic] from an ape, to his present manhood. This doctrine is in conflict with the revealed will of God in sacred writ. Nowhere is found any evidence in support of the opinion.

The first man Adam was a type in wisdom and knowledge as high as any that has appeared ever since (Jesus excepted). His wisdom is manifested throughout his career on earth. He taught righteousness during his life he offered sacrifices to the Lord, which were accepted by him. He held the Priesthood and magnified it during his life, and conferred it upon his posterity, and among them were many of the greatest men who ever lived in the flesh. Men who communed with Jehovah face to face, and to say that the present race of mankind is in advance of them is only to betray ignorance. Man is eternal, is a dual being, it is humanity and divinity incorporated.

I spoke at length, on the resurrection of the just and the un-just. I followed the funeral to the cemetery of Provo. There were in the procession 23 vehicles.

Conversed with Prest A.O. Smoot 2 hours in the evening. 17th, Monday. I spent at Provo Tithing Office. 18th, Tuesday. At Provo, attended a Bishop meeting at 7 PM. 19th, Wednesday. Spent the day in writing at Tithing Office.

20th, Thursday. At home. Prest. A. O. Smoot and myself administered to Bp J.P.R. Johnson, who was quite ill, the cold having settled on his lungs.

21st Spent the day in the Tithing office, attended a meeting of the High Councel [sic]at 7 PM.

22nd, Saturday. At Provo, I laid hands on Bishop Johnson.

23rd, Sunday. Attended meeting at Provo at 9 AM, and at 10.30 A.M. Bro J. P. R. Johnson was quite ill, I anointed him with oil, and prayed fro him at 3 P.M. he received a blessing and got better. I spent 2 hours in the evening with Bro A. O. Smoot.

24th, Monday. I administered (in company with Elder Smoot) to Bp Johnson, his wife Caroline, and his son Nels Johnson (who is also his counselor.

25th, 26th, & 27th, I spent in the Provo Tithing Office.

26th, 27th, and 28th, in the same place I administered to Bishop J.P.R. Johnson in the evening of the 28th.

29th, Saturday. I administered twice to Bp. Johnson this day. The monthly meeting of the Priesthood of the Stake was held in the Provo Meeting House at 10 AM. The chief business discussed was the building of the Stake Tabernacle, and the re-building of the Brigham Young Academy. Attended meeting of the Board of Directors of the Provo Co-operative Institution at 7 PM. Reed Smoot resigned as Supt and Larson (Nels) was appointed to succeed him as Superintendent.

30th, Sunday. I attended a prayer circle at Provo, at 9 AM. And a public service at 10.30 A.M. Elders Albert Jones and Karl G. Maeser addressed the assembly, the house being full of people. My son Thomas accompanied me to Springville, and attended meeting there at 2 P.M. Elders A.O. Smoot, Francis M. Lyman, and myself spoke to a crowded house. Prest A.O. Smoot, preached on the duties of the Priesthood in their different callings, the Melchesdeck [sic] and Aaronic. I spoke on the necessity of the inspiration of the Lord, accompanying the ministry of the Elders in all their labors among the people. The importance of giving good examples to our families so that we may engraft the love of the gospel into the hearts of our children, and that each father should exert pure influences on their sons, and thus prepare them to be worthy to be ordained to the Priesthood at a proper age. Apostle Lyman spoke on the nature of the apostleship showing that this ministry extended to the whole world, as well as to the whole church, at home in the Stakes of Zion, in the temples, and everywhere their lot may be cast. They were ministers to the whole church, as well as to un-believers.

We returned to Provo, at 5 PM. The presidency of the stake met in council in Prest A. O. Smoot's office from 7 PM until 9 PM.

31st, Spent in the Provo Tithing Office. 28 years ago this day my loving father, departed this life, in comparing that time to the present, it opens a wide field of reflection. I was then young and friendless, persecuted and hated by my kindred, on account of my faith, but up to the present my faith has not changed. Hundreds of those who manifested bitter feelings against the gospel, have passed away, in their condition of darkness, many of whom I have performed services in their behalf in the temple, in the hope that when we shall meet in the future, we shall better understand each other. As to my father and mother, and their families, I have done all for them within my power ( I mean the dead) so far as it has been made known to me. I have been very desirous to obtain some impression or revelation from the spirit world to learn if my departed friends have received, and accepted my labors; and have become reconciled to the truth of the gospel as restored to the Prophet Joseph Smith, but my desires have not been granted thus far; for some reason unknown to me. There is no knowledge, that I crave so much for.

I have received many manifestations in my life without asking for them, but this petition has not been granted up to this date. While I as in the temple at St George in the fall of 1882, I was adopted to the late Apostle George. A. Smith, a few nights afterwards he appeared unto me in a dream, and said that he had accepted the work at my hands; and instructed me to have the adoptions recorded in his family record in Salt Lake City.

Since my father's death, my mother and brother Thomas have died. I have married twice and have had born to me 18 children, two of the eldest are married and in comparing the present with 28 years ago, I am willing to say that the Lord has blessed me all my days.

At 7 PM I attended a monthly meeting of the High Council at the court house, which lasted 'till 10 A.M.

April 1884

1st, Tuesday. I spent the day in Provo Tithing Office, and attended a Bishop's meeting at 7 PM. President AO. Smoot, H.H. Cluff, and myself spoke to the brethren. Elder Albert Jones resigned from being clerk of the Bp's meeting after having served in that capacity for 14 years ( he being called to go on a foreign mission). Brother James W. Bean, was appointed to succeed him and was sustained by the meeting.

2nd, I spent the day in Provo, at 2 PM. Went in company with Bros. A. O. Smoot, H.H. Cluff and others, and laid out the ground for the re-building of the Brigham Young Academy.

3rd, Thursday. Spent the day at Provo Tithing Office.

4th, I was at Provo, the Annual Converence commenced at Salt Lake City; I was unable to attend on account of my daughter, Estella May being quite sick with the LungFever.

5th, Saturday. I was at Provo, my child quite sick.

6th, Sunday. Estella May being better, I left Provo at 7 AM. And attended conference at Salt Lake City at 10 AM. Apostle Geo. Q. Cannon addressed the conference, from the words in the Book of Mormon 29th, Chapter II Nephi. He argued that this chapter as well as the 28th and 30th chapter contained sufficient testimony that Joseph Smith was inspired of God and that the Book of Mormon was truthful, The words of Jesus in the 16th chapter of III Nephi, also factual similar events, and all this hundreds of years before it commenced. Elder Joseph F. Smith spoke on the same subject, referred to the relevation [sic] given Dec 25th, 1832, part of which predictions was fulfilled in the civil war between the North and South. He ]1:417] spoke at length on the divinity of the Book of Mormon, and the mission of Joseph Smith.

Prest. J. Taylor and several of the twelve, spoke in the afternoon. At 7 PM. A meeting of the Priesthood was held in the assembly hall, President John Taylor, G. Q. Cannon, and Joseph F. Smith, occupied the time, till 10 PM, chiefly on celestial marriage, saying it was binding on all the Latter-day-saints, and that no man was entitled to the right of the Presiding, without abiding this law. They advised Presidents of Stakes, who have not obeyed this law to do so; or resign their positions as presidents.

7th, Monday. Attended a meeting in the social hall, Salt Lake, at 3.30 PM, with the Presidency of the church, the twelve, and Presidents of Stakes were much instruction given, and particularly on celestial marriage.

Attended a meeting of the Central Board of Trade, at the City Hall at 10 AM the chief business transacted was the development of the Iron Works, in Iron Co. Utah. Attended a concert at the Tabernacle at 7 PM. Where 400 youths participated under the leadership of Evan Stephens, their singing and training earned great credit.

8th, Tuesday. Left Salt Lake at 10 A.M. and arrived at Provo at 12 noon, remained home during the day.

9th, Left Provo at 7 A.M. arrived at Salt Lake at 9.30 AM. Attended a meeting in the Social Hall at 10 AM. Which lasted until 1.30 PM. (The meeting was composed of the First Presidency of the Church, the Twelve Apostles, the First Presidency of the Seventy, and Presidents of Stakes.

Prest J. Taylor, spoke of trouble having broken out in St John, Arizona, outsiders were jumping the land purchased by the saints and it was desirable to send from 2 to 6 men from each stake to strengthen the settlement, and called upon the stakes to send the man as soon as possibly. Several of the twelve spoke in favor of the movement. A vote taken which was unanimous. Prest Taylor said that some of the Twelve were too feeble to be sent to the world, and said that younger men must go abroad. We soon shall have 4 temples. The one in Logan will be finished about the 1st of May 1884, we shall need men to work there who can sustain themselves, if we can find them if not the stakes must support them.

Seventies, High Priests, and Elders should be sent there, we do not wish to disturb Presidents and Bishops if it can be avoided.

President John Murdock of Beaver, asked the question in relation to the revelation on plural marriage, wherein it says that "they must abide this law, in order to preside over my people". Question was in the applicated beyond the First Presidency, the Twelve, and the Prests of Stakes, Prest. Taylor replied it was applicable to High Counsellors, Bishops and their counselors, and all who preside in Zion and if these officers should not obey this law, their places should be filled with men, who have obeyed the law.

I returned to Provo at 5 PM. In company of Bro. A. O. Smoot.

I will here write a fuller account of the Priesthood meeting in the assembly Hall, in Salt Lake City, on the evening of April 6th, 1884.

Prest John Taylor paved the way for the brethren to speak on the subject of Plural Marriage.

Prest Joseph F. Smith explained the law of Celestial or Plural marriage as revealed to Joseph Smith. The question as proponded to the Lord, by the Prophet, was as to why the Lord justified the ancients in having a plurality of wives. The Lord proceded to explain first the eternity of the marriage covenant, and then to give the law of Celestial or plural marriage, and told Joseph that he and all others unto whom this law should be revealed must receive and enter it or be damned. The revelation as now before us in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants was written to convince a certain person of the plural part of it. That person had already accepted the doctrine of the eternity of the marriage covenant. (The person above alluded too [sic] was Emma Smith)

The speaker honored brother Peely of Ogden, who resigned his office as President of Weber Stake some 18 months ago, when the Lord gave a revelation requiring all of the official members of the church to enter into the order of Plural Marriage; he did not see his way clear to preach that principle, and very rightly concluded to resign. All other Presidents of Stakes and Bishops of Wards should follow that example so that good me who will keep the law may be installed in their places, if men will now not take the hint they will be invited personally to resign, that is if the spirit continues to move upon Prest as it has been. (The succession of Bro Peely of Ogden, Bro Shetliff has not done better than his predecessor up to this date, and if he will not, he will be asked to resign.

Some men have preached the doctrine that if aman has a dead wife who has been sealed to him by the Priesthood, and a living wife who is in the same relationship to him, that he is in plural marriage, and living the Celestial Law, the doctrine is not true.

Prest Geo. Q. Cannon, said he felt the same as Prest Smith on this subject. It has now been over 18 months since the Lord gave a revelation, wherein he says those who preside over his Priesthood must abide the law. In that time every presiding officer should have entered into that law, or resigned [sic]. Prests and Bishops who are in that order are more repectaed by the people, than those who are not. If they are not in that order, the people are more apt to feel more restive, and rebellious.

This people are the cream of the nations, and those of this people who are practicing plural marriage as a rule are the cream of the cream. They are the ones whose knees do not tremble when Zion is assailed. Joseph Smith said, no coward could ever enter in Celestial Glory. Men who refuse or neglect to enter into this order, many times are actuated by a spirit of cowardice. If Bros Wm. W. Cluff, and Abraham Hatch and other leading men, had gone into this order 18 months or more ago, Zion would today have been upon a higher plane than now. God would have opened the way, and have vindicated our cause in a more marked manner than he has done. Men need not be afraid of their wives. As a rule, women honor and love their husbands more for going into and honoring the law of God. They naturally love brave men, particularly if he is their husband. They may feel tried in their spirits, but if the husband is kind and considerate and takes an even just course, show at the same time a quiet determination to keep God's law as revealed, his wife will love him and honor him all the more. This law has a tendency to bind wives to their husbands with cords of love stronger than death. All you who have entered in to this law are my witnesses. He felt determined to never again, vote any man into office in the Priesthood who would not first agree to keep the whole law of God, that is, unless God requires it. If God puts forward a eunock [sic] for office he would vote for him, but if left to his choice -- never.

He and Joseph F. Smith both said that all who have taken one wife over the alter, have covenanted to adopt plural marriage. In future if men do not wish to take upon themselves such covenants, they had better keep away from the house of the lord. Women also who go there covenant to keep this law. The time will come when no one will be permitted to receive their endowment in a temple or house of God, who will not first covenant to keep the whole law. Those who will not take that covenant had better be married by the lesser Priesthood.

The "Parable of the ten talents" means wives.

Bro Cannon said he many times felt to require his sons each one of them to place his hand upon his thigh, and swear that he would obey the whole law. If he had been a Prest of Stake or Bishop of Ward 18 months ago, when God gave so plain a law conserning [sic] this matter, he would have literally burnt up if he had not rendered obedience to it.

Joseph F. Smith said that young men who hold the Lesser Priesthood an aspire to the Higher should be put under covenant to adopt Plural marriage or forfeit all right to the High Priesthood, said this time would soon come. Young men had better be married by the Bishop than go into the House of God and make covenants they do not intend to keep.

10th & 11th and 12th I was in Provo, mostly in the tithing office.

13th, Sunday. Attended prayer circle at 9 AM. At Provo, and also a meeting at 10 AM. Elder Henry Rogers from Salt River Arizona, who left Provo 7 years ago, addressed the Saints. Spoke in relation to the Indians, said the Lord was manifesting himself to them, and thus preparing them to receive the gospel. Elder Anthony W. Iving [spelling uncertain] of St. George, addressed the saints who had just returned from a 2 years [sic] mission to old Mexico. He said the Roman Catholics had a full sway in that country for 300 years. They nevere were more supreme in Italy that [sic] they had been in Mexico. Bro. Mowes Thatcher scattered seed of the gospel there years ago, but it was not as yet bore much fruit. We baptixed several in 1992. They are a different class to the common Indians, they are peaceful, humble, and mild, and thus in the day of their power and strength, they fell on easy prey to the Romans. The change in their feelings, the signs follow those who believe and those who have obeyed the gospel, are strong in the faith. 9/10 of the people adhere to the Catholic Church. I believe that a new dawn has opened upon them. It was the strongest hold of the ancient Nephites (Read Chapter 23rd of 3rd Nephi) Christ did not in person preach the gospel to the gentiles, but he sent it to them.

Apostle Erastus Snow was the next speaker. He said, generally the Lord prepares his people, he pours His spirit upon them, and often prepares their hearts to receive the Word. It was so in the days of the ancients, it was so in the days of John the Baptist, and Christ, and in the days of Joseph Smith. The people in the United States, Britain, and in many parts of Europe, were prepared to receive the gospel, when it was presented to them. Thousands joined the church in the short space of time. When I went to Denmark, 600 souls embraced the gospel in 21 months, and many branches were established, and up to this time, 30 thousand have gathered out from that land. So it will be in Mexico

13th, the people must be prepared to receive the seed. That people have been overwhelmed for generations, it will take time to disabuse their minds, and by and by, the harvest, and the fruit will be gathered. When seed is sown, care and labor must be given to it, if not the weeds will choke the seed. Every honest man and woman will be impressed with the Spirit of God, it will not affect the corrupt.

Advocated to scatter church books abroad among our friends, and in so doing we shall have joy and pleasure. The majority of the hearts of the people of this nation, are hardened against us. For 50 years they have heard from us, and of us, the honest among them are gathered, the majority are now seeking for power and wealth, to be used to fight us and the truth, and thus they are preparing themselves for the damnation of hell. May the Lord bless the honest. Amen.

14th, Monday. Spent the day writing, reading and attending Church business at my office in the tithing office.

15th, I spent the day at my office, attended a Bishop's meeting at Provo at 7 PM. The chief business being the calling of 14 families from the Utah Stake to go on mission to St John Arizona. The Mexicans there are jumping the land of the Saints, and more Saints are needed to strengthen the place.

16th, Wesday [sic], I spent the day in the office, at 7 P.M. I took supper with Prest Smoot, many friends were present, also A. F. Mcdonald and Henry Rogers from Arizona were present The company met in respect to sister [Margaret T.] Smoot, who was 75 years of age on this day.

17th, 18th , and 19th, I was in Provo, tithing office. On the 19th, was held a special meeting of the Bishops of the Utah Stake at Provo Meeting House at 10 AM.to attend to business pertaining to sending about 20 families from the Stake on a mission to St John Arizona, the names were recommended from the various settlements.

20th, Sunday. I attended prayer meeting at 9 AM. At Provo, Sacrament meeting at 10 AM. Elders A.O. Smoot, Charles D Evans, and David Gill addressed the people. At 2 PM. in company with my 2 wives attended the funeral of Sister Rebecca [Samsocec?] the daughter of Bishop Wm. Fossett of the 4th Ward Provo. Elders Harvey H. Cluff and myself addressed the assembly. I accompanied the funeral to the Provo Cemetery, and dedicated the remains and the grave at 7 PM. I met with the Presidency of the Stake at Prest. Smoot's house, and selected men for the Arizona mission out of the list recommended by the Ward Bishops. We adjourned our meeting at 9.30 PM.

On Friday evening the 18th, at 6.30 PM. my family prepared supper for a delagation [sic] of Indians, 7 in number, accompanied with Elder Henry Rogers of Arizona, and Sheriff John W. Turner of Utah Co. They were fine looking Indians, 2 of them were Chiefs, they represented 3 nations namely, Maricopa, Pimas and Pappagoes, they acted as civilized in my house and especially at the at the table as the same number of whites could do. I addressed a speech of welcome to them, which they responded to in a dignified manner, through their interpreter. They were all members of our church, and one of them was ordained a seventy in December 1883, and he also received his endowments, and the other 6 were on their way to the St George Temple to get their endowments.

They left my house at 9.30 PM much pleased with their visit. There is a prospect of a great harvest of souls among the Lamanites, and it is supposed by some, that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints have 100,000 firm friends in the country south of Utah. They are the decendants [sic] of "Lehi" and will ere long become a white and delightsome people.

21st, Monday. I spent the day in Provo, I enjoyed 2 good rides in my carriage, the spring was opening and nature to put on her spring dress, after a long and teadious [sic] winter. Bishop David Williams of Pleasant Valley arrived at my house at 6.30 PM. the evening was spent in speaking about the House of Israel, the Egyptians, the Arabians, the Ethiopians, and the Negroes, till 11 PM, when we retired.

22nd, I spent the morning in visiting Provo, with Bro. Williams.

23rd, and 24th, Attended business in the Provo Tithing Office.

25th, Friday. I spent the morning in the Tithing Office, and at 2 PM, attended a funeral at the 3rd Ward Assembly Hall, of Provo, being a son of Elder Wm. M. Brown aged 4 years 2 months and 5 days. Bishop Myron Tanner and myself addressed the congregation. I accompanied the body to the Provo Cemetery and dedicated the remains and the grave, to the Lord. I guess they think they're safe because they

26th, Saturday. I spent half the day at home. And the other half at the office. It was a wet and disagreeable day.

27th Sunday. Left Provo at 7 AM. in company of Prest. Smoot, and went to Lehi, preached to the Saints at 10.30 A.M., and at 2 PM. attended the funeral services of Elder Wm. H. Winn who was taken ill on the 24th, Ap. 1884, and died in 24 hours from the time he was taken. He was a counselor to Bp. Thos. R. Cutler of Lehi, (?) and a son in law to the late bishop David Evans, he was a faithful man, and died in his 51st year. Prest. A.O. Smoot, David John, and Bp Cutler made remarks to the assembly. It was wet and cold day. We returned to Provo at 5 P.M. and spent the evening with my family. It rained nearly all day and night.

28th, Monday. I was in the Tithing Office all day, at PM. attended a High Council meeting at Provo. We had a long and instructive session which lasted 'till 10 PM.

29th, Tuesday. I spent the day in Provo, and attended a meeting of the Bishops at the Meeting House at 7 PM.

30th. I was in the Tithing Office during the whole day.

April 1st, 1884

1st, Thursday. I was at Provo, at 2 PM. Elders J.M Lyman, A.O. Smoot and myself visited brother Henry A. Dixon who was sick with pneumonia, I anointed him, and Bro. Lyman offered the prayer upon his head. He was quite sick, and was delirious, the most part of the time when we were present.

(May 2nd) I spent the day at Provo. Administered twice to Bro. Dixon during the day.

3rd, Saturday. A monthly meeting of the Priesthood meeting was held at the meeting house, Provo at 10 AM. A general attendance of the Bishops and acting Priesthood were present. The subjects presented were the building of the Stake Tabernacle, and the mission called for St. John, Arizona. At 2 P.M the High Council held a session in the Court House, when Frank Beers (?) of Pleasant Grove was cut off the church, for committing fraud in an election (or in other words for an attempt on his part to get the judges of the election to do so)

I administered in the evening, and morning to Bro. Dixon. I spent 3 ½ hours with him during the day. Bro. Smoot, H.H. Cluff and myself laid hands upon him at 4.30 PM. and SS Jones a dn slef at 8 PM. I administered to him also at 8 AM., but found him failing fast during the day.

4th, Sunday. I was at Provo. Attended the usual meetings. Bro. H.H. Cluff and myself preached in the Tabernacle in the morning. At 2 PM. I again visited Bro. Dixon, and waited by his bed till he died, which took place at 3.30 PM. He had fallen asleep 4 hours before he died, and passed away unconscious.

5th Monday. I was in the Tithing Office all of the day.

6th, Tuesday. I attended the funeral services of Bro. Dixon at the Meeting house at 10 AM. Several of the elders spoke, and I among them. The house was crowded. In company with my 2 sons, Thomas and David, I rode to my farm in the afternoon. Bro W. Strong was with us to the Rock Cannion [sic] bench: while there I witnessed a snow slide from the mountains. Returned home and spent the evening at home, reading.

7th, Wendesday [sic]. I spent the day at the office in Provo, also 8th, 9th and 10th were mostly spent in the office.

11th, Sunday. I attended 3 meetings at Provo. Elders Erastus Snow, and Moses Thacther [sic], of the quorum of the Telve, preached at 10 A.M. and at 2 PM. Synopsis of their discoveries can be found in my scrap book.

12th, and 13th, I was at my office at Provo.

14th, Wednesday. Prest A. O. Smoot and H. H. Cluff and myself left for Salt Lake at 4.30 PM. on our way we saw much of the low land in Salt Lake County, under water. I lodged in the Valley House, Salt Lake City.

15th, Thusday. We left Salt Lake at 7.30 AM, and arrived at Logan at 1 PM, distance of 100 miles. There was much land under water, in Davis County, Weber, Box Elders and Cache Counties.

Bro Smoot, Cluff and myself put up at widow Blair (?). It rained during the afternoon at Logan.

16th, Friday. Conference met at Logan, at 10 A.M. Elders Preston, L. Snow, and D.H Wells spoke to the people. Prest. John Taylor, and Geo. Q Cannon, spoke in the afternoon. There was lay congregation present.

17th, Saturday. We met in the temple at 10 A.M. There was about 1500 present Prest John Taylor offered up the Dedicatory Prayer, it occupied 25 minutes. The full account of the services are in my scrap book, and also in print. hence I considere it un-necessary to repeat here.

Elder Geo. Q. Cannon, Joseph F. Smith and others preached Prst Cannon said that our posterity will people worlds. The foretaste [sic] of knowledge, or possessing a knowledge, is a foretaste of Heaven, and this knowledge is beyond doubt. Elder Jos. F. Smith said, "This house has been built for the ordinances of the living and the dead. No people have the same knowledge as this people possess in relation to the dead which knowledge they have by the power of the Holy Ghost. This is beyond any price. It is the highest duty of human life, to look after the dead. The prophet Joseph said that if it were not for this principle, the earth would melt at the coming of the saviour. Many others will be built throughout the land of Zion. Without the blessings which will be given in this house, and in other houses like it, we never can be saved in the kingdom of God. The Lord will not be responsible to bless us, except we perform our duty.

Elder W. Woodruff said this is the 4th temple dedicated to the Lord in this generation. I believe if the veil was taken form our eyes we could behold Jesus, Joseph, Brigham Young, and a host of angels. One dispensation must be linked, and welded to another. I believe that this temple [one word omitted: illegible] accepted of the Lord, and that the work, that will be performed in it, will be accepted by him.

Christ had a mission to perform, and he has not finished that mission with us. We have to perform our part. I pray God my Heavenly Father, that he may remain here, and that every person, who will enter this house may be pure, and that no un-clean thing may enter it.

Lorenzo Snow offered a few remarks and bore testimony to the restoration of the gospel through Joseph Smith.

Prest. John Taylor requested the congregation to raise to their feet, when all joinedin shouting "Hosannah, Hoshanna, Hoshanna, [sic] to God, and the Lamb, for ever and ever, Amen and Amen."

Meeting was held in the Tabernacle at 2 PM.

18th, Sunday. The dedicatory services were repeated in the temple at 10 AM. Elder Geo. Q. Cannon, read the same prayer, after the close of each meeting, all the people passed through the whole building, two by two. A conference meeting was held in the Tabernacle, at 2 PM. Prest. J. Taylor occupied the whole time, the conference adjourned at 4.30 PM.

19th. I attended the 34d meeting in the temple at 10 AM. the same services were repeated. I left Logan at 4 PM. arrived in Sale Lake City at 9. PM and lodged at the Valley House (in company of H.H. Cluff)

20th. Left Salt Lake at 7 PM. arrived at Provo 9.30 PM.

21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. I was at Provo Tithing Office and on my farm, the weather being rainy and hard to put in crops, the water in the Provo river being high.

25th, Sunday. Attended Prayer meeting at Provo at 9 AM. Erastus Snow preached at 10.30 A.M. I attended Sunday School at 2nd Ward Provo at 2 PM. Rode in my carriage at 3 miles in the evening, accompanied by my wives and my son Thomas John.

26th. Worked in the field during the day, putting in potatoes. Attended a High Council at 7 PM.

27th, Tuesday. I spent the day in my office, attended a meeting of the Bishop at 7.30 PM.

28th, Wednesday. My son David and myself spent the day on Rock Canyon Bench making ditches for watering purposes, we had a hard day of work.

29th, Thursday. I spent the morning in the office.

30, Friday. I spent the day in Provo. High Priest met at 8 PM.

31st, Saturday. The Utah Stake Conference was held in Provo, attended meetings at 10 AM and at 2 PM. Bishops of the Stake and the Presidency of the Stake, occupied the time in speaking. At 8 PM., a concert was held in the meeting house, by the choir of the Provo Tabernacle.

June, 1884

1st, June, Sunday. Two meetings of the conference were held. Prest. Geo. Q. Cannon and Elder Albert Carrington, spoke to the people. I preached in the 1st ward at 8 PM. From the 1st to Friday 6th (June) I devoted my time in the office and fighting caterpillars, which were quite destructive on Fruit trees, they having laid my orchard waste.

7th, June, Saturday. Prest. A. O. Smoot and myself left Provo at 7 AM. by rail, and went to Cedar Fort 32 miles, arrived there at 10 AM. We held a meeting at 11 AM. endeavoring to settle a difficulty existing between brethren, concerning the rights to certain waters for irrigating purposes. At 2 PM we went to the West Mountain from Cedar Fort, and examined a tunnel some 80 feet made into and through the mountain which water that ran therfrom gave rise to the rights thereof. We tendered decision and the parties expressed themselves satisfied therewith. We preached to the people at 4 PM. We lodged at the house of Bishop Eli Bennett.

8th, June, Sunday. We held meeting at 10 AM. and returned to Lehi by train. Bp Bennett being the driver, arrived at Lehi at 4 PM. and from there we went by rail to Provo, where we arrived at 5.50 PM. I spent the evening at home in company of my family and my daughter Mary Jane and her husband.

9th, Monday. I was at my business in the offices.

10th, Tuesday. I spent the day in the office. Attended a meeting of the bishop's at 8 PM. at the Provo Meeting House, a committee for the Programe [sic] of July 4th, 1884 was appointed. The remainder of the week, I was at Provo till 14th.

15th, June, Sunday. I attended a prayer circle at 9 AM and a public meeting at Provo at 10.30 Am. Bishop John Bloom (?), and Elder B. M Driggs of Pleasant Grove preached. Prest. Smoot, H.H. Cluff and myself attended meeting at Springville at 2 PM. Myriam (?) and my son David went with me. Bros. Smoot and Cluff preached.

We returned to Provo at 5.30 PM. and at 6 PM I attended a meeting of the committee of the 4th July, and made out the Programe for that day.

16th, Monday. My daughter Mary Jane Cluff, gave birth to a son at 3.15 PM. The child was still born. I laid him upon her. This was her first child, and my first grand child, we all felt sorry to have to past with it.

17th. At 11 AM Benj'n Cluff Jr., David John Jr, John Giles and myself buryied [sic] the child in the Provo Cemetery.

18th, and 19th. I was at the Tithing Office.

20th. I spent the day in cutting Lucerne (?) hay.

21st. I was in the Tithing Office.

22nd, Sunday. Attended the usual meetings at Provo and at 2 PM. I preached a funeral discourse of sister Crosby (the mother of Sisters Higbee, and Ann Tanner.

23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th. I was hauling hay.

27th and 28th. My son David and myself were watering hay land.

29th, Sunday. Attended meetings at Provo. Bro. James Talmage (recently returned from school in the east) preached and myself at 10.30 AM's services. The next 6 days, I attended business at Tithing Office.

30th of June, being Monday. Benjamin Cluff Jr, my son in law, was taken very sick with inflammation of the bowels, he was extremely low for 3 weeks.

July, 1884

6th, Sunday. I attended the usual meetings at Provo, I spent the next 6 days in provo, partly in the office, and partly with Bro B. Cluff, who was sick.

13th, Sunday and also Sunday the 20th. I was at Provo, the week days I was in the office up to July 19th, being Saturday.

20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. At the office and waiting on the saints.

24th. I joined in the celebration of the pioneers into Utah, this day marking the 37th year, since the first arrival of the Latter-day-saints into Utah. The people of Provo turned out en mass, and all enjoyed good times.

25th, and 26th. I attended business at my office.

27th, Sunday. Elder Harvey H. Cluff and myself left Provo at 8 AM. and arrived at Alpine at 9.30 AM. We held services at 10 AM and at 2 PM and returned to Provo by train at 7 PM.

29th. I rode to my farm in company of my son David, and shucked some wheat which was my heavy crop. My wife and myself visited Bro. B. Cluff in the evening, whom we found recovering slowly.

30th. I spent the day in the Tithing Office, mostly in writing.

August, 1884

1st and 2nd, Friday and Saturday. I was at Provo, at 10 AM. a monthly meeting of the Priesthood was held the chief business of the meeting was, the building of the Stake Tabernacle.

3rd, Sunday. I attended the usual Divine Services at Provo.

2nd and 3rd. I spent in my office at 8 PM of the 3rd. I attended a Bishop's meeting at the Provo tabernacle, the week I spent in Provo, mostly in the Tithing office.

10th, Sunday. I attended 3 meetings at Provo.

11th, and 12th, Monday and Tuesday. I was in the office.

13th. My daughter Martha Ann Williams gave birth to a fine little daughter at my house at 7 AM, this being my first granddaughter. On the evening of Aug 27, she was blessed (her father being mouth, I assisting him, she was named Paula, her grandmother, Mary John and my family were present when she was blessed.

14th, 15th, and 16th. I spent in Provo.

17th, Sunday. At 7 AM. Elder H.H. Cluff and myself left Provo in a carriage, and went to Salem, Utah Co. We preached to the Saints at 10 AM and at 2 PM. and at 4 PM. we organized a prayer circle, the first time in the ward.We enjoyed good spirit during the day, and the saints greatly enjoyed our visit. We returned to Provo at 9 PM., during the day I lost a pair of gold spectacles, that my daughter Martha Ann, gave me a present of on Christmas day 1883.

18th, and 19th. I was at Provo in my office, and attended a Bishop meeting at Provo at 8 PM of the 19th, the remainder of the week to Saturday the 23rd, I was at Provo in the office.

24th, Sunday. I attended 4 meetings at Provo during the day. At 2 PM. memorial services were held throughout the Territory in honor of Elders Wm. Berry and John H Gibbbls, who fell martyrs to the truth in Lewis County Tennessee.

Elders A.O. Smoot, Jacob Gates, and myself, addressed the people in Provo. Elder Berry was 47 years of age and Elder Gibbs 32, the later was born in Havelfordwest (?), Pembrokeshire, South Wales, he and myself were baptized in the same branch of the Church.

25th, Monday. Spent the day in the office. I attended a meeting of the High Council of the Stake at 8 PM, the meeting adjourned at 11 PM. Elder Thos. Allman, was chosen a member of the Councel [sic], to fill a vacancy occurred by the resignation of James Dunn.

[date omitted:illegible from copy] I spent the week in Provo, attending my usual business in the Tithing Office 'till the 29th, August. I attended a conference of the Relief Society of Utah Stake at 2 PM. of Friday the 29th, there were also present Prests. A.O. Smoot, and H.H. Cluff, we all spoke to the sisters, and much valuable instructions were imparted.

We laid before the conference the necessity of money to further the labor on the stake tabernacle, a motion was made that each member of the society should pay 25 cents per month until our present liabilities were cancelled, the motion being put, it carried unanimously. The meeting house was filled and much good accomplished.

30th, Saturday. The quarterly conference of the stake was held in Provo. 3 meetings were held, and the usual business attended too [sic]. In the priesthood meeting in the evening, the brethren voted to pay 50 cents per week towards the Stake Tabernacle. Apostle F.M (?) Lyman was present.

31st, Sunday. Conference continued and 2 meetings were held. Elders F.M. Lyman, A.O. Smoot, Agnes M Cannon, L.G. Nuttall, and myself addressed the congregations.

September, 1888

1st, Monday. I had threshed 200 bushels wheat and 57 of barley. At 5 PM. Sister Margaret T. Smoot died, after a lingering illness of 2 years, caused by palsy. She was the first wife of Elder A. O. Smoot, having been married to him 46 years; but raised no children by him. She passed away after a long life of usefulness in her family and the church, she was 75 years old.

2nd, Tuesday. I spent the day in my office, and attended a meeting of Priesthood at the Provo Tabernacle at 8 PM.

3rd. At 10 AM. I attended the funeral services of Sister Smoot at the Provo Tabernacle. Apostles Wilford Woodruff and Geo. Teadsdale (?) preached, also Bishop John Sharp, and Prest. A. O. Smoot, and I dedicated the grave at the Provo Cemetary.

4th, 5th, and 6th. I was laying carpets in the John and Liddiard building on Main St. Provo, a house which we have built during the last 2 years at a cost of _________________ [blank in text] one half belongs to me.

On the 31st, Aug, 1884, two sisters by the name of Winters, entered the building having rented it for a boarding house for the Brigham Young Academy. My daughter Mary Jane Cluff returned from Provo Valley, where she had been for 2 weeks and 2 days, she having accompanied her husband who went there to his father's house for the benefit of his health; he having been sick for 2 months. He remained in his parents' house, and is at this date quite feeble, and gaining very slow.

7th, Sunday. I attended a prayer circle at 9 AM. at Provo, and a public meeting at 10.30 A.M. I occupied the most of the morning. I took for my text Section 131, verses 1,2,3, and 4, Book Doc and Cov. In the celestial glory there are three heavens or degrees; and in order to obtain the highest a man must enter into this Order of the Priesthood; (meaning the new and everlasting covenant of marriage;) and if he doesn't he cannot obtain it. He may enter nito the other, but that is the end of his kingdom; he cannot have an increase", I also read verse 19 of Section 124, Book Doc and Cov. As follows, "That when he shall finish his work, for I may receive him unto myself, even as I did my servant David Patton who is with me at this time, and also my servant Edward Partridge, and also my aged servant Joseph Smith, Sen., who sitteth with Abraham at his right hand, and blessed and holy is he for he is mine."

I also read Section 76th, verses 71 to 80, Section 45 in verse 54, Sec 132 verses 20, 21 and 22, Sec 124 verse 19 Sec 29 (19?) verse 46 and 47. I remarked that David Patton, Edward Partridge, and Joseph Smith Sen did not live in plural marriage, they passed away before the revelation was given, but they were of that class of spirits, who would have lived that law, had they been permitted to tarry. I read verse 54 of Sec 45 which reads thus, "and then shall the heathen nations be redeemed, and they that knew no law shall have a part in the first resurrection, and it shall be tolerable with them." I quoted the remarks of the Prophet Joseph Smith as follows, "Children will be enthroned in the presence of the Father and the Lamb" (see Compendium page 108.

From the tenor of the hole revelations touching upon the future condition of man, in the world to come, we must conclude that men will be judged according to the circumstances which surrounded them in life, and that the rejection of the truth brings condemnation. The Lord has provided the means of grace to all his children, in all conditions of life, in the world and in the next, and as he has prepared redemption to the heathen nations, who never heard the gospel, He has also prepared endowments for his saints of all ages, who have passed into the Spirit world, without having the privilege in the flesh of obtaining them. Brother John H. Gibbs who fell a martyr in the Southern states, only had one wife, he was martyred in his youth, if he had accepted the revelation on plural marriage in his heart and if he had lived, he would obey it gladly, I am fully convinced that he will inherit all the blessings that will be conferred on those who practice the principle in life. Who will be the judge in such matters? God who can read every heart, the "judge of the quick and the dead". Prest John Taylor, in his sritings on "The Mediation and Atonement" saith, page 180, "Hence, through his atonement, believers in Christ, and those who obey his law, partake of his glory and exaltation, and are inheritors of the godhead; whilst those who do not obey his law, although resurrected cannot inherit this exaltation; they are raised from the dead, but cannot inherit a celestial glory without being obedient to a celestial law." Thus it is evident to my mind that those who have had the opportunities in the church for many years, to enter this law of marriage, and have neglected it through life, aren't entitled to the "highest degree of glory", and such cannot have "an increase" in the world to come, they may "enter into the other degrees", but that will be the "end of their kingdom". I admonished the leders and saints to give heed to the word of the Lord, to take his revelation, and commandments to heart, and to abide the whole law of God.

At 7.30 PM I attended a meeting in the 1st Ward Provo. Elder H.H. Cluff and myself preached to the assembly. I ordained Wm A. McCoullough a High Preist, and also set him apart as second counsellor [sic] to Bishop Joh P.R. Johnson of said Ward. Bro McCullough succeeded position as counsellor [sic] to the Ward for 20 ears. Bro. Allman had been called to filla vacancy, occurred by the resignation of James Dunn, who had been a member of the council for 13 years.

8th, Monday. I spent the day in Provo Tithing Office.

9th, Tuesday. I spent the day in Provo Tithing Office.

10th, Wednesday. I was in the office most of the day.

11th, Thrusday. At the office all of this day. I received a question from a friend as follows, "Can a man who died without obeying the law of Celestial Marriage, obtain a fullness of Celestial Glory". Which I answered as follows.

Provo City, Augt 11th, 1884

Dear Brother, it is impossible for an imperfect being, to define the wondrous works of a perfect creator, and he can only learn his works by the revelations he has given, and then he must have a good flow of the Holy Spirit, to comprehend their full meaning. There are many things that the human mind cannot fathom, time alone will reveal all mysteries, for the Divine voice seems to whisper in relation to many points of doctrime; O mortal man, "thus far thou shalt go in thy researches, and no farther, until they are revealed unto thee." The apostle paul was caught up to the third heaven, and saw and heard wonderful things, but was not permitted to make them known on earth.

Angels have appeared to inspired men, from the days of Adam to the present, in the various dispensations, how much history have they given of the worlds they inhabited! Hardly none! What then was their ministry! To teach men how to live a pure life, and thus benefit the race. "Mary" and the "other Mary" saw an holy Angel at the sepulcher, how many mysteries did he make known! Merely that Jesus had risen, "go and tell his disciples that they will meet them at Galilee."

All my life long I have studied the philosophy of the resurrection, what are the result of my studies! A firm conviction that I shall receive a body immortal, in the morning of the first resurrection, but how it is done, human science cannot explain, and it is not essential that I should know, if it were, it would have been revealed.

It is revealed, that if the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead "dwelleth in me, it will "rise also" my mortal "body."

Now then to the question propounded by you. "Can a man who died without obeying the Law of Celestial marriage, obtain a fullness of Celestial Glory." I will here present from the revelations, some of the conditions, on which celestial glory can be obtained.

"For all those who have this law revealed unto them must obey the same" Sec 132 verse 3, Doc and Cov. (Meaning the law on the Eternity of the Marriage Covenant.")

"For behold: I reveal unto you a new, and an everlasting covenant; and if ye abide not that covenant, then ye are damned for no one can reject this covenant, and be permitted to enter into my glory" Sec 132 verse 5.

"As to pertaining to the new and everlasting covenant, it was instituted for the fullness of my glory; and he that receiveth a fullness thereof, must and shall abide the law, or shall be damned, saith the Lord God" verse 6 of Section 132.

"I am the Lord thy God, and will give unto thee the law of the Holy Priesthood, as was ordained by me, and my Father, before the world was. Abraham received all things, whatsoever he received, by revelation and commandment, by my word, saith the Lord and he hath entered into his exaltation, and sitteth upon his throne." Sec 132 versus 28 and 29.

It is said of those who keep the whole law of God, "Then shall they be Gods, because they have no end, therefore they shall be from everlasting to everlasting, because they continue; they shall be above all, because all things are subject unto them. Then shall they be Gods, because they have all power, and the angels are subject unto them." Sec 132 verse 20.

"Verily, verily I say unto you, except ye abide my law, ye cannot attain to this glory." Sec 132 verse 21.

"In the celestial glory there are three heavens or degrees; and in order to obtain the highest, a man must enter into this order of the Priesthood; meaning the new and everlasting covenant of marriage.) and if he does not, he cannot obtain it. He may enter into the other (two degrees of glory) but that is the end of his kingdom: he cannot have an increase." Section 131 verses 1 to 4 Book of Doc and Cov.

"Abraham received promises concerning his seed, and of the fruit of his lings, - from whose loins ye are, namely my servant Joseph, which were to continue so long as they were in the world; and as touching Abraham and his seed, out of the world they should continue as innumerable as the stars; or, if ye were to count them sand upon the sea shore, ye could not number them. This promise is yours, also, because ye are of Abraham; and by this law are the continuation of the works of my Father, wherein he glorifieth himself. Go ye therefore, and do the works of Abraham; enter ye into my law, and ye shall be saved. But if ye enter not into my law ye cannot receive the promise of my father, which he made unto Abraham. God commanded Abraham, and Sarah gave Hagar to Abraham to wife. And why did she do it? Because this was the law, and from Hagar sprang many people. This therefore was fulfilling among other things, the promises. Was Abraham, therefore, under condemnation? Verily I say unto you, Nay; for I, the Lord, Commanded it" Doc and Cov. Sec 132 verses 30 to 35.

We have quoted from the revelations, sufficient to show what is required of members of the Priesthood in relation to the law pertaining to plural marriage, it is so plain, that no man of ordinary understanding could possibly misunderstand it. It is evident from the tenor of the whole subject, that the highest degree of celestial glory can only be obtained by complying with this law: but there are various circumstances controlling men, over which they have no control, and if any of these will force themselves upon men, so that their life is cut off from the earth, before opportunity presents itself for them to perform the intentions of their hearts, and those intentions were to obey the whole law of God; I believe that provisions are made for them by which they can attain to a fullness of glory. I will here introduce some doctrines to prove my position.

Prest John Taylor in his work entitled "The mediation and Atonement" page 181 says, "The penalty of Adam's sin having been removed through the atonement, it now became the privilege of all men, in all nations, to partake of the salvation provided by the great mediator. And this provision applies not only to the living, but also to the dead, so that all men, who have existed in all ages, who do exist now, or who will exist while the earth stands, may be placed upon the same footing, and that a man may have the privilege, living or dead, of accepting the conditions of the great plan of redemption provided by the Father, through the Son, before the world was; and that the justice and mercy of God may be applied to every being, living or dead, that ever has existed that does now exist, or that ever will exist." We read in Section 124 verse 54, Doc. And Cov. As follow, - "For I am the Lord your God, and will save all those of your brethren who have been pure in heart, and have been slain in the land of Missouri" saith the Lord". Again we find the following, "And again, I give unto you a word in relation to the baptism for your dead. Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you concerning your dead: When any of you are baptized for your dead, let there be a recorder and let him be eyewitness of your baptisms; let him hear with his ears, that he may testify of a truth, saith the Lord; that in all your recordings it may be recorded in heaven; For I am about to restore many things to the earth, pertaining to the Priesthood, saith the Lord of hosts", Sec 127 versus 5 to 9, Doc and Cov. See also Sec 128, verse 3 to 10 read the whole section (128). The late apostle Orson pratt says, "These records wil be a law on earth and in heaven, in behalf of the dead". See note on margin of Sec 128, Doc. and Cov. Read carefully Sec 76 verses 71 to 80. We find also, "and then shall the heathen nations be redeemed, and they that knew law shall have part in the first resurrection; and it shall be tolerable for them" Sec 45 verse 54.

We learn that the heathen nations will have part in the first resurrection "it may be enquired what degree of glory may they attain to". We find the following in Sec 76 verses from 71 to 80, "and again, we saw the terrestrial world, and behold and low, these are they who are of the Terrestrial, whose glory differs from that of the Church of the first born, who have received a fullness of the Father, even as that of the moon differs from the sun in the firmament. Behold, these are they who died without the law, and also they who are the spirits of men kept in prison whom the Son visited, and preached the Gospel unto them, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, who received not he testimony of Jesus in the Flesh, but afterwards received it. These are they who are honorable men of the earth, who were blinded by the craftiness of men. These are they who receive of his glory, but not of his fullness. These are they who receive of the presence of the son, but not of he fullness of the father; Wherefore they are bodies terrestrial, and not bodies celestial, and differ in glory as the moon differs from the sun. These are they who are not valiant in the testimony of Jesus; wherefore they obtain not the crown over the kingdom of God" verse 79 Sec 76. I think sufficient has been said to prove the position, that they who received no the testimony of Jesus in the flesh "cannot attain to the highest degree of glory. In confirmation of this statement we repeat, "For no one can reject this covenant and be permitted to enter my glory. Sec 132. 5.

It is also evident that the whole law of the Lord must be obeyed in order to secure the highest exaltation. It is also manifest that there exists in the spirit world a class of spirits, who will enjoy glory and some of them no doubt the fullness glory who passed away from this life, without having the privilege of obeying the whole law, who had they tarried, would have kept all of the commandments. To confirm this statement, we will add that the Prophet Joseph Smith in a vision saw his brother "Alvin in glory". And again, "But, behold, I say unto you, that little children are redeemed from the foundation of the world through mine only begotten: wherefore, they cannot sin, for power is not given unto Satan to tempt little children, until they begin to become accountable before me"; "And, again, I say unto you, that who having knowledge, have I not commanded to repent! And he that hath no understanding, it remaineth in me to do according as it is written." Sec 29 - 46 to 49. The prophet Joseph Smith saith, "Children will be enthroned in the presence of the Father and the Lamb, with bodies of the same stature as they had on earth." Se compendium page 108.

Elders David Patton, Edward Partridge, and Joseph Smith Sen. Departed this life, before the Celestial law of marriage was revealed, and it is said of them, Doc. and Cov. Sec 124 verse 19, as follows, "That when he shall finish his work, that I may receive him unto myself, even as I did my servant David Patten, who is with me at this time, and also my servant Edward Partridge, and also my aged servant Joseph Smith, Se., who sitteth with Abraham at his right hand, and blessed band holy is he, for he is mine."

I hope the forgoing will throw some light upon the subject.

Elder I.M Coombs
Your Brother in the Gospel
Payson, Utah Co
David John

12th, Thursday. At my office all day writing and reading. Also [omitted; one word illegible, cut off on end of copy page]

13th, I was engaged in the same place.

14th, Sunday. I attended 2 meetings at Provo. Elders Isaac Bullock, and K. G. Maeser preached at 10.30 PM. They enjoyed a goodly portion of the Holy Spirit, and the assembly seemed interested. Pres. A.O. Smoot and H. H. Cluff were at Pleasant Grove. I spent the evening in my own house reading. We had my daughter Martha Ann Williams and her baby Rula one month old with us. Several friends called to see the baby.

15th, Monday. I spent the most of the day in my office. I laid hands and administered to a sick boy at 10 AM. (the son of Wm D. Roberts of the 3rd Ward Provo (who died in a few days thereafter.

16th, Tuesday. I was in the office, attended Bishop's meeting at 7.30 PM in Provo meeting house.

I spent the week in the office.

21st, Sunday. I preached in the meeting house at 10.30 AM. On the eternity of the marriage covenant. I preached in the evening in my house to my own family.

I spent my time in my office till Friday Sep 26th.

27th, At 10 AM (Saturday) was held the monthly meeting of the Stake at Provo, at which I presided, at the close of the meeting Elder H.H. Cluff and myself set apart by the laying on of hands 14 Elders to act as home missionaries in Utah Stake.

28th, Sunday. I attended meeting at 9 AM and at 10.30 AM. (in Provo) Elder Wm. Palmer preached a very interesting discourse giving an historical account of his mission in the North Eastern Stake, "Showing the general hatred of the Sectarian Clergy against the elders of the Church of Christ, and stating that in two instances the clergy had pain money, and given whiskey to rough men for mobing [sic] him, which some of the mob afterwards confessed to Elder Palmer, asking his forgiveness for their treatment".

This reveals the corruption, of the so called preachers of the age. The same spirit has made itself manifested, since the Prophet Joseph Smith was first spoken too [sic] by the Father and the Son. The Priests of the Jewish Church, caused the death of Christ, and many of his apostles and disciples. The Priests of "Elkana" [sic] laid their hands upon Abraham, and were about to take his life, when the power and presence of Jehovah saved him, and so it will continue, 'till truth gains the victory over error.

29th, Monday. I was in my office, and attended a High Council of the Stake at 7 PM. At the council chamber in the Court House. Prest. A.O. Smoot, set apart Elder Thos. Allman as a high councellor [sic] in the Utah Stake, I was mouth in ordaining Elder Charles D Glazier a High Priest, and set him apart an alternate counselor. Elder H.H. Cluff ordained Elder Samuel Liddeard (?) a High Priest, and set him apart an alternate counselor. I ordained James Talmage a High Priest, and set him apart an alternate counselor, Prest. A.O Smoot, set apart Ewan (?) Wride an alternate counsellor [sic], we enjoyed the good spirit while together and adjourned meeting at 10 A.M.

30th, Tuesday. At home. Attended Bishop's meeting at 7. PM at Provo.

October, 1884

1st, Oct. Wednesday. I spent the day in the tithing office, also

2nd, I administered to Sister Maliah Booth, and her baby boy, she being quite sick, and her husband, Bp John E. Booth was on a mission in the North Western States.

3rd, Friday. I spent the most part of the day in the office. At 10 AM. Prest. A.O. Smoot and myself, administered to sister Mariah Booth, and babe 5 months old. Bro. Smoot was mouth in blessing the babe, and I was mouth in blessing the mother.

4th, Saturday. Went by rail to Salt Lake City to attend the semi-annual Conference of the Church. Bp Dd. Williams of Pleasant Valley accompanied me, attended meeting at 10 AM. And at 2 PM. Members of the quorum of the twelve spoke at 7 PM. I attended a meeting of the Young Men Mutual Society, several presidents of the societies spoke, also some members of the Twelve. My son David was with me, and slep [sic] with me in the house of Brother Greening.

5th, Sunday. I attended 2 meeting at conference, and went to Provo with the evening train, my son David stayed with his cousin David Hill, in Salt lake.

6th, Monday. Left Provo at 8 AM. And arrived in Salt Lake at 10 AM. Attended 2 meetings of conference, and a meeting of the Sunday School Union at 7 PM.

7th, Tuesday. Attend meeting at the Tabernacle at 10 AM. Conference adjourned at noon. I returned to Provo in the evening. My son David remained there 'till the 9th.

8th, 9th, 10th 11th. I was in Provo Tithing Office.

12th, Sunday. I was in Provo. Elder Joseph E. Taylor of Salt Lake preached at 10.30 AM. a very interesting discourse. I attended Sunday School in the 1st Ward at 2. PM and spoke to them.

13th, Monday. I spent in my office, and at 7 PM attended a meeting of the High Councel [sic], of Utah Stake, at the Provo Court House.

14th. At 10 AM. I attended the funeral of sister Mariah Booth in the 4th Ward meeting house, Provo. She was the wife of Bishop John E. Booth, and a daughter of Elder Lewis Harvey of Pleasant Grove, Utah. Elders A.O. Smoot, H.H. Cluff, and myself, preached in the funeral.

The remainder of the week to the 19th I was in Provo.

19th, Sunday. I attended prayer circle at 9 AM. Elder Jacob Gates, and myself, preached at 10.30 AM. In the Provo Meeting House. At 2 PM. I attended funeral services of Sister James E. Dainels (Elizabeth Daniels, wife of JE Daniels, and daughter of the late Elder Moses Jones.

Prest A.O. Smoot, Elder H.H. Cluff, Warren N. Dusenburry, and myself preached in the funeral. (It was a wet day)

20th, Monday. I spent the day in the Tithing Office, and read at home in the evening, with my family.

21st, Tuesday, and the week till Oct 25 I was in my office.

26th Sunday. I attended a Prayer Circle at Provo at 9. AM. Elders A.O. Smoot and H.H. Cluff preached at 10.30 AM. The remainder of the day, I devoted in reading, and metitation [sic].

27th Monday. I spent the morning with my son David ploughing [sic], the afternoon I spent in the Tithing Office. attended a High Council at 7 PM.

28th Tuesday. I was in the office all day, and at 7 PM. attended a meeting of the Bishops of Provo, Bp J E Booth was present, having just returned from a mission of 1 year and 2 weeks which he had filled in the [omitted: one word illegible] Western States of America. During the day Bro. Booth and myself, administered to Sister Winters of Pleasant Grove, who was sick in Provo.

29th Wednesday. In the morning I was my (with) Son David in the field ploughing [sic]. In the office in the afternoon, at 7.30 PM. a Ratification meeting was held in the Provo Meeting House regarding re-electing Hon. JT. [omitted: last name illegible] to Congress, he and others spoke, house was crowded, and meeting lasted 'till 11. PM.

30th Thursday. I spent in the Office, writing, reading, and corresponding. Prest A.O. Smoot was with me for 2 hours in the afternoon on Church business.

I sold about 100 tons of hay from Tithing Office to [omitted: first name illegible] Liddiard. The "Trustee-in-Trust" subscribed, this date Five Thousand Dollars, towards the erection of new building of the Brigham Young Academy in Provo City, and issued an order on me to pay it, as the Presiding Bishop's Agent, of Utah Stake.

31st Friday. I spent the morning in the Office, writing and corresponding.

November 1884

1st Saturday. A monthly meeting of the Stake, was held in Provo at 10 A.M., much business was presented, subjects; being Tithing, our New Stake Tabernacle, and assistance to the families of the families, who were martyred at Tennessee on Aug 10/84. I attended Conference of the Young Men Mutual Improvement Society of Utah Stake, at 2. PM. And 7. PM. and assisted in seting [sic] apart 10 missionaries at 9 PM.

2nd Sunday. Elder A.O. Smoot and myself went to Payson, and returned in the evening. We preached at 11 AM, and at 2 PM to larger and attentive congregations. Spent the evening at home, Bro B. Cluff Jr. and his wife with us, part of the time.

3rd Monday. At home in Tithing Office.

4th Tuesday. I spent in the Office. At 7 PM. The Superintendants and Teachers of Sabbath School, met at Provo Meeting house, a committe [sic] was appointed, to arrange for a course of Lectures on Theology in connection with Sunday Schools.

5th 6th 7th and 8th, I attended Church business at my office.

9th Sunday. I attended prayer meeting at 9 AM. at Provo. At 10.30 AM. Elders K.G. Maeser, and LJ. Nuttall preached. I spent the afternoon at home.

10th Monday. I spent the day in the Tithing Office.

11th 12th and 13th A Council of arbritators [sic], composed of the First Presidency of the Church, and 12 High Priests, met in Provo Meeting house, to settle difficulites between citizens of Utah Co and Salt Lake Co, in relation to the Utah Lake and an obstruction placed in the Jordan river. Bps W.B. Preston of Salt Lake, and Boudance of South Cottonwood, stayed at my house.

14th and 15th I was in the Tithing Office.

16th Sunday. At Provo, I attended prayer meeting at 9 A.M. at 10.30 AM. Bishop John E. Booth, and myself, preached to the assembly. Bro. Booth showed the difference between Prosecution and Persecution, showing that the Prophet Joseph Smith received more of the later than the first, but he received it, under the name of prosecution by his enemies, which were not a fact. He pointed to the succession and continued trials of the Saints, from that time to the present, showing to be on the increase.

I took for my subject some words from a revelation given Feb 4th 1831 which are as follows. "And behold, it shall come to pass, that my servants shall be sent forth to the East and to the West, to the north and to the south; and even now, let him that goeth to the east, teach them that shall be converted to flee to the west, and this in consequence of that which is coming on the earth, and of secret combinations."

When this warning to flee westward was given, the Church was only 9 months old. There was no plural marriage then, the Saints were not found among the nations then, there were no Temples, and endowments then, nor any of the pretexts, for which we are now persected [sic], but even at that time there were "secret combinations" forming to drive the few saints from the States of New York, and Pensyllvania. [sic] Persecution had commenced against the Church, before the Church was hardly known, and enmity and hatred were manifested towards Joseph Smith ten years, before he was a member of any Church.

He received the first vision early in the spring of 1820, and as soon as it was announced, he had enemies from that hour. It was enmity and hatred against the truth, it was the powers of darkness waged against the Almighty. It was the same power that caused Cain to slay Abel. Whever [sic] the Lord has opened a dispensation, persecution has followed; and every dispensation has been established by God through his constituted authority. Adam, Enock [sic], and all the great prophets, have been given authority of God. Abraham's father's house had apostatized from the Truth, and hence Abraham could not receive his authority from his father, but received it from Melchizedek. Abraham was persecuted, and had to flee from his native place. He was a pilgrim and a wanderer all his life on account of persecution. We come to the day of Moses, who was subject to Pharoah in Egypt, but on account of defending freedom, he was compelled to flee from the country and found Jethro the King Priest of Median. Moses married his daughter, and Jethro ordained him to the Priesthood the Medianites were the descendants of Abraham, through his wife Keturah. (his third wife) Jethro the Priest was not a descendant of Isaac and Jacob, he was not the child of Sarah nor Rebecca, but was a descendant of Abraham by mother wife, and this man confirmed upon Moses, the Holy Priesthood. Moses was appointed to a great mission, to deliver the children of Israel, from the bondage of Egypt and to qualify him for this important mission the Lord appeared to him from time to time, and instructed him in the duties of his calling. We need not rehearse the history, but it is evident, that the children of Israel were delivered and obtained freedom; while Pharoah, and the power and strength of his nation where buried in the depth of the sea and thus the power of God was made manifest.

John the Baptist who restored the Priesthood of Aaron, preached repentance, and baptised Christ, was persecuted, and finally killed. Christ came, and although he was without sin, he suffered and died. Martin Luther established a system of reformation which gave to the world more light. Joseph Smith was the instrument in the hands of God in the establishment of a great and divine system of religion among men. He died as a martyr, and his followers have been persecuted ever since. But the mind of Joseph Smith did not discover the principles of the Gospel in their fullness, which had been hid from the world for ages; they were revealed to him by the Lord. As sure as this nation does not cease persecuting the latter-day-saints, it will perish; but the kingdom of God will stand for ever.

The Saints need persecution, that they may be tried and tested. We must not feel proud of the power of which God has given us. It is not our own, but God's.

Choir sang: "Guide us, O, Thou Great Jehovah."

Benediction by Elder H.H. Cluff.

In the afternoon Prest AO. Smoot, Elders H.H. Cluff and myself walked about one mile out of town and administered to Elder Wm. Douglass, who was sick, and who died 2 days afterwards. I spent the evening at home.

17th. I was in my office all day also the

18th Tuesday, I was there, at 7. PM. I delivered a lecture on Divine Authority of the Priesthood, and Ordinations to the Melchisedek [sic] and Aaronic Priesthood, in the Provo meetings, a synopsis of which, was printed in the "Territorial Enquirer," and is placed in my Scrap Book.

19th Wednesday, I was in my office, attended a Concert of the Primary Organization of the 1st Ward, Provo at 7. PM. which was interesting.

20th and 21st I was in my office, corresponding and reading.

22nd Saturday. I attended meeting of the Board of Utah Co Herd Association, and we disolved [sic] the Company, after it had existed Ten years; it proved a failure.

I spent the afternoon in the Tithing Office. The morning meeting was also held there. There were present AO. Smoot, E. F. Sheets, Jos. S. Tanner, JE. Booth Lyman S Woods and myself.

23rd Sunday. I attended prayer meeting at Provo at 9 AM. Prest AO. Smoot, and Elder James E. Talmage, preached at 10 30 AM. In the evening Prests Smoot, H.H. Cluff and myself preached in the Second Ward Provo.

24th and 25, I was in my office, attended meeting of the 5 Bishops of Provo at 7 PM.

26th 27, and 28th I was in my office. At 2 PM. of the 28th I attended a quarterly Conference of the Relief Society of Utah Stake. My wife Mary John, was elected President of the Relief Society of the Utah Stake, and sisters Lyman (wife of Apostle F.M. Lyman) and Emily Cluff, were elected to be her Counselors. Sister Margaret T. Smoot had been Prest of the Society for years, and my wife had acted as her first Counselor, during that length of time.

29th Saturday. Our quarterly Stake Conference was held at Provo, at 10 AM. The Bishops occupied the morning in reporting their Wards. The afternoon was occupied by Bishop John E. Booth, Harvey H. Cluff and myself. A Priesthood meeting was held at 7 PM. Prest AO Smoot, and myself, spoke to the assembly.

30th Sunday. The Conference opened at 10 AM. President John Taylor occupied the morning, and delivered a good discourse. President Geo. Q. Cannon occupied the afternoon. Synopsis of the discourses delivered during the 2 days, are entered in my Scrap Book.

President AO Smoot, only attended 2 meetings during Conference, on account of being indisposed.

December 1884

1st At my labors in my office at the Provo Tithing Office.

2nd I spent the day in my office, visited Prest AO. Smoot who was confined to his room.

3rd I spent the day in my office writing. I engaged Elder James Hardy, to assist me, in openening [sic] a new Record for Tithing reports of the Utah Stake. Also an account of Donations for building the Temples at Salt Lake City, and at "Manti"; San Pete Stake.

I visited Prest Smoot, who was confined in his house with pain in his right side. Spent the evening at home posting up my Scrap Book.

4th Thursday. I spent the day in the office, reading, and corresponding, and posting up this journal

I have been in the ministry 29 years lacking about 3 months, I have kept a journal imperfectly during that time, I say imperfectly because many events have transpired, that I have not recorded; and had I my life to go over again, with the experience I now have, I certainly should have a fuller account of events and circumstances as they occur. I have ordained many hundreds to the Holy Priesthood, in the Aaronic and Melchisedec [sic], having been for years engaged in the ministry abroad, as well as in the Utah Stake of zion, and yet very few ordinations I have recorded in this journal. The same might be said in relation to those whom I have baptised, I have not made a correct record of them. The reason for this is, because I used to think, that Clerks of Branches, Wards, and Quorums, would enter the same on their records, no doubt there are records made of them, but I have no access to them, as they are scattered in various parts of England, Wales, and America. Had I my ministry to go over again, I should record them all, with names of persons, baptised, confirmed and ordained, with dates, and places, and events as they occured.

If any of my posterity read the above, I advice [sic] them to attend to this at the commencement of their ministry, and keep it up through life, and when you become old with years, your joy will renumerate [sic] you for the time you will devote to recording. The Lord has promised me through his servants the Prophets, Patriarchs, and Apostles, that my posterity will be very great, and that many Apostles, High Priests, and holy men and women, will be among them; they will become very numerous upon this land of Joseph. The blessing conferred by Jacob on the head of him, who was separated from his brethren; has been promised, and sealed upon my head; for like him, I became seperated [sic] from my father [sic] house; and planted myself, in a far off land in the West 7000 miles, from my father's house and kindred; in obedience to the commandments of the Lord. I received many dreams and manifestations in my youth, which caused many of my kindred to hate me; and speak evil of me falsely.

Up to the present date of writing I have kept the true faith, and adhered to the Church of Christ, for I love its doctrines dearer that this mortal life, knowing that its foundation is laid by the Lord, and is built upon by Prophets and Apostles, called and ordained by Diving Authority. Having this faith abiding within me, and desiring to transmit the same to my posterity is the reason why I write this testimony, that by the grace of God, they may ponder and consider these my words, when I will not be present with them in the flesh.

How long the Lord in His Divine goodness, will permit me to tarry I do not know. I had a very singular presentment in a dream in the summer of 1883, see page 401 of this book. It has not annoyed me in the least, for I am in the hand of God, whether in life or death, His holy will be done. I should prefer to tarry 'till my work is done; and when it is finished, I should prefer to depart; that no time might be lost. It has been made known to me, that I must labor within the veil, see page 330 this book. Yes I must labor eternally, but it will be a sweet labor, hence it is called "rest" "eternal rest"; and now, O: Lord God of Abraham, I ask in the name of Thy Holy Son, Jesus Christ the Righteous, that the Holy Priesthood, that Thou didst confer upon Thy servant Joseph Smith Junior, may continue 1:461] in me, and my posterity, through time, and throughout all eternity, and the glory praise, and dominion be given to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, for ever and ever Amen.

On page 460, I wrote conserning [sic] keeping a record, and there stated that I had kept a full record, but many are recorded in this book; and if the Lord will preserve me I will keep more minute account in the future, than I have done in the past, the following named Elders, I ordained High Priests

1 James Gledhill, ordained High-Priest, at Provo, Nov 30, 1866
2 Ulrich Buchi, (John Ulrich Buchi.) ordained High-Priest, at Provo, Dec 4th 1874
3 Joseph Burcdon ordained High-Priest, at Provo, Feb 5th 1875
4 Edward Meekham ordained High-Priest, at Provo, Aug 6th 1875
5 Thos. Arrowsmeth ordained High-Priest, at Provo, Nov 5th 1875
6 Henry Sanders ordained High-Priest, at Provo, Feb 4th 1876
7 Henry White ordained High-Priest, at Provo, March 2nd 1876
8 Wm Hatton ordained High-Priest, at Provo, March 2nd 1877
9 Nicholas Meuhlestein ordained High-Priest, at Provo, April 6th 1877
10 Richard Stubbs ordained High-Priest, at Provo, Oct 13th 1877
11 George G. Hales ordained High-Priest, at Spanish Fork, June 7th 1887. I also set him apart as Counselor to the Bishop of Spanish Fork. (GD. Snell BP. [sic]
12 Morgan Evans. I ordained a High [sic] at Pleasant Valley, and set him a part as 1st Counselor to the Bp. Sep 30th 1883.
13 Robert Gallispie I also ordained a High Priest at the same place, also set him a part as a Second Counsellor [sic] to Bishop D. Williams Sep 30th 1883
14 Charles D. Glazier, I ordained a High Priest and set him apart as alternate High Counselor 29th Sep 1884.
15 James E. Talmage, I ordained a High Priest, and set him apart as alternate high Counselor on 29th Sep. 1884.

The above ordinations took place at a session of the High Councel, held in the Court House Provo, of that date. Samuel Liddiard was ordained, and set apart to the same calling, Elder H.H. Cluff being mouth. Elders Thos. Allman was set apart as a High Counselor, Prest AO. Smoot being mouth. Bro Evan Wride, was set apart as an Alternate High Counselor, Bro. AO. Smoot being mouth. The last two had previously been ordained High Priests, and had been acting as Bishop's Counselors for several years.

16 Wm. A. McCollough I ordained a High Priest, and set him apart as second Counselor to Bp JPR. Johnson of 1st Ward Provo, at Provo meeting house, Sunday eve. Sep 7th 1884. John Strong, of Alpine, I set apart as 2nd Counselor to Bishop, Thos. J. McCollough on June 11th 1877, at Alpine.

17 Amasa Mecham, I ordained a High Priest, in the Timpanogus [sic] Ward, on Sunday July 18th 1886 he was also set a part, first Counselor to the Bishop of the Ward (Peter M. Wentz.)

18 William Wadley, 65 years of age. I ordained a High Priest April 20th 1890 and set him apart as First Counselor to the Bishop of 2nd Ward Pleasant Ward (Bishop Canute Swenson.)

19 Alexander Bullock eyed 52 years, I ordained a High Priest Sep 14th 1890. and set apart as Counseler [sic] to Bishop John Brown of the 1st Ward, Pleasent [sic] Grove.

High Priests Ordained.
20 Ordained Jas. T. Thorn a High Priest, by D. John Aug 2nd 1889
21 Ordained Jens Christianson a High Priest, by D. John Oct 13-1889
22 Ordained Edward Morgan a High Priest, by D. John March 16-1890
23 Ordained Roderic Dewies a High Priest, by D. John March 16th 1890
24 Ordained Geo Gronaman a High Priest, by D. John March 15-1890
25 Ordained Wm. J. Harries a High Priest, by D. John March 15-1890
26 Ordained Soren Nielson a High Priest, by D. John Mar 15-1890
27 Ordained Thos W. Jones a High Priest, by D. John March 15-1890
28 Ordained Samuel Vowels a High Priest, by D. John March 15-1890
29 Ordained Thos A. Cloward a High Priest, by D. John March 15th 1890
30 Ordained A. Cowan a High Priest, by D. John March 15 1890
31 Ordained Wm. Cloward a High Priest, by D. John March 15-1890
32 Ordained Thos. Tame a High Priest, by D. John March 15th 1890
33 Ordained Levi Curtis a High Priest, by D. John March 15th 1890
34 Ordained George Rees a High Priest, by D. John June 8th 1891
35 Ordained John E. Ingalls a High Priest, by D. John June 26th 1892
36 Ordained Wm. E. Lewis a High Priest, by D. John June 26th 1892
37 Ordained Isaac Evans a High Priest, by D. John June 26th 1892
38 Ordained John Thos. Giles a High Priest, by D. John Jan 7th 1893
39 Ordained Johnson Dewie a High Priest, by D. John Feb 22nd 1892
40 Ordained Bellows John F. a High Priest, by D. John May 8th 1892
41 Ordained John. Urine a High Priest, by D. John June 24th 1894
Repetition Wm. Wadley a High Priest, by D. John April 20th 1890
Repetition Alexander Bullock a High Priest, by D. John Sep 14th 1890
42 Wm. Wallace Hunter (Bishop Hunter's son [sic] a High Priest, by D. John Feb 14th 1886
43 John A. Davies (missed from Vol 2) a High Priest, by D. John June July 18th 1888
44 Isaac Whimpey a High Priest, by D. John June 18th 1888
45 JW. Bean a High Priest, I ordained (35 yrs age) by D. John Dec 18th 1888

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Missions and appointments


Field of Labor

Where and when


Traveling Elder Pembrake South Wales

At Haverford-west


Prest Flintshire Conference N. Wales

At Swansea, Wales


Welsh mission 2nd Counselor

At Swansea Wales


Prest of Nottingham Conference England

At Birmingham, England.


Pastor of Nottingham Pastorate-including Nottingham, Derby and Leicestershire Conferences

At Liverpool


Left Liverpool for Utah



1st Counselor to 3rd Ward, Provo *

At Provo City


Home missionary in Utah Stake

At Provo City


Supt. Sunday Schools, Utah Co.

At Provo City


Mission to Europe

At Salt Lake City


Prest. High Priests quorum, Utah Stake

At Provo City


Presiding Bp's Agent in Utah Stake

At Provo City


I was ordained Presiding Bp. Utah Stake

Provo City


1st Counselor to Utah Stake (A.O. Smoot President)

At Provo City


D. John was ordained a Seventy +


D. John was ordained a High Priest


D. John was set apart, first counselor, to E Partridge, Pres. of Utah Stake


D. John, was acting President of Utah Stake, from Nov 17, 1900 to


D. John, was set apart-President of Utah Stake


D. John Patriarch was set apart by John Henry Smith

[Omitted: one line illegible]

I was first appointed Counselor to Bp Wm E. Nuttall, and on his released I I was appointed Counselor to Bob mycon Tanner, Nov 6th 1864.

Appointed Day month year

By whom set apart

Departure Day month year

Release Arrival home Day month year

1st June 1856

Daniel Daniels

30th Dec 1856

30th Dec 1856

30th Dec 1856

Daniel Daniels

4th Jan 1858

19th Dec 1857

19 Dec 1857

Saml W. Richards

31st Dec 1858

3rd Jan 1859

3rd Jan 1859

Asa Calkin


6th March 1860

6th mrch 1860

NV. Jone

29th Jan. 1861

28th Dec 1860

16th April 1861


Arrived at Salt Lake City

13th Sep 1861

10th Sep 1862

Geo. A. Smith


4th June 1877

6 Nov 1864

Geo. A. Smith

30th Nov 1870

Sunday Missions,

Oct 1866

Geo A. Smith



8th April 1871

John Taylor

1st May 1871

12th June 1872 July 5th 1872

10 Sep 1874

AO. Smoot

4th June 1877


4th Mrch 1883

Jos. F. Smith



12 Mrch 1883

Edward Hunter

released 24, Dec. 1887

Finished my reports 2nd May 1888 Served 5 years 2 months

4 June 1877

John Taylor

Pres AO. Smoot died 6, March 1895

19 Feb 1862

Robert T. Thomas-I continued to be Clerk of Seventies until-

10 Nov 1862

Apostle Geo. A. Smith

March 15th 1864-45 quorum

21 April 1895

Pres. Geo. Q. Cannon

(See Vol 4, page 281)

Note from June 4, 1877

13 Jan 1901

See Vol 4, page 343.

to Jun, 4th 1903

13 Jan 1901

See Vol 4, page 343

he has been a member of the Presidency of Utah Stake a period of 26 years.

[omitted: 2 or 3 lines illegible]
-serving in all in this capacity 14 years and 9 months

5th Friday. I spent the day in my office.

6th Saturday. I spent the day in posting this journal.

7th Sunday. I left Provo at 8 AM. by train, and went to American Fork. Attended meetings there at 10 AM. and at 2 PM. Elder Abraham Q. Cannon, one of the 1st seven Presidents, of Seventies occupied the most part of the morning and I preached in the afternoon, on the Divine Authority of the Priesthood, and ordinations to the Priesthood, and dwet [sic] at length on the nature, and jurisdiction of the Bishopric; also on the importance of education the youth of Zion.

I returned to Provo at 6 30 P.M. Spent the evening at home.

8th Monday. I spent the day in the office, visited Prest. A.O. Smoot, who who was quite sick (mother Dusenbury was burried

9th Tuesday. I was in the office all day. I administered to Bro. Smoot at noon, and at 7 PM. I attended a meeting of the Bishops of Provo. Elder H.H. Cluff and myself engaged the most of the time, on the importance of paying tithes, when due, they should be paid in kind with a willing heart. Instructed the Bishops to commence settling tithing on the 26th day of this month, and close their books for 1884, on January 3rd 1885. I wrote letters to all the Bishops in the Stake this date, giving them the same instructions.

10th Wednesday. I spent in the office daily Saturday the

13th attending the usual business as a Bishop's Agent.

14th Sunday. I was in Provo, attended the usual meetings. Elder H.H. Cluff preached in the morning.

15th Monday. Left Provo at 8 AM. arrived at Salt Lake at 10 AM. I attended business in the General Tithing Office, and at the "Trust-tee in Trust"'s Office, had a conversation with the Presiding Bishop of the Church for 1 ½ hour (Bp W.B. Preston) I bought a pair of gold spectacles for $10.00, and returned to Provo at 6 PM. I visited Prest A.O. Smoot at 7 PM. accompanied by my wife Mary and found quite un-well.

16th Tuesday. I spent the day in my office. Visited Prest Smoot at 4.40 PM., and attended a public lecture at Provo Tabernacle at 7 PM. Elder IM. Coombs of Payson delivered a lecture, on the subject of the "Growth of Sabbath Schools" in Utah Territory and especially in the Utah Stake of Zion. Elders Evan Wride, J.E. Daniels and myself offered a few remarks. After services I visited Elder JL. Nuttal and family. There being a Social gathering of a few friends there, in honor of his son Joseph Nutall who was 21 years this date. Bro. Nuttall wisely presented his Son, with a Bible, Book of Mormon, Doc and Covenants, Hyrum Book, and in fact with a whole list of the Church Books; with an advise that Joseph should read them, and be govern through his life by the precepts there contained. The young man promised to do so.

17th It snowed heavy all day. I spent the day in the office, corresponding with the various Ward Bishops in relation to settling tithing for the year 1884.

18th and 19th I was in the Provo Tithing Office.

20th Saturday. I spent the day at my residence (being unwell)

21st Sunday. I spent at home, did not attend meeting I had pain in the pit of my stomach; I was not confined to bed, I read the Book of Mormon all day.

22nd and 23rd I was at home, reading most of the time, and endured considerable pain in my stomach.

24th Wednesday. I spent the day in the office, and wrote to all the Bishop's in the Stake, in relation to bussiness [sic], appertaining to tithing.

25th Thursday, being Christmas day, I had all my family, and children together; except my daughter Martha Ann, and family, we spent the day in joy and peace. I spent an hour with Bro. AO. Smoot in the evening.

26th 27th I spent in the office, writing.

28th Sunday. I attended prayer meeting at 9 AM. at Provo Meeting house, and Sacrament meeting at 10 AM. Elder Edson Whipple, preached on the travels of the Church, from the days of Kirtland, up to the present. I read the Book of Mormon, in the afternoon.

29th , 30th, and 31st I was in the office, attending to the Tithing business of the Utah Stake.

There is no need to review the year 1884, as this journal contains a daily record, of what I was doing. There were no changes in my family, only I had two grandchildren born to me, my first grandchildren. One was a boy, still born, the son of Mary Jane Cluff. The other was Rula Williams, she is alive and well.

Financially I was more embarrased than usual on account of building a Hotel, in connection with Mr Samuel Liddiard, the cost of which was double the amount, which we at first calculated to expend. I spent many a sleepless night on account of it. The building, and ground cost about $15,000 Fifteen thousand dollars: and by the time it was completed times had greatly changed, and the house could not be rented to much advantage.

Miss D. Winters rented the house, and entered it on August 30th 1884; for a boarding house.

Times have greatly changed within the last 2 years in relation to Cash, there is but litle in circulation among the people, and thousans of people throughout the Territory have had a hard struggle to pay taxes; but the necessaries of life are plentiful in the land. The sabbath Schools are prosperous, and great interest is manifested by the people in attending them. Our day Schools are well attended. Reading rooms, and Libraries are established throughout Utah, and the young as well as the old are attending them. The Young men, and the Young Ladies Societies are accomplishing great good.

The different quorums of Seventies have within the last year been re-organized and all now in a good condition. All the quorums of the Priesthood are in working order: and the Temple in Logan was dedicated in this year.

January 1st 1885, being Thursday.

I have attended many funerals in my days, and have spoken in many of them, I have gathered an account of some of them from records, while an account of many I have failed to secure. I will here make an entry of those in which I officiated as a speaker. In some funerals I was the only speaker, in other, several preached, but I spoke in all the funerals of those which I will now mention.

The dates refer to the days of burial in Provo.


David E. Bunnel (a Seventy)

July 5th 1865,

aged 65


Titus Billings

Feb 6th 1866

aged 70


Mary Ellen Steel

Aug 29th 1867



David C. Bullock

Oct 4th 1867

1 year old


John Peter Dunn

Jan 4th 1868



Eliza C. Jone (wife of Moses)

Oct 29th 1870

old aged


Eliza Haws Chesley

Nov 21st 1870

65 years


Charles McCracken

Mrch 12th 1872

aged 74


Wm. H. Moore

Sep 11th 1874

aged 3 years


Mary Ellen Buxton Jones.

Jan 8th 1877

aged 22 years


Gilbreth Haws

March 4th 1877

aged 76 years


Martha Thomas (died Jan 11th 1879)

Burried Jan 14th 1879

aged 63 years


Bp Jonathan O. Duke

Dec 30th 1868

aged 67 years


Wm. D. Startup

Jan 29th 1878

aged 32 years


John McEvan

Feb 28th 1878

aged 54 years


Hezekiah Bullock

June 7th 1878



Moses Jones

(died 10th March 1879)

Funeral on 12/79 aged


Albert Park (he was shot)

July 5th 1879

aged 17 years


Emma Allman Jones

July 10th 1879

aged 26 years


John Wm. Graham

Augt 21st 1879

aged 1 year


Mary Nuttall

April 22nd 1880

aged 87 years


Hylet Maud Loveless

May 16th 1880

aged 6 years


Thos. Wm. Holdoway (Son of Thomas)

Dec 10th 1880

aged 1 ¼ years


Sarah Evans

Jan 12th 1881

aged 60 years


Jacob Boam

Feb 7th 1881

aged 87 years


Shepard Glazier

Feb 24th 1881

aged 88 years


Hannah Dunn Jr

April 17th 1881

aged 8 years


Hannah Booth

May 19th 1881

aged 29 years


Julia Ann Holdoway

21st 1881

aged 1 year


David W. Rogers

Sep 22nd 1881

aged 94 years


Geo. T.B. Peay

Nov 18th 1881

aged 21 years


George Beche

Nov 29th 1881

aged 70 years


Emily Smoot

March 21st 1882

aged 66 years


James Bean [omitted: 2 words illegible]

March 31st 1882

aged 78 years


Mabel Graham

Aug 8th 1882

aged Infant


Mary Elizth Graham

Aug 4th 1881

aged 12 years


Emma Daniels

died January 6th 1882

aged 21 years


Lewis O Glazier (died at St George)

Dec 6th 1882



Wm. Barrett

March 5th 1883

aged 82 years


Clide Smoot Newel

May 14th 1883

aged 8 months


Mary Ann Nuttall Jones

July 27th 1883

aged 26 years


Bp. LE. Harrington (American Fork)

Jun 28 1882

aged 70 years


Margaret Foster Cluff

Sep 22nd 1883

aged 42 years


Dominicus Carter

Feb 4th 1884

aged 77 years


Henry A. Dixon

May 4th 1884

aged 49 years


Amelia Evans

May 8th 1880

aged 28 years


Harriet Snow

March 19th 1882

aged 38 years


Robert Till Junr

May 19th 1882

aged 23 years


Amanda Mc Ewan

May 25th 1882

aged 56 years


James Fisher




Diantha Billings

May 15th 1879

aged 84 years


Luella Bean

Dec 3rd 1879

aged 2 years


Estilla Bean

Dec 10th 1879

aged 2 years


Uriah Viles Rickards

Dec 31st 1879

aged 60 years


Hannah Melissa Sperry

July 25th 1884

aged 22 years



June 22nd 1884

aged 68 years


Margaret T. Smoot

Sep. 3rd 1884

aged 75 years


Elizabeth Daniels

Oct 19th 1884

aged 54 years


Elizabeth Buxton

Nov 7th 1884

aged 70 years


Bp Wm. Miller (died)

Aug 7th 1874

aged 60 yr. 9 m


Jane Clark




Isaac Higbee




Bp Wm. Binghurt

Feb 17th 1883

aged 65 years


Jones (S S. Jones' mother)




Lydia Jones




Cluff (Josiah's child)




Josephine Nuttall

Nov 28 1884

aged 1 year


Bp David Evans (of Lehi)

June 24th 1883

aged 79 years


Wm. Winn (of Lehi)




George Brown




Thos W. Bunnell

Dec 25th 1873

aged 1 year


Elizabeth Daniels-wife of J.E. Daniels

died Oct 17th 1884

aged 54 years


Wm Nuttall Senr

March 14th 1864

aged 67 years


Mary Nuttall Senr

April 28th 1880

aged 79 years


Rebecca F. Samsocee

April 20th 1884

aged 50 years


Emily Isabele Chesley Nuttall




David Vaughn




Aurila Dusenbery

Dec 7th 1884

aged 75 years


Alice Wilson (wife of LA Wilson)

Jan 15th 1885



Thos Fenn

April 18th 1885



Mariah Bobey (Second Ward)

May 1st 1885



Thomas Lewis (1st Ward)

May 3rd 1885

aged 35 years


Fanny Coombs (Payson)

March 16th 1885

aged 42 years-9 months


Hester Ann Beebe, Provo

June 27th 1885

60 y 3 m 2 d


Rosetta Glazier, of Provo,

Sept 27th 1885,

aged 81 years 3 months


Joseph Hoover of Provo

Oct 13th 1885

aged 17 years


Florence Dewies (daughter of Chas.)

Nov 15th 1885

aged 11 months


Roswell C. Ferre (of Provo)

Dec 12th 1885

aged 67 years


Mary Boardman (of Provo)

April 13th 1886

aged 67 years


Leon Osker Holdoway (son of Thomas)

April 28th 1886

aged 8 months


Isaiah M. Coombs (of Payson)

May 23rd 1886

aged 52 years


Nancy Flemings (of Provo)

July 6th 1886

aged 75 years


Eleanor Akins of Provo

July 7th 1886

aged 63 years


Ann Wride Stubbs of Provo

Aug 15th 1886

aged 47 years


Wm. Jones ([omitted: one word illegible]) of Provo

Sep 26th 1886

aged 71 years


Mary John Jones of Provo

Sept 29th 1886

aged 54 years


Daniel Vincent of Provo

Oct 31st 1886

aged 85 years


Wilson Glazier

Nov 10th 1886

aged 18 years


Hannah Clark Scott, (widow of Bp Scott

Feb 13th 1887

aged 76 year

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Jan 1st 1885

1st Thursday. I was in my office all day, and also on

2nd and 3rd, attending to the Tithing of the Stake. At 10 AM. of the 3rd I attended a Priesthood meeting of the Stake at Provo. The subjects treated upon were Tithing, and the building of the Stake Tabernacle.

4th Sabbath. I stayed at home in the morning, and afternoon, not feeling well. I preached in the 1st Ward, Provo in the evening, on the Plates of the Book of Mormon, and the bringing forth of the Book, by the gift and power of God, through Joseph Smith Jr the Prophet, and Seer.

5th and 6th I was engaged in my office, and at 6.30 PM. I attended a Bishop's meeting at Provo meeting house. I labored in the Tithing Office every day of this week 'til Saturday the 10th 1884.

11th Sunday. I attended the usual meetings at Provo at 9 AM and at 10.30 AM. Bishops Myron Tanner, and James W. Loveless preached. Elder H.H. Cluff and myself attended meeting in the Provo Bench Branch at 2 PM. We had a good meeting. I accepted the resignation of Elder Thos J. Patten, as Supt. of Sunday School of that place, we did not appoint a new Superentendant on this date. We returned home through a heavy snow storm. I spent 2 hours with Prst AO. Smoot in the evening. The remainer at home.

12th I left Provo at 8 AM. and arrived at Salt Lake City at 10 AM. I spent 2 hours in the Office of the Prest of the Church, attending Church business, with Prest GQ. Cannon, and also with Bp W.B. Preston. I arrived home at 6 P.M.

I had a conversation with Bros. FD. Richard and George Teasdale. I dined with Bro. George Goddard, who had lately returned from England. After returning to Provo I spent an hour with Bro. A.O. Smoot.

13th Tuesday. I was in the Office all day. At 7 PM. I attended a lecture, delivered by Elder Wm H. Kelsey of Springville, on the subject of "Ishmael and his decendants", showing that the Lord had not been un-mindful of the Seed of the first son of Abraham throughout their generations. Mahomet, and many other noted persons had sprung from that stock, and more particularly as warriors and Generals. Showed how the Arabians, had taken down the "Cross" from the City of Rome, and re-placed it with the "Crescent", which remained there for Centuries. On the whole it was quite interesting. The meeting house, was well filled. I made a few remarks at the close. This Lecture was given in connection with Sabbath Schools. The Choir of the 3rd Ward Sunday School furnished the singing, which reflected credit upon them.

14th 15th and 16th I was busily engaged in my office.

17th Saturday at 10 AM. in the Provo meeting house I preached in the funeral of sister Alice Wilson, wife of Elder LA. Wilson, Supt of District Schools, and daughter of Bishop Tucker, of Fairview San Pete, she died on the birth of her 4 child. Her remains were taken to "Fairview" to be burried.

In the Office I spent the afternoon.

18th Sunday. I attended prayer in the meeting house at 9 AM. At 10 30 AM. Elders H.H. Cluff and Geo. M. Brown preached. I spent the afternoon in writing 'till 8 PM, in the Tithing Office. In relation to the Lecture of Elder Kesley referred too on the 13th instant, I will add the following. He said, "Ishmael was the eldest son of Abraham, by Hagar, his wife. There were promises made to the boy in connection with his birth. The word "Ishmael" signifies one called of God. We find that when Joseph, the son of Jacob, was sold by his brethren, the Ishmaelites (merchants) descendants of this same Ishmael-bought the boy Joseph and carried him into Egypt. For nearly four thousand years the descendants of Ishmael, have been a merchant race. Blessings were bestowed on the descendants of the old patriarch, and it is evident that the land called "Arabia" was the inheritance of Ishmael's descendants. The land had never been subdued by foes, but the descendants still possess it, showing that the promise made to the boy Ishmael was not forgotten. Quoting from Josephus he went on to show that Herod's mother was a descendant of Ishmael. The territory owned and occupied by Ishmael on the Eastern hemisphere, was much greater in extent than owned by Israel.

The Prophet Mohamet, who from the wandering and restless hordes organized one of the most powerful dynasties of the middle ages that conquered and subdued the greater part of the civilized world, was a descendant of Ishmael. He made a happy illustration of how the Sons of Ishmael were possessors of, and holding the promised land, until the sons of Isaac were prepared to return and take possession of it."

19th Monday. I worked early and late all the week in the office, making out the yearly reports of Tithing in the Utah Stake.

25 Sunday. I attended the usual Divine Services at Provo.

26. Monday. I spent the day in my office, and attended a monthly meeting of the High Councel at 7. PM.

27th Tuesday. I spent the day in the office

28th Wednesday. Also this day in office work; met with the High Councel at 7. PM. in the Provo Court House, trying to adjust difficulties existing, between Bishop Myron Tanner 3rd Ward Provo, and his wife Annie, the meeting lasted 'till 11. PM.

29th Thursday. At 10 AM. met with the High Councel, upon a difficulty existing betwen Dr. Rogers and a brother named Showel, both from Pleasant Grove, Utah Co., we held the the second meeting at 1 PM., and decided in favor of Shael, (it being a Cash [omitted: one word illegible].)

30th and 31st I was engaged in the Provo Tithing office.

1st Feb. Sunday. I preached at Provo Meeting house at 10.30 AM. I spent the afternoon in writing.

2nd and 3rd I was in the office, attended a Bishop's meeting at 7. PM. in the Provo Meeting house. I labored hard in the office all of this week.

7th Saturday. I attended a meeting of the Priesthood of the Stake at Provo, at 10 30 AM. (we had a large congregation and received valuable instructions.

8th Sunday. I attended the usual meeting at Provo. Apostles FM. Lyman, and Heber J Grant preached at 10 AM.

9th Monday. Elder IM. Coombs came to assist me to make out our Stake Reports, and was with me one week.

10th In the office all day, attended a lecture delivered by Karl G. Maeser, at 7 PM. in connection with Sunday School.

11th and 12th. Worked hard in the office, also on the

13th. On the evening of the 12th attended a session of the High Councel in the Provo Court House.

14th In the office all day, with the exception of meeting with the High Councel for 2 hours, we got through with the Stake Reports and Bro. IM. Coombs, returned to Payson.

15th Sunday. I attended the usual Divine Services at Provo.

16th Monday. I went to Salt Lake, and delivered the Tighing Reports of Utah Stake for the year 1884, to the Presiding Bishop of the Church, (Wm. B. Preston) returned home.

17th. In the office all day, attended a Bishop's meeting at 7 PM. in the Provo Meeting house.

I spent the week in the office, hard at work till the

21st Saturday.

22nd Sunday. I attended meeting at Provo. At 2 PM. the Presidency of the Stake, met at the house of Prest AO. Smoot, and set apart my wife Mary John, as President of the Relief Socities [sic] in Utah Stake, sister Lyman and Emily Cluff were appointed, and set apart as her Counsellors [sic]. Sister Annie K. Smoot, was set apart, as President of the Primary association in the Utah Stake, with Eliza Taylor, and Sarah Cluff, as her Counsellors.

23rd 24th and 25, I was engaged in Office labor.

26th Thursday. I spent the morning in the office, and at 2 PM. I attended a Conference of the Primary association of Utah Stake, and presented to them the names of the newly appointed Presidency, which were unanimously sustained. At 7 PM I attended a quarterly Conference of "Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association" I addressed them for about ½ hour.

27 Friday. I spent the morning in the Office, at 2 PM. I attended a quarterly Conference, of the Relief Society of the Stake, I addressed them on the duties of their callings. Several sisters spoke, and among them sister Eliza Snow (the poetess) and my wife.

At 7 PM. I attended a conjoint meeting of the Young Men and Young Ladies Association, and engaged quite an interesting time. We had siging [sic] recitations and speeches.

28th Saturday. The quarterly Conference of Utah Stake was held. I attended 3 meetings, and preached in two of them. Bp D Williams, stayed at my house.

1st March Sunday. Conference continued, two meetings were held, I preached in the morning (Adjourned at 4 PM.) We had none of the first Presidency, nor the Twelve at our Conference. We enjoyed good time, all the speakers spoke by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and the Tabernacle was filled with attentive assemblies during all the meetings held.

2nd to the 7th I was busily engaged in the office

8th Sunday. I attended meetings at Provo; Elders H.H. Cluff and I. Bullock preached at 10 A.M.

9th I was in the office. Attended a session of the High Councel at 7. PM. at Provo. We also held a session on March 6th at 6 30 PM.

I spent the week in the office 'till the

14th Saturday. I suffered pain in my stomach all of this week severely, and at 3 PM. of the 14th I was seized with cramp in the stomach, which lasted about 5 minutes, it mad my frame tremble, I think it was the most severe pain, I ever experienced. Prest A O. Smoot, and Elder [omitted; first name illegible] Lewis administered to me and I was made better. Brother Smoot took me home in his carriage, and I was nursed and obtained ease.

15th Sunday. I attended two meeting at Provo.

I spent this week 'till the 21st at the office and at home. I suffered pain in my stomach all of this week.

22 Sunday. Prest Smoot and myself went to Spanish Fork. I preached in the morning one hour, and Bro. Smoot 20 minutes in the afternon [sic] Bro. Smoot and Bro Stayner preached. We returned to Provo in the evening, my wife accompanied me. At 7 PM. I attended a conjoint meeting of the "Young Men M I. Assn at Provo. Apostle F.M. Lyman and myself spoke to the congregation, the house was crowded and many could not get in.

29 Bro H.H. Cluff and self visited Pleasant Grove on the 22nd and on the 29th Bros Smoot and myself visited Spanish Fork. We rode in a carriage in the morning and returned to Provo in the evening, after having held 2 meetings. The days between the 22nd and 29, I spent in the office.

30th Monday. I was in the office, and at 7 PM. attended a High Councel, in the case of land dificulty betwen Jacob Houtz and James Straw of Springville. we sat in session 'til 9.30, and not being able to get through, the Councel adjourned for one week.

31st Tuesday. I spent the day in the office. Twenty nine years this day, my father died (see pages 30 and 31 this book)

1st April and 2nd in the office attending my usual duties.

3rd and 4th I rode in my carriage about ½ of the time and the remainder of the time in office work.

The Annual Conference of the Church was held on the 4th in the City of Logan, being the Fifty fifth year since the organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterdaysaints. At this date the Leading Elders of the Church, are much scattered. Presidents John Taylor and Geo. Q. Cannon, are hiding from their enemies. Prest Joseph F. Smith has gone to one of the Islands of the Pacific, and many more have gone to Europe, Mexico, and other parts. They have not gone because they have broken any constitutional law of the land, but they do not feel willing to fall into the hands of murderers who thirst for their blood. They have before their minds vividly, the outrageous murder of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and his brother, Hyrum, whom were murdered while in prison, and the American Nation has not called in question the perpetrators of that horrid deep, up to the present date, and they do not intend to do it. Hence the lack of faith in Federal Officers, is the reason why that our brethren are scattered.

The lack of faith that they will not judge and decide according to truth and justice, but on the contrary they will act, as the wicked have always acted towards the servants of God, in every age and dispensation. The cloud that is now haning [sic] over the Church, is the darkest that ever has hung over it, inasmuch that the officers of the nation have united themselves, with the drink and the licentious, and the hired Clergy of an apostate Christianity, in this un-hallowed crusade of plunder and persecution; and thus they are fast filling up the cup of their iniquity; which most certainly ere long, will cause the down fall of this nation.

5th Sunday. I attended 2 meetings at Provo. Elder Jacob Gates preached at 10.30 AM.

6th Monday. The most of the day, I spent on my farm with my son Thomas, and Elder Evan Wride.

7th Tuesday. I spent in the Office, and at 7 PM. I attended a Session of the High Councel, at Provo Court House.

8th Wednesday. I spent the day in office work.

9th Thursday. I devoted to office work.

10th Friday. I rode the most part of the morning on the Provo Bench, with Bro. Evan Wride, it was a beautiful spring morning, and we enjoyed a plesant [sic] trip the afternoon. I was in the office.

Apostle John Henry Smith, called in the office, having just returned from a 29 months' mission to Europe. At 7.30 PM. I attended a meeting of the Utah Stake Tabernacle Committee, at the Bank building and we agreed to continue our labors on the House during the Summer and fall of 1885. Prest Smoot appointed himself, H.H. Cluff, JP.R. Johnson and myself to visit the Utah Stake, and urge the people to bring in means to construct the house.

At 9 PM. I attended a ball in the 1st Ward School House, danced once, remained 2 hours, and went home My wife Mary and daughter Lizzy were with me.

11th Saturday. I spent the morning in the office, I wrote to my daughter Martha Ann Williams. At 1 PM. Prest A.O. Smoot and myself went to Santaquin 24 miles in a Carriage, arrived there at 6 PM. Lodged in the house of Bp. Geo. Halliday. At 10. PM. we admisistered to sister Betsy Robins. I annointed her, Bro. Smoot was mouth in prayer. She is the wife of Wm. Robins; and a daughter-in-law, of the late Isaac Robins of Provo.

12th Sunday. At 9 AM. we visited Jonathan Wolstenholme, 77 years of age, he had a yellow hair, without any gray hair visible; something remarkable; he seemed to enjoy much of the Holy Spirit, he had no children, had burried his wife in England 20 years ago. He appeared as a shock, fully ripe for the harvest, and ready for his Master's use beyond the veil. He saw he was too weak to walk to meeting but added he, "when I go on the other side of the veil, I will travel and preach there if they will let me". Prest Smoot replied that he believed, they would let him. I annointed the aged man, and brother Smoot blessed him; by the laying on of hands. He promised him, that although he was not blessed with children on this earth, he should have posterity in eternity, and have an eternal increase.

We attended meeting at 2 PM. and Sunday School at 10 AM. We spoke in both assembles, and had an interesting and profitable time. We travelled to Payson 6 miles, and preached there at 7.30 PM. Our chief subject being the importance of building our Stake Tabernacle. I stayed overnight in the house of Elder Barry Wride.

13th Monday. We left Payson at 8 AM. arrived at Provo at 11.30 PM. I found my son Thomas quite sick, with a sick headache, and sore throat. I administered to him. I spent the afternoon in Office work; and at 7 PM. attended a session of the High Councel; which lasted 'till 10 PM. (A case of difficulty between Jacob Houtz, and James Straw of Springville) in relation to a land dispute; the decision was given in favor of James Straw, who had held possession, and had the use of said land, for 20 years past.

14th Tuesday. I spent the day in the office and attended a meeting of the Bishops at 7.30 PM. at Provo.

15th Wednesday. I spent the day in the office; Elders James Dunn, Chas Savage, and myself, administered to Elder Thos Fenn at 6 PM. who was very sick with the inflamation of the bowels.

16th Thursday In the office. At 8 PM. upon request, I again paid a visit to Bro. Fenn, and found him quite low. The house was full of relations, and friends. Elder K.G. Maeser engaged in family prayer, after which we laid hands upon him; I was mouth in prayer, we asked the Lord to be merciful to him, we dedicated him to the Lord by the authority of the Holy Priesthood. I returned home at 11 PM. Before I parted with Bro. Fenn, the last words he uttered to me were, "that we had spent many happy days together, but we would never spent another together on earth". I told him, I hoped we should, he repeated emphatically "we shall not."

17th Friday at 3 A.M. Bro. Fenn passed to his final rest. He suffered great agonies for 3 weeks. He was born July 18th 1841, in England, was baptized when quite young, and has ever since been a faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterdaysaints. He left to mourn his loss, a wife, seven children, an aged mother, a brother and three sisters. He held the office of a Seventy.

I spent the day in my office.

18th Saturday. I spent the morning in the office, and at 1 PM. attended the funeral services of Bro. Fenn, held in the 4th Ward Meeting house Provo. Elders J. Dunn, K.G. Maeser A.O. Smoot and myself addressed the people. I was personally acquainted with Bro. Fenn, he having spent the most part of 3 years, assisting me in the Sale Rooms of Provo Manf's Co, and I say of him that he was an honest, trusty, reliable good man.

I spent 2 hours after the funeral, with Bro I. Brockbank Salt Lake City, in the interest of Tithing, he came by appointment of Bro. Preston the Presiding Bishop.

19th Sunday. At 8 AM. I left Provo, accompanied by my wife Mary, and Bishop JP.R. Johnson, of the 1st Ward Provo, to Springville, by team. We attended Sabbath School at 10 A.M. the house was nearly full, we found a good prosperous School. Bishop Johnson and myself addressed the assembly, encouraged and blessed them.

At 2 PM. we attended meeting preached to them chiefly on the importance to complete our Stake Tabernacle.

Returned, and arrived at Provo at 6 PM.

20th Monday and Tuesday at Office at 8 PM. of the 21st attended a lecture delivered by Elder K. G. Maeser at Provo, Meeting house, subject, "Testament of Peter the Great". It was very interesting and instructive, especially at present when Russia and England seemed determined on war.

21st Wednesday. We have had a fine and early spring, but it is snowing at 10 A.M. I administered to one Thos Lewis, who had a severe brain fever.

22 to 25th I attended office work, I administered again to Thos Lewis on the evening of the 24th my wife in company.

26th Sunday. Brother H.H. Cluff, and myself left Provo, at 7 AM. and went to Lehi, in a team. We preached to a crowded house at 10 AM. We attended meeting at Pleasant Grove at 2 PM. We met Prest Smoot, and Bp JP.R. Johnson there we all addressed the assembly. We returned to Provo, by the way of the Provo Canyon, and had a splendid ride over the Provo Bench. Our chief subject was the building of the Utah Stake Tabernacle.

27th I spent the day in the office.

28th Tuesday. I helped to plant Potatoes 'till 11 AM. At noon I administered to sister Mariah Bobey who was severely sick, she had a babe 5 days old and she died in 2 days later.

I spent the afternoon 'till 5 o'clock in the office, when I went home, I felt sick at my stomach, I vometed [sic] freely, threw up some blood, and all at once, the blood rushed to my head, and for 4 ½ hours, my memory was nearly all suspended. I was told that Prest AO. Smoot, and Elder Thomas Allman had administered to me 4 times during the 4 ½ hours, all of which I do not yet remember (this 6th of May 1885.) At 9.30 PM. Elders AO. Smoot, H.H. Cluff, Thos Allman, Peter Stubbs, Evan Wride, and B. Cluff Jr laid their hands upon me, and prayed, this I remember. I was put to bed, and a mustard poultice were placed arround [sic] my ancles [sic], which drew the blood from my head, and my memory was gradually restored.

My son David had gone to Pleasant Valley to visit his sister Mattie, some days previous, and I am informed that I was much troubled, because he had gone there without my consent, or knowledge, and the next day at 9 AM. I first remembered, that I was with him at the Depot, when he left Provo.

29th Wednesday. I was better, but felt my flesh sore and I could hardly walk. Bro. Evan Wride administered to me in the morning and Prest Smoot and Elder Thomas Allman in the afternoon.

30th Thursday. I spent the day at home, and improving.

1st May. At 2 PM. I attended the funeral of Mariah Bobey in the 2nd Ward meeting house of Provo. Prest AO. Smoot, Bp Loveliss and myself made some remarks. My wife Mary accompanied me, and after the funeral, we visited my family in the 3rd Ward.

2nd Saturday. I was in the office in the afternoon and went to Springville, in the morning in company of Bro. Isaac Brockbank, on Tithing business.

3rd Sunday. I attended prayer Circle at 9 AM. at Provo, Elder Wm. Palmer preached at 10.30. and I attended the funeral of Thomas Lewis at 1 PM. Bp JE. Booth and myself preached. This Lewis was from Cardiff South Wales, a son of the late Wm. Lewis, who was burried some years ago, in the Springville Cemetary.

4th and 5th I was in the office. At 7.30 PM. of the 5th I attended a quarterly meeting of the Sunday School Union at the Provo Meeting house.

6th Wednesdy [sic]. I spent the day in the office. Bro Louis Lund and wife of Pleasant Grove Utah Co. visited me, he having just returned from a two years mission to England. He presided over the London Conference.

He brought me 2 volumes of "Millenial Stars" which Elder Albert Jones sent me from London. I spent the evening reading "Butler Anoly of Religion".

7th Thursday. I got up early, and helped my son Thomas to load up Potatoes for planting. I got to Office at 8 AM.

On the night of Dec 15th 1884, I dreamed that I saw a lady, with a babe in her arms, she conversed with me, and dined with me, I thought that she was a wife of mine. After we dined she said that she had to go, I asked her to allow me to accompany her she said that I could not go, where she was going at present, but after a while, I should follow her. She ascended a Tower, with the babe in her arms; when she reached the sumit [sic] of the Tower, she was dressed in white Robes, she looked down tenderly upon me, and then lifted her arms up to Heaven, and ascended to the sky, 'till I lost her in the far distance, the glory of the scene is past description, when I lost sight of her I fainted because I could not follow her. She did not tell me her name, but I believe she was my dear friend, and a near relative.

On the night of Dec 20th 1884, I saw in a night vision two armies arranged in a horrible battle. They were situated on an elevated land, one army facing north, the other facing south, within Gun shot of each other. There appeared to be good order, no confusion was manifested but the firing was constant and heavy, and men were mowed down, like grass of the field. Heavy loss were on both sides, but the northern army lost the most. As the men fell, others supplied the ranks, passing by me, but none disturbed me, I stood at the foot of a hill, beyond the reach of bullets, I was 1/4 of a mile west of the two armies. I looked to the West, and saw two other large armies in reserve, about ½ mile distant from whence the recruits were furnished. The slaughter became so fearfully numerous, 'till I was greatly freightened, [sic] and I said if this killing will not cease soon, nearly all the abled bodied men in the American Nation will be destroyed.

On the night of January 10th 1885, in a dream or a night vision, I saw a holy Temple, and I saw Angels inside, and the roof of the Temple on the outside was covered with females, dressed in white, and as they entered the Temple, each one said, "Thou hast made us Kings and Priests, Queens, and Priestessness [sic], to God and His Christ, and we shall enter His Holy House, and dwell in His presence for ever and ever".

I noticed that each woman, went to her husband, and as they entered, the husbands reached forth their hands to receive them. I know beyond doubt that the married relation exist in a future state, for the Lord plainly showed it to me, in this wonderful manifestation.

On the night of January 16th 1885, I dreamed that I heard a fearful noise, such as travelling [sic] of men, horses and chariots (in the East) I looked and beheld Soldiers and men of all classess [sic], travelling [sic] westward, they were travelling [sic] at a rapid gait, and they seemed very numerous, and were drunken with rage and fury against the Latterdaysaints. They were coming with the intent to destroy the Saints in the West; as they drew near to Utah, their cursings, and Oaths, and threats, semeeingly [sic] exceeded the wrath of Demons from the eternal pit. I cried out in a loud voice "O: Lord, deliver thy people from the appoaching [sic] enemy; for thou hast the power to save thy saints" When I distincly [sic] heard a voice from the Heavens declaring, "they can not break through these columns", I looked up, towards the place from where the voiced issued, and I beheld the Heavens filled with Angels, they extended from earth to the heigths [sic] of the heavens, and extended North and South beyond the reach of my vision. They were beyond the power of man to count them, they were clothed in white robes, and they all looked westard [sic] with a calm, loving, and protective countenances.

A man stood on my right hand, who was not a member of the Church of Christ. I asked him "if he believed now". He asked, believe what"! Do you believe now, that the Heavens protect the Latter-day-saints! He answered, why should I believe I told him to look upwards and he should see The heavens filled with Angels, he looked upwards and declared that he could not see anything; whereupon twelve Angels approached us, and came to within 2 Rods of us, and there saluted us, I asked my friend, if he saw the men, he said he did, and believed that the Lord defended the Saints. This was conforting [sic] to me, in days of dark trials for the Church, when all men from the Halls of Congress down (or nearly so) were united in their feelings and actions to destroy the Church of Christ from the earth. This day many of our Elders are prisoners in Utah, Arizona, and Michigan Penatentionaries [sic], and many more are found guilty, before the Courts, and will be sentenced in 3 days from now. The Presidents of the Church, John Taylor, Geo. Q. Cannon, and Joseph F. Smith, have been necessiated [sic] to hide from their enemies for the last 3 months, and many of the Twelve Apostles, and scores of other men. Since I received the above presentation from a Divine Scourse [sic], I have felt calm, and serene believing whatever our enemies will be permitted to do against us, still the Lord is on our side, and he will not permit the wrath of men and devils, to thwart his Divine purposes.

The Church (or rather many of its members) have become worldly minded, many apparently give more attention to their own earthly comforts, than they do to the interest of the Church; pride, and class distinction is on the increase, more thought and attention is given to the adornment of the body than the cultivation of the mind, this is not the general rule, but it exits [sic] to an extent, that is not justifiable, and it appears to me that it is highly necessary that the Church should be cleansed from sin, and its members return to their first love. It is my firm opinion, that the Lord will not permit our oppressors, to go beyond, what is essential to purify his people, and bring us into line, to magnify our callings in the Priesthood, and to bear off the kingdom victorious before all men.

When the Saints will keep the commandments of God, as are held out in the revelations to the Church, He will cause wonders to be performed in the midst of Zion, even unto her deliverance from her foes; and confusion, and destruction, will overtake the wicked. Wicked men will cease to rule, and the kingdom of God, will be established, Israel will gather home, and the waste places of Zion, will be rebuilt and Christ, will come and dwell among his people.





John, David


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