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Missionary Journals- Noah Williams Volume 1

May 10 1888

May 10 1888

Started from Smithfield staid at Ogon for dinner whent to Tarmenton sted over night whent yo Salt Lake City on the 11 soped there until the 15 start ed on the D and R G at

11 O clock am for New York arived at green river at 730 arrived at Montrose A 4AM

stoped there for 2 hours outing to a bridge been burent down at ceder Creek when we arrived at the bridge all the bagaedge had to be transferred acros the Crick to another train which took about 2 howers time the next stasion we came to was Carr Summit from thair disended on the other side of the mowntain to Cimarron at the muth of Black Canion where I so the grandest sites in my life. After that we pass severler small towns before

arived at Marshall Pass a point 10858 ft abof the sea level we decend the Hills on the other side the next place of note is Grand Canon where indeede there is grand sites. Ariving at Pueblo


May 17 1888

on the Arkansaw River Colorado a City of about 1700 inhabetence we were several howers to late for the train at this place had to stope over night started for Kanses

City at 5-30 May 17th


Pueblo’s Big Tree The Old Monarch Age 330 years Cir 28 ft height 88 ft Was cut down in south peublo June 25th 1883 at the cost of $250 It was known through Colorado as the oldest L---- W---- in the State. During the Pike Peak Excitement this Old tree shelterd

many a weary traveler In 1850 there were 36 Persons massacred by the Indians while camping near this tree Kit Carson, Wills Bill Buffalo Bill and others 14 men were hung

on on of the limbs at different times The first white woman taht died in Colorado was bried under its branches.


Pueblo 17th

While Brother Nelson and I were working up the street opeasaide a Saloon we herd the reporte of a gun and saw the croude running out they had a row and one of the party was shot thrugh the rist the ball loging in his leg


Startedf rom Pueblo on the evening 17 for Kansas City a distance of about 640 miles and

pased through 48 Villages and Towns soped a few houress there and took a walk through part of the town


Left New York on the May #22 at 2 pm on the S.S. Naveda and arived in Leverpool June

th 1 at 8 pm we were met on the landing stage bay Brother Tesdell and Clark went to the Ofice of the saints and we were shown were to go to stop over night the next day we

were set apart or appointed to go to difrent parts of the Country I was appointed to Wales. I stayed in Leverpool over Sunday had the preveledg of speking in the saints meeting on

Sunday morning


June 4th

left Leverpool for Ross to see my old friend Tom Williams the Blacksmith found him and

his Wife and Children 5 in number all well he was very glad to see me I stayed at his house two nights. On the 6 I left for Lydbrook arived there at 12 O clock went to the New

Inn to see Mr Littels he was very glad to see me had dinner with him asked meny questions about the Country and how we ware geting along the onley one of the Children that s

home is Polly her youngest daughter Lizei is mareyed and living at Cinderford I stayed at Lydbrook from the 6 intill th 11 left Lydbrook on the 11 arived in Merthy in the evening went to the saints office met with Brother Jahn Thomas from Logan and a few mor saints stayed there 2 days Bother Thomas and I left Merthyr th 13 walk to Troid y Rew a distant

of 3 miels took the train to Aberdare Junctian a distant of 5 ½ m. Walk from there to Pont y Prydd 3 m. Distant left Brother Thomas there and took the train for Evel isef a distant of 3 ½ m to see my wncul Howell found wncul and aunt well they were very glad to see me

stayed at wnculs untell the 21 went to Pont y Prydd Sunday th 17 to meeting atended two meetings and returned to Wncil that night went to Pont y Prydd on th 18 to get a pictur fram returned to wnculs a night th 19 uncle and I went to Pont Clown a distant of 4 m came back

in the evenin on th 20 wncul and I made 3 doors for coal howeses th


21 left Evil isef for Merthyr a distent of 16 m. Went to the saints office met with Brother

Williams President of the Walsh Mission and several Brotheren left there on the 6 o clock train for Swansea a aistant of 30 m went to the saints office met with Brother John Thomas stayed there that night,


22 Brother Thomas and self took a walk around Swansea in the morning went to dinner took anather walk after dinner I left in the evening for Clydach to see John Mathus Mother a distant of 6 m found them all well they were glad to see me stayed there that night


#23 visited some of my old friends in Clydach and some of the Tin works


#24 went to Swansea Sunday atended 2 meetings reurned to Clydach at night


#25 Went to Mr Player’s Tin Works with Mr Davies to see the patent tining Machine invented by Mr Player which only requires one man to operate it, also saw the pickling Machine. Met with Morgan Morgans there went with him to tea after which we went to Grayg Cyven y Park to see Uncle John I stayed with uncle John that night and Morgan went home. I stayed with wncle untell the morning of the 28 started for Clydach soped

on the road at a house were Magy Davis from Ynispenllwch brings the Mail to. Had dinner there then started for Clydach arived there went to Joseph Davies is Carpenter shop and had a good chat with him about his experianc in America went with him to tea after went to Mrs Mathus stayed there that might


th 29 went to see my old fiend John Jones had a good chat with him and them went for a walk went to Yenispenllwch Tin Works and from there to the Glais to see John Eveans spent the evening with him and met with a few more of my old friends went back to Mrs Mathus to sleep


th 30 started for Pontardawe met some of my old friends on the road had dinner at Richard Jones Farmer Arms Clydach arived at Pontardawe in the evening went wncul William Rees s house staied there that Night


July 1888

next day visited John Hopking the Blacksmith and wife went to tea there after taking a good look around Pontardawe went to Rhydyfro and from there to Gellilwca fach and Gellilwca fawr and from there Pen r Rhiw after staying there a few days went back to Pontara--

and Alltwen from there to the Glise and Clydach and from there to Swansee


July th 12

Left Swansea about 11 o clock walked as fare as Neth then stoped a wile for dinner contiued on my jerney for Merthyr arived there late at night after walking 30 miles which is the distent butwen Swansea and Merthyr



Did not get up intell late feeling tired after my walk from Swansea stayed in the office reading untill the evening when Bro Brough and I went for a walk on our way we sat

down to watch the people macking hay there were 25 Women working in one place, would not that be a horroble sight in Utah


July th 14

Got up erly in order to go with an Excursion that was going from Merthyr to Swansea at 6 o clock in the morning arived in Swansea in good time stayed there over night



Sunday went for a walk in the morning on the sea side in compeny with Bros Waterson. Davies. Thomas Bennet and Davies after dinner went to meeting half after two also to another at half after 6 after meeting Pesedent Williams and a nomber of Elders my self

included went to the usual


July 15th 1888

place of holding outdore meeting but we were not alowed to comence our meeting owen to the excitement that prevailed caused through the lectures of the great Anty Mormon William Jarman



Went to Mr F P Heall Dentist he took the impression of my mouth so as to get 3 teeth ready. Went to Clydach in the afternoon stayed at Mrs Mathews that night.



Went to Swansea to get my teeth inserted stayed in Swansea that night paid 22/6 for the teeth


July th 18 1888


Walk from Swansea to Neath in compeny of Bro John Thomas and Loranseo Thomas went

to one Bro Lang s house stayed there a wail in the evening I left Bro s Thomas in Neath and went to the Glise called at John Evenas had supper there after which I went down

to the Bildings and stayed at Mrs Mathews



Went up through Clydach distributing tracks called at Thomas Frances had a long conversation with him about our Church doctrine in the evening went up Cwm Clydach to see Uncle John stayed with him that night



Raining so I could not travel very well stayed in the Shoomaker shop moste of the day talking about Utah and our doctrine also put in some the time in reading went for a walk with Uncle John in the evening and stayed with him that night



Wrote a letter home left Cwm Clydach went acros the Mountain to Pontardawa and from

thear up through Rhydyfro to Brinaman and from thear to Pen r Rhiw just in time to see my Cuson Hannas bou???? baby boy went from ther to ystelvara found two scond cousons ther Janett and John Williams went from there to Pontardawe


Agu 2

Went from Pontardawe to Clydach called at Mrs Mathews had dinner there went from there to Swansea stayed at Bro Williams



Went to the funeral of Bro Evans an old resident of Swansea he had been in the Church for about 40 years there were presant at his funeral 4 Elders from Utah President Davied Williams Elder John Thomas do Loranco Thomas do Noah Williams Brother Thomas offered up the prayer at the grave stayed at Bro Williams that night



Bro Loranzo Thomas and I started from Swansea about 7 am intending catch the train at Resolven but we were to late so we had to walk to Hirwain took the train from thear to Merthyr We went there to atend Counsil and give in our reports for the past mont


5 Sunday

Atended Counsil meeting at 10 o clock Sacrament meeting at 2 and another meeting at 6

after wich I atended an open air meeting on the Public Squar.



Atended Counsil meeting at 10 am styed in the office after meeting reading the Utah papers

and seteling up acounts

Agu 7

Went from Merthyr on the 3 o clock train to Neath walk from there to the Glais stayed for tea at Mr John Evanss went from there to Mrs Mathews stayed there that night



Stayed at Mrs Mathews all day owing to my lame foot I had sprained it bay walking stayed at Mrs Mathews over night



Went to see John Jones in the morning he had been working at Ynispenllwch but got dissatisfied and quit and he told me that he was going back to America again. I left Clydach about noon and went as far Ponardawe



Stayed in Pontardawe and the neighborhood distributing tracts and talking with the

people until the 14th



Went to Gellyonen Mountain met with some men at the Well got into a conversation with them about Utah and distant parts of Amarica went to Cwm Clydach in the vening stayed

with Uncle Johon over night



Left Cum Clydach in the morning on my way to Swansea called in Clydach at Mrs Mathews arived in Swansea in the evening went to Brother Williams there were two papers and a letter there for me wihch I was glad to recive stayed a Bro Williams that night.



Got up in pretty good time in the morning went to No. 17 Park Street and got breakfast after which I went and baught a coller and a tay and an hankerchef went to the sea side and had a good bathe in the evening I went up to Clydach stayed at


Agu 1888

Mrs Mathews over night



Went to Ynispenllwch called at Mr Dannes had a long talk with the famely about America had dinner there went to Pontardawe in the evening stayed at John Hopkin comenced to write a letter home that night.



Finished the letter that I had comenced in the norming went for a walk in afternoon in the neighberhood of Pontardawe return to John Hopkin s house and stayed there over night



Agu th19 - 1888

Sunday stayed at Mr Hopkin s in the morning reading went to see Ant Rachel who is living in Holey sreet Pontardawe she has been sick for two years she is a daughter of Grand-

father Brother.



Went up to Alltwen called at Eos Wyn Edward Young house had quete a talk with hin about Utah and other things gave him a few tracts which he pronised to read. went from there up through Alltwen to the Roos and came back through Cyl Bebyll


Agu th20 1888

called at James Jnkin house by coming back at Alltwen had quite a talk with him about Utah and other parts of America, had tea with him went to Pontardaw stayed with John Hopkin

over night



Went up throgh Swansea Valley distributing tracts as far as Godre r Grayg called at Matthew Lewes s house stayed there for tea return to Pontardawe met with a very heavy reain on the road stayed a Mr Hopkin over night


Agu th 22 1888

Went to Rhydyfro called at Thomas Rees had quite a conversation about Utah and talked with him and his Sisters about the doctrine that we belive stayed at Mrs Bowen house Royal




Went up through Heol y Gwryd called at Davied Rees s house Ester his daughter was sick she had been so for some time. went from there to Pen y Garn stayed there for dinner

after dinner I went to Gellilwca to see how they were there they were well


Agu th 23 1888

went from Gellilwca up along the mountain to the Beting Farm house to see my Mother Coson Mary or Beting found her and her husbent well and glad to see me stayed with them over night



Got up in the morning intending to go farther but is was raining so hard that I could not

go very well and they wished

me to stay so I stayed

with them all day talk

ing about our doctrine

and other matters stayed

there over night

        Agu tt 25 1888

Stayed at the Beting

hapend to be a fine day

and I helped them to hall

there hay stayed there

over night 26

                Sunday rain

ing in morning so they

did not go to meeting had

quite a talk with the folks

on the principles of our Church

went with them to there mee

ing evening.


started for Pontardawe call

ed at house were there was

girl going to leve for Am

arica I stayed there a

short time gave her some

instructions and told her

        Agu t 27 1888

what would be the best

things for her to take with

her in the shape of food and

beding left there went acr

os the mountain to Pontardaw

met with a rain storm on

the mountain had to shalter

under a rock for about

two howers after the storm

had pasted I continued

my jerney to Pontardawe

stayed a Mr Hopkin over

night.                28

        Went to Swansea to

see if there was aniy mail

there for me got two pa

pers went up town exchen

ged a coler which was to

smoll got a biger one

I also baught a new

Razor for which I payed

2s 6d walked back to Clyd

ach stayed at Mrs Mathews

over night


Walked from Clydach

to Pontardawe had din-

ner at Johen Hopkin

stayed around Pontardawe

and neighbourhood untill

the 31 started for Merthyr

went as far as Mathew Lewes

house stayed there over night

                Sep 1

Started from Mathew Lewes

is house Godre r Grayg at

half past 6 in the morning

went up bay Yistalyvera

Tin works crosed the river

a little above the works went

acros the Drim Mountain

and to Cwm Dulas pased

through a little place called

Seven Sisters from there

I went acros another mountain

which I did not the name

of dwm into Glyn Neath

from there I followed the road

inot Merthyr arived there

about 4 o clock pm and

atended a council metting

in the evening there was

15 Elders prasant from Utah

stayed at 98 over night

        septt 2 Sunday

Atended Confrence which

was held at the Morlais

Hall Merthyr first meeting

was comesed at 10-30-am did

not get as good atendance as

we expecedowen to the rain

it rained very heavy in the

morning but we had very

good instructions from those

that spoke and enjoyed

ourselfs very much several

of the Elders bore there testimony

and Brother Teasdeal dilivered

a very powerfull discourse

in the afternoon the meeting

was held at the Railway

Inn Hall it had quit rain-

ing by this time and we

had better atendece and

had a very good meeting

in the vening we held

        Sep 2 1888

our meeting at the Morlais

Hall agine had a very good

atendance the Hall being

crouded several of the

Elders adressed the congreg

ation and bor there testinony

to the truth of the work which

we are ingage in Broher

Teasdle was the last that

spoke and delivered a very

pourfull discorse and the

people lisend very atatively

                Sep 3 1888

In the morning we went and

had our likeneses tacken

we went to the park because

we were to meney to have it

tacken in the house we

were 16 in number 15

Elders traveling in Sout

Wales and presedend Teasdel

from Leverpool in the

evening I atended a couns

il meeting and got our appo

intments I was appointed to

travel in Swansea Valley

the same as the month before

                Sep 4th 1888

got up intinding to starte

to walk back to Swansea

Valley but it rain all day

so I stayed at 98 all day

in compeny with others that

wanted to walk to there

verious fields of labour


Stayed at the office the

foornoon to see if the wether

        Sep 5th 1888

would clear off so that

we could walk part of the

way to our vairous fields of

labour seeing no sain of

fine wether I took the 3

o clock train in compeny

with Bro Gill and Burgoyne

they went out at Abernant

and I walk from Neath to

Clydach stayed at Mrs

Mathews over night.

        Sep 6

Went to the Glais to see David

Jones that use to work at

Lydbrook stayed with him

intill the evening talking

about Utah and the Doctrine

of our Church and when

                Sep 6th 18888

I left him he had a difer-

end idea alltogather to what

he had when I comenced to

talk with him he like many

others believed that it was in-

poseble for a man to lieve Utah

without haveing the Mormons

consent in the evening I walked

to Pontardawe

                Sep 7

stayed around Pontardawe

all day wrote a letter home

in the evening


Went up to Alltwen called

at Mrs Thomas merch Merey anne

or Bont had tea with her

also called at her Mother s

met with a woman there

        Sep 8 1888

that seam to know a good

deal about the mormons she

told me that the mormons

preach that the people did

not die in Utah, and that

she new of a wamman that

took her husbent s cloths who

had been ded in this country

with her to Utah so that he

could have them to ware there

I told her that I had been

connected with the peaple called

mormons for over 12 years and

that I had not heard aney

one preach such a doctrine

        sep 9 1888

Started to walk towards

Swansea thinking that

        Sep 9 1888

I would meet with some

of the Elders on the road

met with one William Jones

at Graygtrebanws we use

to work togather at Ynispenllwch

went with him to dinner

went from there to Alltwen

and from there to Pontardawe

        sep 10

Went up to Gellyonen

mountain met with severel

at the well got into a convers

ationwith two of them went

for a walk with them talked a

good deal with them about Utah

and the Book of Mormon

which they had nver herd

of such a book.

        Sep 10 1888

went from there to Grag

gyfynpark stayed with

uncule John over night

        Sep 11

Uncle John had told me

the night before that there

was somthing in the paper

about the mormons I went

went with him to the reading

room read an acount of a mob

that gathered around the

saints meeting place in

Cardiff and prevented them

from holding a meeting the

mob also beat some of the

saints with there fists and

with sticks the police inter

feired and had to take

        Sep 12

some of the saints to the

police sttion for protecion

this disturbence eas caused

through the lies of Jarnaan

the anti mormon on the

evening I went acros the

mountain to Pontardawe

        Sep 12

Stayed around Pontardawe

and neighbourhood all day

        Sep 13

Went from Pntardawe to Ystalfyra

called at Matthew Lewis stayed

there for dinner went from there

to Ystradgynlais and from

there to Pen rhyw stayed around

that neighberhood distrabuting

tracts and talking with the

people untill the 19th started

        Sep 19

down the Velly called a my

couson Jennet Williams at Ystal

fyra stayed there for dinner

met a man there that had been

out of it for 15 years I gave

him some tracts and had

quite a talk with him went from

there to Pontardawe 20th at Pontardawe

        Sep 21

Went to Alltwen called at one

Mrs Thomas formerly Mrs Willim

wife of Davied Williams rolers

man that was killed at Lydbrook

stayed there for dinner went

from there to Clydach called

at Mrs Mathews had tea there

and went from there to Swansea

stayed at Brother William

        Sep 22

Stayed at Swansea all day

baught a sute of clothes and a

hat for which I paid 2£ 17s 5d

Bro Williams went to Merthyr he

wished me to stay at his house

untill he came back because

his wife and the servant girl

were afried to be there without

some protaction owen to the

mob that been in the habit

of coming around the howse

at night and whooping and

yelling and calling them

all maner of mames and throw

ing stones at the door but

they did not disturb us that

night Bro Brough came from

Leverpool and stayed there




Figure 1 Samuel Richard Brough http://www.broughfamily.org/history/Samuel_R_Brough.html

        Sep 23

Sunday stayed at Swansea

some of the anti mormons of

Swansea had told some of

the Brothern that they would

be there and that they would

brack up the meeting there was

quite a number of them there

but they did not brake up

the meeting they asked some

questions but Bro Williams told

them that if they would waite

untill the close of the meeting

he would try and answer

these questions at the close of

the meeting there was a little

confusion owen to so meney

asking questions at the same

time this was at the 2.30

Sep 23

At the 6.30 meeting there

was also quite a number of

anti mormons and at the close

of the meeting they caused

some disturbance in asking

so meney questions at the same

time one of them was very

excited and told us that we were

a blood stained people in Utah

by the holesale he told all

maner of lies that he had


Williams, Noah


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