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Davis, Henry Idris - Letter



                                                                                    London House

                                                                                    Penygroes, N. Llanelly

                                                                                    Carmarthenshire, South Wales

                                                                                    Great Britain

                                                                                    December 11, 1928

My Dear Uncle John,


Received your kind letter few years ago dated Jan 21st 1925. I am truly sorry that I did not reply previous to this, but you mention in your letter not to write direct; as you could see same with Uncle Henry. Well Uncle it is only natural that I should send direct to you. I sent a letter to Uncle Henry on Sept 12th 1928, but I hav'nt received a reply yet, as he is very prompt in replying. I do hope that everything is allright and that he is still with you in Utah. He told me in his last letter of is [his] health. I am sorry about him as we cant do without health, but as for my self I don't know what health is this last 10 years, as life is a Burden to my [me], and the want of it.


I am living in the western part of Wales and the worst part of England & Wales for weather. If I could go to the South of England as they get good weather there, plenty of sunshine which we don't get in Wales, but that's were [where] my luck comes in. Your country is the place for fine weather and you have everything you require. In fact you are outstanding every other country, in every way. France is also a good country for fine weather. If I could go there for few months or few years I would be a new man but that's my luck in this world, being born unlucky. The old saying, is "It is better being born luckey than rich." I am not luckey nor rich. If I had health other things would not trouble me.


The King of England is ill. This last 14 days, 3 bulletin is issued every day outside the palace. The bulletin is signed by 5 doctors. Well as for me self I hav'nt had a half hour of good sleep this last 5 years since I was tapped with dropsy, and no doctor calls on me this last 4 years. I am for house by my self. I study diet. At the time of writing I feel cold in bed and I get same in bed. The dropsy is coming on a little, but no more tapping for me. I can doctor my self now, but it is too late. If I had this experience 10 years ago as I have today I would have experience this trouble. But I give my self to the Doctors and they are Doctors. They cant even cured them self never mind other people. Nature way is the best. Well Uncle years ago I used to talk a lot about your country, but I am afraid its too late now. But my Brother Trevor talks a lot about coming out. So should he come, I shall go under his wings as he would look after me "well". He does this the present day. I must give him 'credit'. He is good to me "The Best". I often think would they let me enter U.S.A. I have been tould if anyone travels first class they don't examine them. But what about a job for my Brother. I dare say that jobs is very scarce in your country. But I think he would stand a good chance. He as [has] a good Trade. He is the head Electrician at a big Colliery, these years, but the wages is very low to compare what they gets in your country. He is a single man who __________  ______________. I understand that things is much better in your country than what it is here. We are taxed in this country to the very bottom, unemployed is increasing. So we must get a new Parliament and I think we shall have same next year 1929. The working men is pressed down, _______ only ________ 2.80 pound a week, the pound is about equal to your sterling and at present that's about 1/3 per day off. The House is very high 2.20 pounds to 2.10 pounds per month, so you can guess how much they got left when they got 4 to 6 children to fee. The miners have been pressed to the very bottom, that big strike in 1926 has put the tin hat on.


Business people have suffered owing to the credit trade, and some people don't trouble much about this. So I am afraid that things is not going to last like this and something is going to happen. The shops in this country are going to be taxed in about 6 months so every shop will have to pay about 40 pounds a year taxes. The tax is called "Re-assessment" and the shop keepers don't half saying it. So you see the food will get up in price. I don't know what things are coming to. France is much better off than we, less unemployed and tax and I dare say your country is the same as France.


As I have just mention about your country and that I would like to come over. I am in "New York" very often on the air by radio. I have been listening to dance music, from WGY Station relayed from Lanyke Hotel New York. My brother built this set for me, but at present I am unable to get any music owing that the storms on November 16 blew down the poles. I hope in future that I will be able to see you country by this new invention "television". I am enjoying the wireless very much as this is only way of enjoying myself. I think this is a good _________ to __________.


Well, Uncle I understand that Blaenantllwyd was not Uncle Henry's birthplace s you mention in y our letters. Was your birthplace also in Cwmdu. I know the home well. The Garden is in front of the house. Cwmdu is the same today as when you left little "Wales". I dare say you remember Talley this little village is still the same, the old Talley Abbey is still there same shape, but I wonder how much is left at present after that 100 mile gale which was experienced on November 16, 1928. I dare say you know that your Mother was buried in Talley graveyard as was my Father. So I will take a snap of these when I get a chance, if I remember. I think cousin Tom "Uncle Henry" son took a snap of the grave when he visited us years ago. I will take a snap of the places and I will send them on to you. I haven't been up that way since 1923. Could you send me one or two snaps of your city.


I don't hear of Edward's people, Hannah and Etta, as for cousin Lod, I understand that he died in some gold mine years ago. I remember them well. I don't know much about Uncle Thomas, and Uncle Tim is dead. I think I saw a ___________ of Tim's son's "twins" Uncle David _________ thing on in age_______ ago____________ out. I often think of that, but my __________ gone.


Well, Uncle, I hope that you are in the best of health and also the family. If this letter will reach you in time before Xmas, I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and all the rest of the relatives out there. We are all in good health at home, except me. By the way, we are only boys at home, all the sisters is married and my brother, John, he has 8 children, sister Mary has two boys, __________ Blodwen none. Sister Myfanwy 2 boys. I could mention my brother John has only 2 boys out of 8. My brother Trevor is 40 years aged and myself I will be 37 on February 7, 1929.


Well, Uncle I must draw to an end, and looking forward for the best. I hope to hear from you soon. I want you to send me a snap of yourself and your family and the city if possible.


With love to all,




/s/ Henry Idris Davis


Davis/Davies, Titus Lazarus


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