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"My Grandfather, George FOSTER, was born in Mold, Flintshire, Wales on the eighth day of February, 1807.  He moved to Logweeden,[Lugwardine] Hereford, England in 1817, when he was only ten years old.  His parents had died and a good family by the name of GIBBS took George in and raised him as one of their family.
"George embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and came to the United States.  Shortly after he met Ellen Berry, and they were married. [ERROR: married before they emigrated]
"Ellen BERRY was born October 9, 1809 at Westover, Longshire [Lancashire], England.  She had not embraced the gospel at the time of her marriage; and at times was very bitter towards it.  George was very faithful to his belief, and often asked the Lord to show his wife the true light of the gospel.  One night, after they had retired, Ellen had a wonderful dream and asked George to get the Elders and baptize her. She did not want to wait until morning.  The Elders came and Ellen was baptized in the middle of the night.  Five sons were born to them, all them dying soon after birth.  [This may have been in England before they emigrated.] This was before any Temple was prepared for endowments and sealings.  However, in later life, George FOSTER was sealed to Ellen BERRY.  She died in 1845.
"George FOSTER took out his own endowments on February 6, 1846 in the Nauvoo Temple. Ellen's death had left him without wife or children, and he decided  to return to England to visit with the good family who had been so good to him in his youth.  When he arrived there, he found that their daughter, Hannah Maria, had grown to be a very beautiful girl, and he promptly fell in love with her.  George [age 40] and Maria [age 33] were married in England in 1847 and then came to the United States.  They settled in Missouri where their eldest daughter, Sarah Ann, was born March 20, 1848 in what was then known as the Black Hills of Missouri - while they were preparing to cross the plains.  Their second child,  Ellen, was born June 7, 1850 while they were crossing the plains, near the Missouri River.
"The FOSTERS emigrated to Utah in 1850 and George and Maria settled at Slaterville, Utah near OgdenThe were faithful workers in the church. It was here that their other three daughters were born.  Mary Ann was born August 1, 1857; Hannah Maria was born December 12, 1854; and Elizabeth was born August 1, 1857.  When Elizabeth was about sixteen months old, her Mother died leaving the Father to take care of the five little girls.
"A short while after this, President Brigham Young called for volunteers to settle Franklin, Idaho, the oldest permanent town to be settled in Idaho - but which, at this time was thought to be in Utah.  So, George FOSTER and his five little girls, the oldest only eleven years, started for Idaho behind an ox team, and  were the third wagon to reach Franklin.  There he farmed and raised cattle.
"On the 19th day of March, George FOSTER and his family reached Franklin.  That night there came up a terrible blizzard, and  it was all but impossible to keep the children from freezing in the covered wagon; so the men who had arrived there fell to work and made them a dug-out home. This dug-out was the first home in Franklin and these were the first children to arrive in this locality.
"About this time the Indians decided to go on the 'war path' against the white people in the northern end of Cache Valley and were very troublesome.  It was at this time that the historical 'Battle Creek' was fought and George took part in defense of this uprising of the Indians.  Many of the early settlers of Franklin were killed by the angered Indians both before and after this battle.
"George FOSTER was a devoted Father and also served as Mother to his five little girls.  Their first house was a log room.  They had to live in the dug-out until the logs could be hewn and a home could be built.  In the end of this room he built a wheat bin.  The girl's [girls'] bed was made on this wheat.  In another corner of the room was the Father's bed.  The rest of the room was used for kitchen, dining room and living room.
"George FOSTER died at Franklin in November 1864. He was the Father of ten children (five sons and five daughters) and forty-two grandchildren (at the time of this writing.) [no date].=Hannah Porritt Manning, A BRIEF STORY OF MY GRANDFATHER, GEORGE FOSTER. Bracketed notes by Mary Ann Atkisson, March 2005.


"Last night William Greenhalgh's family came into our boat not having room to sleep in their other one.  I and several others went to the top of a very large hill and George FOSTER and I went up the top most tree from whence we hade a pleasant view.  As we returned we met Elder [Theodore] Turley and some of the sisters going up to the hill to pray. We returned with them and united our hearts together." =Diary of William Clayton,  Sunday, Oct. 18, 1840, Schenectady, NY en route to Nauvoo, IL, Mormon Immigration Index, Personal Accounts.




Marriages: 1) Ellen BERRY, probably the George FOSTER + Ellen BERRY m. 8 Apr 1833, Parish Church of Manchester, Lancashire, England.  Family records say 9 Oct 1839, Westover, Longshire, England.
                 2) Hannah Maria GIBBS, 1847, Lancashire, England


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Foster, George

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