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Bennion, Samuel - Journal

Samuel Bennion Autobiography

[There are two surces for Samuel's autobiography: Bennion Family of Utah Vol. 2 and Samuel's Day Book at the Utah State Historical Society. Both are included here, beginning with Vol. 2] Samuel Bennion was born December 11, 1818, in the Moor Lane near Hawarden, near Chester County of Flintshire North Wales, England.

Mary Bushell was born March 1, 1816, in Roby, in the Parish of Huyton, County of Lancashire, England.

Samuel Bennion and Mary Bushell married on Sunday, the 28th day of April, 1839, in St. Nicholas Church, Liverpool.

At the same time I worked as a Journeyman Baker for Robert Farrall, Mill Street, Taxteth [Toxteth] Park Liverpool. September 14th, 1839, by the assistance of my uncle, William Bennion, I commenced business for myself as Bread, Flour and Provision Dealer in Harding Street Windsor, joining Liverpool.

I gave up the Business on the 4th day of November, 1844 to prepare to come to America. During the time I carried on the business I cleared about £500 or 2500 dollars.

I was Baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on the 30th day of September, 1842 in the River Mersey, Liverpool, by Elder Thomas Domvale.

Mary Bushell Bennion continued in her adherence to the Methodist faith until 1848 when she was baptized by Bishop Abram Hoagland, in Salt Lake City.

I left Liverpool in 1845, and set sail for America on Sunday, the 30th day of March, on the sailing ship Parthenon, - Captain Woodbury.

After a pleasant voyage of six (6) weeks arrived at New Orleans on the 12th day of May in the afternoon.

Myself, wife and son John R., aged five years, one daughter, aged three months.

We arrived at St. Louis on the 20th day of May near night. Stopped the first night in the Stone House at the landing. Next day the s were putting the Capstone on the Temple, and my brother John brought his team, took us to his house or shanty seven miles east of Nauvoo where I bout 85 acres of land of Daniel H. Wells, the same summer. Had it fenced and built a good two story Brick House with six apartments in it. Hauled thirty two thousand bricks from Nauvoo. Cost of house was one thousand dollars. During the summer my father, myself and wife and two children, John R. and Elizabeth were sick with the ague and fever.

On the 18th day of February 1846, our little daughter Elizabeth died of the same. Buried in the Nauvoo burying ground, near Nauvoo, and put a large headstone on her grave.

May 1846, I sold my house and farm for two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.) part trade.

On the 19th day of May 1846, we left our Nauvoo home to go West somewhere. Myself, wife, son, and father, brother John and his wife Esther Wainwright and two children, Samuel R. and Mary.

We traveled one hundred sixty miles west from Nauvoo, and stopped at a place called Garden Grove. Here we plowed up land and put in some corn and buckwheat.

My father had one yoke of oxen and one light wagon. I had two yoke of oxen and wagon, one span of horses and wagon. My wife drove the horse team.

[Below is from Samuel's "Memorandum and Day Book", dated 1858]

Samuel Bennion Born Decr. 11, 1818 at the Moor Lane near Hawarden Near Chester County of Flintshire North Wales England

Mary Bushell Born March 1st 1816 at Roby in the Parish of Huyton County of Lanchshire, England

Baptized by Bishop A Hogland Samuel Bennion and Mary Bushell Married on Sunday 28th of April 1839 in Saints Nichols Church Liverpool at the same time worked as a Journyman Baker for Robt Farrall Milk Street Toxtath Park Liverpool


September 14th Commenced Busnefs for myself has Bread Flour and Provision Dealer in

Harding Street Windsor near Liverpool give up the Buisnefs on the 4th day of Nov 1844 during the time I carried on the Busnefs I cleared about £500

Baptized and ordained a member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day on the 23rd day of August 1843 in the River Mersey Liverpool By Thomas Domvale


Left Liverpool and set sail for America with one Son and one Daughter on Sunday the 30th day of March 1845 on Board the Ship Parthenon Captain Woodburry after a Pleasant Voiage of Six Weeks arrived at New orleans on the 12th day of May in the afternoon Arrived at Saint Louis on the 20th of May at this Place my Father met us from Nauvoo Who had Left Liverpool One year Before us on the Ship John Cummin Arrived at Nauvoo on the 23rd day of May near night Stoped the first Night in the Stone house at the Landing Bought 85 Acars of Land of D H Wells 7 Miles East of Nauvoo and fenced and Builded a good too Story Brick house witch cost me one thousand Dollars --- $1000 --- -------

during this Summer My Father Self and Wife and too Children John R. and Elizeabth had moast of the time the ague or Chills & feaver On the 28th day of Febuary 1846 our little Daughter Elis Died of the Same, & Buried in the Nauvoo Buring Ground near Nauvoo and put a large Head [end of page]


Stone on her Grave

May Sold my house and farm for $250. On the 19th day of this month Left Nauvoo to go West Some ware in Company My Self & Wife & Son John R. My Father and Bro John and famiely Traveled 60 miles West of Nauvoo and Stopped at a place Called Garden Grove. here we plowed up land put in Some corn & Buck Wheat

Januray 13th 1847 Hyrum Born [this line then crossed out]

September 24th

My Father Died and Buriead on the 26th at the above pleace

Jery 13, 1847 Hyrum Born

April Left Garden Grove and Started further West. When we arrived at Councill Blufs on Mo River we found that a Company of Saints about 500 Waggons whare fitting out for the Mountians or GSL Valley.



Bennion, Samuel


Samuel Bennion is linked to these seven women as his wives, but he only married 3 of them while they were living. Mary Bushell, Rhoda Jones, and Sarah Williams were all living. The other four (Elizabeth Bennion, Jane Bennion, Ann Chamberlain, and Elizabeth Jones) were distant single deceased female relatives that Samuel knew about and sealed himself to them in the temple so that they could have that blessing.