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Woozley, Timothy - Biography

Timothy and Jane Jones Woozley

By Marie J. Smith Gleed

Timothy Woozley was born November 2, 1818, in Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan, South Wales. His parents were David and Jennett Edwards Woozley.

Jane's parents were William E. and Mary Jones. Her surname has not been ascertained, but is believed to be Rhees. Jane was born May 5, 1822, in Aberdare, Glam. Wales.

Tim and Jane were married in 1840. On Jane's 20th birthday, a son, Edward, was born. They were living in Aberdare.

Mary Alice was born July 19, 1849, and William David was born about 1853, and Jennett October 1, 1856, all in Aberdare.

Margaret was born after they moved to Yastrd Dyfog, and died when still an infant.

The 1861 Census of Madee Hamlet, near Treorky finds the Timothy Woozley family living in the coal mining area near Merthyr Tydfil. Timothy is listed as a coal miner.

Jane was born November 2, 1862, in Treorky.

In 1862, Timothy was one of the first converts to the LDS Church in the Woozley family. He was given leadership positions and was branch president of the Cwmbren and Treorky Branches. On May 3, 1874, he was released as branch president and three days later, he, and his wife, Jane, and two daughters, Jennett and Jane emigrated to America, sailing from Liverpool on the ship, "Nevada."

They arrived in Utah late in May, taking the railroad to Ogden, then on to Malad and made their way to St. John, Idaho, where sons, Edward, William, and daughter, Mary Alice had gone several years earlier.

Mary Alice is listed on early records as only Mary, and on later records as Alice, so the names have been combined in this history. She had married John Richards. Edward and his wife, Joan, were living in St. John.

County records show that William married Julie Peck, in 1878; Jennett married William L. Leigh, in 1877; and in 1880, Jane married Howard Peck.

The 1880 Census shows family #61/61, Timothy Woozley, 61 years old and wife, Jane, 61 years old, living in Malad. Also living in the household was Alice W. Jones, a niece of Tim's and her four children.

Tim purchased the land in St. John and for many years farmed with his son Edward on both farms.

Jane died in 1881 on September 10, and was buried in the Malad Cemetery.

Timothy made the trip to Salt Lake City, and to the Endowment House on October 13, 1881.

Records show on May 10, 1882, Timothy filed a claim for water on Little Valley Springs, and in 1886 he was given a land patent on Oneida County land on December 23.

In 1888, Timothy allowed his name to be removed from the church membership records, so he could exercise his franchise and vote in the Idaho elections, the law being that Mormon members could not vote.

In 1893, he sold his land in St. John to his son Edward and in a will dated January 13,  1893 he named his heirs, as Edward, W. D., Jeanette Leigh, Jane Peck, and Alice Richards.

He died three months later at his daughter, Jeanette's home, August 16, 1893, and was buried in Malad, next to his wife.


(From St. John, Oneida County, Idaho: A collection of personal histories from the time of the first settlers to the present day, pp. 271-272.)



Woozley, Timothy


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