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Benjamin Nephi Adams and Mary Ann Clark - Biography


    Benjamin Nephi Adams, the eldest son of George Phillip and Sara Ann Beynon, was born 29 October 1841, at Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire, South Wales.

    In 1860, the family (Benjamin, his parents and three brothers - Clement Carlos, George Alma and John Henry), emigrated to America and made their home at Mieral Ridge, Trumbull County, Ohio. Desiring to move farther West they came to Lehi. Utah, in 1864 where they lived for three years. At Lehi their seventh child was born, a daughter - Matilda.

    Again driven by an unknown force, they moved north in 1867, to Portage, Utah, where they lived for a year before moving to Malad in 1868. While living in Portage, Benjamin met a girl by the name of Letitia Johns, whom he thought a great deal of but who was not destined to be his wife for she became the wife of Bishop Gibbs.

    Going into Malad, he met the girl of his dreams, Mary Ann Clark, the daughter of William and Eliza Thomas Clark. He being a man of great principle went back to Portage to break the engagement with the former girl. Thinking she may yet win him, she followed him back to what is known as the Malad River Bridge, but to no avail for he married Mary Ann Clark.

    To this union were born twelve children, eleven girls - Margaret, Charlotte, Sarah, Rosie, Mary, Eliza, Matilda, Florence, Cora, Carrie and Georgina, and one son - Benjamin Carlos. He was endowed and sealed to his wife on October 30, 1895 at the Logan Temple.

    The early part of his married life was spent freighting by team and wagon to Pocatello and Montana. A trip required several days.

    They raised a great deal of truck gardening which went to make up his load along with cheese and butter or whatever else was to be had.

    Mary Ann died in 1906, at the age of 56 after a life of service to others. Besides her large family, she had eight to ten women patients at one time to care for as she was one of the few mid-wives in the valley.

    Benjamin later married a widow, Mary Skinner from Provo, who was living at Lehi. He alsoburied her.

    Getting along in years he moved back to Malad to be near his family in his last days. He made his home with his eldest daughter, Margaret (Mag).

     A tragedy occurred when his grandson-in-law was fatally burned in a fiery accident. Having been to view the remains he returned home and lay down to rest before lunch. His passing was silent, for he did not awaken for lunch. He had earned his rest as he passed away on July 19, 1924 in Malad, Idaho, at the grand age of 78.

     Joint funeral services were held for him and the grandson-in-law with a numerous posterity to honor his good name.

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Adams, Benjamin Nephi

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