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Lewis, William - Elegy by John Davis

The Death of William Lewis, Salt Lake City, Sept. 27, 1875, aged 68 years.


Written by request.


Sudden news, a word of sorrow,

      Came of the death of Gwilym Ddu;

Brought down to his earthly bed,

      Away from town, his last resting place.

His spirit fled from its tabernacle,

      Which was then enclosed in the grave;

His spirit journeyed to the heavens,

      To dwell in the land of peace.


His muse will not be heard again,

      He will no longer compose a sweet song,

Until he is heard in paradise,

      Entertaining the heavenly host.

The fruit of his muse is collected here,

      To delight us while we live,

Until we all gather,

      In his company, with God.


He was devoted to his religion,

      A steadfast man in the faith;

A diligent worker for his family,.

      And a good neighbor always.

"Hewing stone, promoting love,"

      He was fond of these words of song,

While building the Temple,

      And while sitting by the fire.


He was a supporter of the Eisteddfod,

      A rime, a verse, a poem, a song;

He sang stanza after stanza

      To please great and small.

It is fitting that we now sing

      Praise to one who sang long:

A girl is the muse for the true love

      Which dwells in the land of heaven.


Shh! I think I hear Gwilym;

      Saying, "Your song is very sweet;

Women and children, do not sorrow,

      I have never been so happy."

Farewell, friend; sing your best,

      Charm the ears of the heavenly host;

We on the earth will sing

      Sweet verses of amen.


September 30, 1875.         John S. Davis.


[Published in the Deseret Weekly News for 13 October 1875. Informational translation by Ron Dennis, 17 April 2009.]


Lewis, William


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