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1932 Converts

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Jones, Moses


Left to Right: Hubert Pulman, Florence (Pulman) Jones, and Thomas Price. These three are descendants of Moses Jones who came to America in 1869 on the "Minnesota" without his wife or six children. He sent money back to his family in Wales hoping they would join him in America, but none of them ever did. Years later the missionaries came across Moses Jones's son William Jones (who had been baptized in about 1860) and asked if they could have Book of Mormon classes in his home. He agreed, and two of his nephews (Hubert Pulman and Thomas Price) and one of his nieces (Florence Pulman Jones) joined the Church in January of 1932. From this "return" to the Church in 1932 there are now over 180 of Moses Jones's descendants who are now members of the LDS Church in Wales. One of these is Rosalind Hall, the director of the BYU Men's Chorus.